Chapter 41 Breaking Into the Xiao Residence (Part 2)


The two chubby-faced servants had been eyeing Lin Wanrong for a while.
As he approached, they immediately blocked his path, saying, “What are you doing? Do you have any sense of propriety? Such an ill-mannered young man.”


Lin Wanrong replied, “Propriety? What propriety? I am a newly appointed servant of the Xiao Residence, here to report for duty.”


Seeing the newcomer's defiance, the two servants sneered, “Indeed, a truly ill-mannered creature.
Today you shall learn our ways.
To enter the Xiao Residence, you must follow our rules.
All new servants and dogs must enter through the side door.”




The two men appeared to take delight in Lin Wanrong's misfortune.
They had suffered similar humiliation when they first joined the residence, and ever since then, they had felt inferior in the presence of others.
Now, seeing someone else following in their footsteps, they couldn't help but feel a perverse sense of pleasure.


Lin Wanrong coldly laughed, “Every door needs someone to walk through it.
Today, I will enter through the main door.
Both of you, get out of my way.”


“You, you, how dare you!” the two servants fumed.
“A lowly servant like you dares to speak to us like that? We'll show you!”


“What are you two, then?” Lin Wanrong challenged.


“Look carefully, we hold intermediate titles!” The two men pulled at the badges on their chests, which indeed bore the words 'Intermediate.' Only then did Lin Wanrong notice that he also had a badge on his chest, inscribed with the words 'Lowly.'


Lin Wanrong couldn't help but laugh bitterly.
What on earth was this? Even servants had to have titles, and were there promotions and exams for them too? Old Wei of the Xiao Residence was a senior servant, which presumably meant he held a senior title.
As a newcomer, Lin Wanrong was naturally a lowly servant.


Annoyed, Lin Wanrong chuckled, “I don't care about your titles.
All I know is that I am not like the others.
I am a contract employee.”


“Contract employee?” The two men were taken aback, evidently unfamiliar with the term.


Lin Wanrong couldn't be bothered to explain and instead shoved the two aside, striding towards the entrance.


The two men were stunned, having never seen such an arrogant lowly servant daring to barge into the Xiao Residence.


“Unacceptable!” they cried, lunging for Lin Wanrong's arm.
“Stop! You cannot enter! Lowly servants and dogs are not allowed—”

“Go to hell!” Lin Wanrong raised his fist, striking one of the men squarely on the nose, and swiftly delivered a kick to the other's abdomen.
When it came to fighting, he was never at a disadvantage.


His movements were lightning fast, and the two servants hadn't expected anyone to dare strike them on their own turf.
They tumbled down the steps, crying out in pain.


Lin Wanrong spat on the ground before slowly pushing open the vermilion gates.


“I've made it into the Xiao Residence,” Lin Wanrong thought, feeling extremely satisfied as he stepped inside.


“A lowly servant is attacking people! A lowly servant is attacking people!” Just as Lin Wanrong set foot inside, the two men who had previously feigned death suddenly darted past him, shouting loudly, “A lowly servant is attacking people! A lowly servant is beating up intermediate servants! A lowly servant is beating up intermediate servants!”


Seeing the two servants slink away like snakes, Lin Wanrong couldn't help but laugh.
They really were pathetic.


Being naturally unscrupulous and having nothing to worry about, Lin Wanrong paid no heed to their shouting.
He walked leisurely through the main entrance, taking in the beautiful scenery of the luxurious residence.


The Xiao Residence truly lived up to its reputation.
The expansive courtyard seemed to stretch on without end, filled with pavilions, towers, and bridges.
Lush greenery and fragrant flowers filled the air, making for a picturesque scene.
Countless servants and maids bustled about, accompanied by the sounds of music.
It was a truly lavish sight.


“How extravagant, how corrupt,” Lin Wanrong sighed to himself.
Now he truly understood the lifestyle of the wealthy.
Although he had been well-off in his previous life and had seen the extravagance of the rich, those so-called villas and swimming pools were nothing compared to the scene before him.


As he strolled and took in the sights, passing servants and maids sized him up.
Seeing a lowly servant looking around like a lost goose, the reactions of the servants and maids differed.


Servants: “Hmph, he has a lower title than me, yet he dares to ogle the young ladies' chests.
What a country bumpkin! May the gods let him run into the second young lady, so she can teach him a lesson.”


Maids: “Oh, is he one of the new servants this year? He has such a nice figure, healthy skin, and a sunny disposition.
Hmm, he's new, so those little vixens probably haven't seen him yet.
There's a chance to reel him in.”


Unaware that he had become both a thorn in the eyes of the male servants and a potential catch for the maids, Lin Wanrong continued to stroll and admire the surroundings.
Although he was here to work as a servant, a pleasant environment would allow him to focus better on his job.


“It's that kid! It's that kid!” The two intermediate servants who had been beaten up by Lin Wanrong earlier approached with a group of people.


A plump man with a pale face and bulging eyes led the group, exuding an air of arrogance.


“Chief Steward Wang, it's him, this kid who attacked us,” the two intermediate servants snitched with a sycophantic tone.


Hearing their address, Lin Wanrong realized that the man in front of him must be the head of the hundreds of servants in the Xiao Residence.
The Deputy Chief Steward Pang he had seen yesterday must be his deputy.
However, as Pang was not in the crowd, it seemed that old man Wei's influence might not be useful today.


“You've got some nerve, daring to attack intermediate servants,” Chief Steward Wang said coldly.
“Tell me, who instructed you to attack the servants of the Xiao family?”


Lin Wanrong hesitated for a moment, then understood.
Chief Steward Wang was clearly trying to exploit the situation, casting aspersions on his political opponents.
Regardless of whether it was true or not, he wanted to create the impression that Lin Wanrong had been sent by someone else.
By leaving the identity of this supposed instigator to the imagination, it was easy to smear others.
Indeed, Chief Steward Wang's cunning tactics were what earned him his position.


The other servants were not as astute as Lin Wanrong.
Upon hearing Chief Steward Wang's words, they became outraged.


“Speak up, who sent you?”


“Damn it, it must be the Wang family from the east side of the city.
They always like to go against us.”


“It's not necessarily the Wang family, you know.
There are many servants in this courtyard who are jealous of Chief Steward Wang's wise leadership,” one shameless servant chimed in.


Lin Wanrong glanced at the speaker, realizing that he was clearly a stooge.


Sure enough, Chief Steward Wang looked at the servant with a smile, a hint of approval flashing across his face.


“Whoever dares to disrupt the harmony and unity of our Xiao family's servants, I'll cut them down,” the servants exclaimed, one after another, as they eagerly tried to curry favor with Chief Steward Wang.


Chief Steward Wang looked pleased and smiled at Lin Wanrong.
The timing of this young man's arrival couldn't have been better.


Lin Wanrong watched the group with amusement, thinking that with such a bunch of characters, his life as a servant wouldn't be too dull.

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