Chapter 29 Organized Crime (Part 2)


Upon sensing the familiar fragrance, Lin Wanrong's mind struggled to recall the origin of the scent.
His fingers delicately traced the rough surface of the leaves, which carried a faintly pungent aroma.


“What is this?” Lin Wanrong furrowed his brow, though he was certain he had encountered this plant before.


“Big brother, are you afraid?” Dong Qingshan inquired, standing beside Lin Wanrong.
Although he had been involved in many skirmishes, his youth and inexperience left him feeling somewhat apprehensive amidst the large-scale conflict.


Lin Wanrong nodded, “It is natural to be fearful the first time, but you will grow accustomed.
By the way, Qingshan, do you know what kind of leaf this is?” He picked up a leaf and posed the question to Dong Qingshan.


Scratching his head and grinning sheepishly, Dong Qingshan replied, “I am not certain, but these plants grow abundantly in the wild.
Sometimes we dry the leaves and use them as kindling, although the smoke can be rather choking.”


As Lin Wanrong was about to respond, he detected the sound of approaching footsteps.
His hearing had been sharpened by Master Wei's training.


“Someone is coming,” Lin Wanrong whispered.


Dong Qingshan tensed and motioned for silence, causing the rustling in the undergrowth to cease.


A burly man appeared in the distance, followed by a group of twenty or thirty individuals.
Each one bore a distinctive facial feature, and their swaggering gait revealed their penchant for lawlessness.


“The man up front is Li Ergou,” Dong Qingshan informed Lin Wanrong in a hushed tone.


Lin Wanrong nodded and asked, “Qingshan, what do you plan to do?”


“Confront them, explain our intentions, and then engage in battle,” Dong Qingshan declared with a sense of righteousness.


Lin Wanrong inwardly chuckled and lightly slapped Dong Qingshan's head, “When I give the signal, you and the others charge forward.
Remain silent, attack on sight, and strike with all your might.
We will not cease until they cry out for mercy.”


“Big brother, you mean we won't be explaining ourselves?” Dong Qingshan's initial romanticism was shattered by Lin Wanrong's ruthless pragmatism.
Nevertheless, he was no fool, and he quickly adapted to the new approach.


“Do you think this is a martial contest, my young friend? We are in the underworld, where survival depends on speed and ruthlessness,” Lin Wanrong explained.


Dong Qingshan understood and a fierce glint appeared in his eyes, “Right, big brother.
We are claiming territory; there is no need for honor.
To the victor go the spoils, and the defeated shall submit.”


Lin Wanrong nodded approvingly and instructed Li Beidou, who was nearby, to relay the message.


After a short wait, Li Ergou's voice could be heard as they approached, taunting Dong Qingshan and demanding his presence.
As a dominant force in the southern city, they did not take Dong Qingshan seriously and had not bothered to scout the area.


Gripping his iron staff, Lin Wanrong slowly moved into position.
His earlier inebriation and the thrill of being among these young rogues made him feel youthful and invigorated.
He glared at Li Ergou and his companions, eyes bloodshot with anticipation.


As Li Ergou entered striking range, Lin Wanrong sprang into action, brandishing his iron staff and charging forward with adrenaline-fueled excitement.
His wheat-colored skin flushed a deep red.



Damn, I didn't expect the boss to be even more ferocious than me! Dong Qingshan stood behind Lin Wanrong, watching him rush out with an incredible speed, even faster than himself.


Dong Qingshan let out a low growl and, gripping his iron rod, darted forward like a leopard.


The blood of the gangsters had long since boiled over.
They followed Dong Qingshan and Li Beidou, brandishing cleavers, iron rods, and wooden sticks, charging out without a word, striking down anyone they saw.


Li Ergou was closest to Lin Wanrong.
He stared dumbfoundedly as a healthy, wheat-skinned man rushed at him with an iron rod.
His mind raced, wondering where this man had come from and, with such a bitter and resentful expression, if the girl from last night was his sister.


Seizing the moment of Li Ergou's distraction, Lin Wanrong lunged forward, smashing his iron rod heavily onto Li Ergou's head.


Although Wei Lao's empowerment was not entirely successful, the power it granted Lin Wanrong was significant.
Not only was he quicker, but his strength had increased considerably as well.


Li Ergou, caught off guard and faced with Lin Wanrong's fierce combat prowess, failed to dodge the blow.
Lin Wanrong's iron rod crashed heavily onto his head, knocking him out on the spot.


As the bright red blood flowed, Lin Wanrong felt an indescribable thrill.
He even lightly licked his lips and swung the rod down again with force.


Li Ergou grunted and slowly fell, disbelief filling his eyes.


One of Li Ergou's underlings saw his boss fall and, wielding his wooden stick, struck heavily at Lin Wanrong's back.


Lin Wanrong let out a muffled groan, a large swelling forming on his back, but he didn't fall.
He retaliated with a swift strike to the underling's face, the burning pain in his back giving him a perverse pleasure.


Dong Qingshan rushed over and struck the fallen Li Ergou with his rod.


Lin Wanrong glanced at Li Ergou, knowing that, even if the lad survived, he would be bedridden for the rest of his life.


The battle, needless to say, ended in a resounding victory for Dong Qingshan's side.
Lin Wanrong had fought his fair share of fights before university, but such opportunities had been few and far between since then.
Now, in this world, he was unrestrained.
The chance to fight freely today made him feel invigorated, and his discontent in this world seemed to dissipate.


Dong Qingshan's gang members had all seen Lin Wanrong's ruthless and swift attack, and they admired him greatly.


“Ouch!” Lin Wanrong sat down, only to feel a burning pain on his back, like a fire.
The underling had struck him quite heavily.
He looked at Li Ergou, whom he had beaten senseless, and felt a pang of resentment.


“Don't worry.
Tonight, my sister can help you apply some ointment.
She always helps me after I get injured in fights,” Dong Qingshan said nonchalantly, laughing.
He himself had sustained few injuries; although they were twenty against thirty, Lin Wanrong had quickly taken down the enemy's boss, making the fight relatively easy.


“Boss, you're really a great fighter!” Li Beidou's buttocks had been hit, tearing his pants and causing a large swelling.
Nonetheless, he approached Lin Wanrong and said so.


Lin Wanrong gritted his teeth and said, “Qingshan, Beidou, remember this: once you go down this path, there's no turning back.
Only by being darker, more stable, and more ruthless than others can you make a name for yourself.”


“Big Brother, I understand,” the two nodded together.
“Oh, by the way, Big Brother, are you still going to Xiao's house?”


They had avoided mentioning Xiao's house, but as soon as it was brought up, Lin Wanrong suddenly yelled, “This is not good–“


Ignoring the pain, he got up and ran, and Dong Qingshan heard his voice in the distance, “Get the team organized, we'll have a dinner party tonight–“

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