Chapter 3 Gongzi, Gongzi (part 3)

The master and servant two people looked at Lin Wanrong with a smile.
That young male servant was staring at Lin Wanrong’s short hair, wanting to laugh, but he did not dare to show his laugh.
His little face flushed holding back his laughter.

Lin Wanrong knew that this kid was laughing at his own short hair, but seeing his petite and lovable figure, he could not bear to see him uncomfortable.
Therefore, he magnanimously waved his hand and said: “Little brother, go ahead, laugh, do not make yourself uncomfortable by holding it back.”

Hearing Lin Wanrong did not call out gongzi, nor address him as xiongtai, the stunning gongzi was actually surprised.
But that handsome young male servant was unexpectedly staring at Lin Wanrong, unashamedly giggled out loud.

The voice was very clear, making Lin Wanrong could not help but think it was a girl’s voice.
In the novels, there was no less story of a woman disguised herself as a man, but after he carefully studied these two people’s chest, he found both of them were flat.
Their chest absolutely can accommodate the taking off and the landing of Boeing 777 and Airbus 380.
If they are women, could they possibly cut their own breasts? Lin Wanrong naturally cannot believe this, and so, for the time being, he would first treat them as men.

Just that these two were outrageously pretty, therefore, Lin Wanrong was still somewhat not assured.Could it be that these two were imported goods from Thailand?

Though he was not clear if this era has Thailand or not, Lin Wanrong involuntarily had goosebumps, and stepped back, unconsciously getting closer to Xuanwu Lake.

That stunning gongzi saw Lin Wanrong for half a day did not speak, but his eyes gazed at them master and servant two people.
Therefore, the heart also became somewhat angry.

As soon as he saw the look of disgust in Lin Wanrong’s face, the stunning gongzi unexpectedly seemed stunned, and hastily called out in a gentle voice: “Gongzi, Gongzi.”

He continued to call out several times.
Lin Wanrong quickly looked up and exclaimed: “Little brother, what is it?” But his vision actually still involuntarily fell on that stunning gongzi’s chest.

Hearing the way Lin Wanrong addressed him, the stunning gongzi apparently unable to adapt for a moment.
But when he was about to speak, he saw his eyes still fixed upon his breast, seemingly playing with it.

The stunning gongzi was furious, however, since he cannot lose his temper, he can only fiercely stare at Lin Wanrong like he was going to eat him.

Lin Wanrong’s facial skin was so thick due to his abundant fearless nature, naturally did not withdraw his gaze.
He continued to look at this kid’s chest; his little white face showed a burst of red, but actually did not dare to speak out.

“You, this kid, what are you looking at?” The stunning gongzi has yet to speak, but the young male servant in black clothing next to him could not bear it.

Lin Wanrong was stunned for a moment, feeling funny at the heart, So what, this father was only studying the chest of two men.

He studied them for quite a while without any results.
Therefore, he simply regarded them as Thai goods.
Fortunately, Lin Wanrong has repeatedly been to Bangkok, Yangon, and other places, so he did not have too much rejection about this thing.
He raised his head and looked at the stunning gongzi and calmly said: “Xiongtai, what did you just ask me a moment ago?”

At this time, the two people were standing side by side on Xuanwu Lake lakeside.
To the outsider’s eyes, they were like two talented scholars discussing about poetry or painting theory.
Only Lin Wanrong knew what his family matters were: Talented scholars? More like a ravenous wolf.

The stunning gongzi saw Lin Wanrong had called him with normal appellation for people with same age, the face turned a bit better, nodded and said: “I do not know where Xiongtai is coming from?”

Lin Wanrong’s eyes fell upon this stunning gongzi’s face.
There was a white within his rosy complexion, like playing a suddenly broken instrument, a glistening crystal jade-like things which provoked people’s reverie.

Lin Wanrong secretly swallowed his saliva, extremely well-behaved.
‘Jiangnan (Southern China) not only rich in beautiful women, but also abundant with this kind of male demon.’

The stunning gongzi saw Lin Wanrong had fixed his eyes on him; the face became somewhat red, and also did not speak, just angrily stared at him.

Seeing that look, Lin Wanrong hurriedly turned his gaze, did not dare to see him.
Now he believed that Thailand certainly exists in this era, otherwise, where would this “stunning” good come from?

“Listen to Xiongtai’s accent.
It does not seem to be local.
Moreover, xiongtai, this, this form of address you said just now is also very interesting.” The stunning gongzi noticed Lin Wanrong no longer fixed his eyes on him, the face became natural once again and tried to inquire about Lin Wanrong’s dialect.

“Oh, yes, I am indeed not a native.” Lin Wanrong piled his face with forced smile: “I come from the Chu land, the two lakes people (Hubei and Hunan provinces).”

Lin Wanrong did not say any lie.
His hometown is in Hubei province.
The reason why he now stood in front of the stunning gongzi, was because he just unluckily took the wrong way, nothing more.

“Since the ancient times, only Chu had the talent.
Before this, I have yet to completely believe this saying, but today after listening to the beautiful lines that Xiongtai recited, I have no doubt.” The stunning gongzisincerely said.

“You are too kind, you are too kind.” Lin Wanrong lightly coughed twice and said with a smile: “Thisxiongtai called out to me, do not know if there is any advice?”

“Just now heard gongzi recited such beautiful lines, but it seemed there is some deficiency, yet also extraordinary, making people’s spirit rise; But do not know what deficiency can this poem have? Is it possible to fulfill Zaixia’s ears with happiness?” The stunning gongzi asked full of hope.

Turn out to be poem crazy, Lin Wanrong immediately understood, profoundly smiled, and indifferently said: “The beautiful lines today came from Heaven, and accidentally obtained by a skilled person.
Having said these few words straight from my heart, I was then content.
How could there still be the need to discuss its deficiency? If forced, then it is better not to talk about it.”

Rolling around all day long in the business world, Lin Wanrong is a master of play-acting.
He deliberately hung this kid’s appetite. You cannot just expect me to answer anything you ask.
If there are no benefits, who wants to work for you?

Sure enough, the stunning gongzi’s face was full of admiration, bowed toward Lin Wanrong and said: “Xiongtai is truly a person of high skill, Zaixia receive this instruction.”

The people in this era read poems to compare with each other, inevitably wanted to fill other people’s deficiency.
Furthermore, the rich family’s daughter often wanted to compile the link to those anecdotes.
Like Lin Wanrong just now being asked for his poem’s deficiency, he neither care to correct his deficiency, nor dare to speak it has no deficiency, but it also absolutely rare.

Looking at the stunning gongzi’s admiration face, Lin Wanrong secretly somewhat proud of himself, and intentionally acted with false modesty: “How could I dare, how could I dare, I am ashamed, truly ashamed.”

The black clothed young male servant on the side burst out laughing; Lin Wanrong, this out of place person’s manner of speaking, no matter how the boy looked at him, still seemed awkward.

The stunning gongzi gave his young male servant an angry glare.
The young male servant’s complexion became tight and did not dare to make a noise.

“Xiongtai seemed to have a lofty character, relying on ability, not arrogance, truly more eager to excel than those so-called distinguished and accomplished, talented scholars.”

The stunning gongzi’s gaze fell upon those boating on the lake accomplished and distinguished scholar-officials showing off their talents, his face actually showed a hint of disdain.
“Oh?” Listened to his words, Lin Wanrong felt strange.
Although he came here for about a month, as far as he can see, the people in this era put more weight on civil arts over military arts.
Those with outstanding talent in letters are the most recognize.
The preliminary round of examination also entirely focused on articles regarding the doctrine of Hero.
As long as one can display a good writing skill, one will absolutely have bright future in this world.

But to see this talented stunning youngster’s extraordinary appearance, how come he seemed to have a prejudice toward his peers?

However, this stunning gongzi’s few words were really good, his flattery patted the right ass, making Lin Wanrong’s heart really felt good.
If this kid also joins his previous Company, he absolutely can-sell-a-block-of-clothes material.

You, kid said it right, I am not an outstanding talented scholar, but more like a low-class talented scholar, Lin Wanrong snickered in his mind.

“The talented men and beautiful women in Jiangnan have a world famous reputation since ancient times.
Although Chu has the talent, regardless the quality or the output, all are slightly inferior compared to Jiangnan.” Lin Wanrong said, pretending to be humble.

“Quality? Output?” The stunning Gongzi’s brows wrinkled, his “new terms” were somewhat difficult to understand.

“Oh, it’s rough meaning is simple, that is the measurement of the sum of merits and drawbacks.” Sweat appeared on Lin Wanrong’s forehead.
Explaining these things in this world was really hard on him.

The stunning gongzi nodded his head, took a glance at him, and then pursed his lips to say with a smile: “Xiongtai’s explanation, is really unusual, this is the first time zaixia heard it.”

The stunning gongzi’s smiling face unexpectedly showed two small dimples.
That handsome appearance made Lin Wanrong’s heart unable to resist shaking madly!

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