Chapter 38 Enchantment (Part 1)


“Qiaoqiao, how did you end up here?” Lin Wanrong hurriedly approached her.


Dong Qiaoqiao had already stood up, a bamboo basket placed beneath her.
The basket contained cold food, clearly indicating that she had been waiting there for quite some time.


“Brother Lin, are you…
are you alright?” Dong Qiaoqiao grabbed Lin Wanrong's clothes, anxiously gazing at him.
The tension and heartache in her bright, morning-star-like eyes were unmistakable.


“What could possibly be wrong with me?” Lin Wanrong laughed, not understanding what she meant, and led her into the house.
“How did you find me here?”




“You mentioned the general direction the other day, so I came looking for you today.
When I saw your clothes hanging at the entrance, I knew this must be where you live.” Under the lamplight, Qiaoqiao's face reddened, making her even more charming.


Lin Wanrong secretly swallowed his saliva.
He was no saint.
With such a beautiful girl standing before him, it would be unmanly not to feel something.


Dong Qiaoqiao brought the bamboo basket over and said, “The food is cold.
Brother Lin, you haven't eaten yet, have you? Let me heat it up for you.
It will be ready soon.”


Lin Wanrong hurriedly grabbed her hand and said, “No need, Qiaoqiao.
I've already eaten.”


As he held her small hand, Dong Qiaoqiao could feel the warmth from his palm seeping into her heart.
Her cheeks flushed, and her heart raced.
In a soft voice, she said, “Brother Lin, I—”


She struggled gently, and only then did Lin Wanrong realize he had been holding the young lady's hand.
But he was shameless, not only refusing to let go but also giving her palm a couple of gentle squeezes.


Dong Qiaoqiao felt as if her heart was being scratched by a cat.
A strange sensation welled up inside her, causing her body to heat up and her slender legs to instinctively press together, as she squirmed ever so slightly.


Lin Wanrong reluctantly let go of her hand, not even blushing as he asked, “Qiaoqiao, did you come here specifically to bring me food?”


His ability to divert attention was unparalleled, and Dong Qiaoqiao was no match for him.
Seeing that he had released her hand, the redness on her face receded somewhat, but she felt a twinge of disappointment deep inside.
Hearing his question, she suddenly remembered the purpose of her visit and urgently asked, “Brother Lin, your wound, let me have a look.”


“What wound?” Before he could comprehend, Dong Qiaoqiao had already spotted the stain on his back and the swollen lump on his spine.

“Brother Lin, who did this to you? How could they be so ruthless?” Dong Qiaoqiao's voice trembled, filled with concern and pain, which warmed Lin Wanrong's heart.


It went without saying that Dong Qingshan must have told Qiaoqiao about his injuries, so she had come looking for him.


“Brother Lin, please take off your shirt so I can apply medicine for you,” Qiaoqiao gently touched his back.
Her soft fingers were cool, soothing Lin Wanrong and eliciting a soft moan from him.


“It's nothing, Qiaoqiao.
I'm thick-skinned and tough.
It's just a small wound,” Lin Wanrong reassured her with a smile.


“No, Brother Lin, you are so badly hurt…” Qiaoqiao choked back tears, unable to continue.


“Alright, alright, I'll take it off.
Don't cry, silly girl,” Lin Wanrong's heart filled with warmth and gratitude.
He quickly took out the contents from his arms, removed his shirt, and revealed his smooth, muscular body.
He had always been healthy, his skin a healthy wheat color, and enjoyed exercising, making him quite an impressive figure to young girls.


Qiaoqiao's cheeks flushed as she admired his strong arms, her heart pounding.
But when she saw the swollen bruise on his back, her fleeting infatuation vanished.
With tears in her eyes, she gently stroked the bruise with her slender fingers and asked softly, “Brother Lin, does it hurt?”


Lin Wanrong grinned, “No pain.” He lay on the bed, clutching the sheets tightly.
No pain? Nonsense.
But Qiaoqiao was gentle and kind, and Lin Wanrong couldn't bear to make her worry.


Hot tears dropped onto Lin Wanrong's back, and when he turned around, he saw Qiaoqiao hurriedly wiping her tears away.


“Silly girl, I'm fine,” Lin Wanrong's heart was filled with tender affection as he gazed at Qiaoqiao softly.


Embarrassed, Qiaoqiao turned to face him and said, “Brother Lin, you must take care of yourself in the future.
We don't want to see you hurt, not even a little.”


Lin Wanrong laughed heartily, “Don't worry, Qiaoqiao.
The person who can hurt me hasn't been born yet.”


Qiaoqiao blushed and teased him, “You're bragging.”


Her tearful eyes were as beautiful as pear blossoms in the rain, an indescribably pretty sight.
Lin Wanrong stared at her in amazement, “Qiaoqiao, you're truly beautiful.”


Biting her red lips shyly, Qiaoqiao lowered her head, her face revealing a joy that even a blind person could see.

A sudden urge welled up in Lin Wanrong's heart, a desire to fiercely embrace and bite this delicate woman.
Just as he was about to act, a burning pain shot through his back, and he angrily jabbed his erect manhood against the bed a couple of times.
It was all the fault of this uncooperative part of him, causing him more pain.


Qiaoqiao carefully applied the medicinal oil to his wounds, her touch as gentle as a breeze.
The intimate skin contact made her heart race and her cheeks flush.


However, Lin Wanrong had already experienced countless massages from the opposite sex and maintained some degree of self-control.
Despite being in the tender care of the beautiful Qiaoqiao, he managed to keep his composure – except for the loud thumping against the bed caused by his erection.


After the medicine was applied, Lin Wanrong reached for his clothes by the bed.
As Qiaoqiao leaned over to put the ointment back in its box, he accidentally tripped her.
With a startled yelp, she slipped and fell onto the bed.


Lin Wanrong had just turned around when she toppled him onto the bed, causing the pain in his back to flare up, making him grit his teeth and grimace.


Somehow, he managed to suppress a cry.
After all, what was a bit of pain compared to the embrace of a beautiful woman? Qiaoqiao had inadvertently pressed her entire body against Lin Wanrong, their heated bodies pressed tightly together, especially with Lin Wanrong's bare upper body.


A heavy masculine scent wafted from him, causing Qiaoqiao's heart to race like a frightened deer.
She tried to struggle up, but her body felt utterly drained of strength.
Powerful arms encircled her slender waist, leaving her no choice but to collapse weakly into his embrace, her hot face pressed against his fiery chest.


Lin Wanrong held the soft, boneless woman in his arms, inhaling her faint, sweet fragrance.
His breathing grew heavier, and he held her tighter, as if wanting to meld her completely into his body.


Pressed tightly against him, Qiaoqiao barely dared to breathe.
Her full breasts crushed against Lin Wanrong's chest, bringing him an unusual pleasure.
Lin Wanrong moaned softly, his hands gently caressing her back before slowly moving downwards, brushing her waist and continuing to touch her round, firm buttocks.


“Brother…” Qiaoqiao murmured, her eyes misty with unshed tears, her cheeks flushed.
His large hand holding her thighs sent a heated, thrilling sensation through her.


He gently pinched the soft flesh of her buttocks before slowly moving downwards.
At the same time, his erection eased forward, pressing between her legs, right at her most intimate spot.


Though they were still clothed, Qiaoqiao, an innocent and pure woman, had never experienced such a situation.
She felt an intense heat press against her most mysterious area, causing her to gasp, her face flushed with embarrassment.
Her legs instinctively tightened, her body limp and weak, as she collapsed into his embrace.


Lin Wanrong, already poised to act, was about to mount her when a sudden cry of pain escaped him as the pain from his back injury became unbearable.

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