Chapter 27 Cunningly Seizing Wealth and Power (Part 2)


As soon as he saw the white fan, boss Wang immediately had a bad feeling in his heart.


Lin Wanrong smiled slightly and said, “Boss Wang, my father is not a remarkable person, he is just someone who runs errands for the emperor, but he is not important enough to be seen on the surface.”


When it comes to understanding human psychology, Lin Wanrong's years of experience as a sales manager were not in vain.
Although what he said was basically meaningless, it had a significant effect.


Dong Rende had long heard that boss Wang's son had served as a county magistrate and had made a lot of money, earning the nickname “the sky is three feet high”.
This old man was planning to retire and enjoy his son's riches, so he wanted to sell the restaurant.
Although Meiwei Restaurant had a beautiful name, boss Wang was a stingy person who was afraid of the strong and bullied the weak, so business had always been poor.


Those who boasted about their fathers being high-ranking officials such as ministers or prime ministers did not scare the old veterans, but they were afraid of young masters like Lin Wanrong, who wore a smile on their face but had sinister intentions in their heart.
Wang was an old veteran, and he naturally understood this principle.


“To be honest, this restaurant has an excellent location and many regular customers.
If it weren't for my retirement, I would never sell it.
But since you, Master Lin, seem like a person who can achieve great things, I won't ask for a high price.
How about 6,800 taels of silver, to make it a lucky number? What do you think?” Boss Wang said happily.


“6,800 taels of silver? That's not unreasonable.” Lin Wanrong shook his fan and smiled.
“But, you see, Boss Wang, I have a habit of not liking to deal with odd numbers in business.
How about we round it up to an even number? Either 6,000 taels or 7,000 taels.
What do you say?”


With a thud, Dong Rende was so scared that he bit his own tongue.
Who bargains like this? Has Lin Wanrong gone crazy from making too much money yesterday?


Lin Wanrong's smile was enigmatic, leaving Dong Rende feeling thoroughly confused.
Wasn't Lin just inflating the price himself? If boss Wang insisted on 7,000 taels, wouldn't he be shooting himself in the foot?


But Lin Wanrong wasn't worried about that at all.
Ultimately, this was a question of who was more shameless.
In terms of audacity, Lin was willing to admit he was second only to one, but nobody dared claim first.


While boss Wang may have seen his fair share of battles, he paled in comparison to Lin Wanrong in terms of audacity.
Upon hearing Lin's words, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed.
Was this young master really trying to force a confession out of him? Could he really have the audacity to ask for 7,000 taels?


Boss Wang nervously chuckled, “Young Master Lin, is it possible that–“


“Boss Wang, 800 taels of silver isn't a lot to me, and it isn't a lot to you either.
This is simply a matter of business ethics.
I'll be honest with you, we scholars aren't interested in the business aspect of things.
I'm only buying this restaurant for fun.
When my grandfather arrives in Jiangnan, I can explain it to him.
If you think the price is reasonable, then we have a deal.
If not, well…
I never said anything.” Lin Wanrong grinned.


Boss Wang wiped his sweat.
Who knew what kind of background this young master had? He didn't want to unwittingly cause any trouble for his son.


He thought for a moment before gritting his teeth, “Fine, 6,000 taels it is.
I only ask that Young Master Lin be more lenient with us in the future.”


“Excellent! I like it!” Lin Wanrong snapped his fan shut with a crack and chuckled.
“In that case, let's not delay any further.
Let's sign the contract right away.”


“No problem, I like doing business with straightforward people,” Boss Wang replied.


Lin Wanrong nodded and turned to Dong Rende.
“Old Dong, quickly bring out the 3,000 taels in silver notes.”


Dong Rende was taken aback, but the two had already discussed that Lin Wanrong would take the lead, so he quickly counted out three thousand taels of silver notes.


Boss Wang did not understand what he meant and asked in confusion, “Lin Master, this three thousand taels–“


Lin Wanrong chuckled and interrupted him, “Boss Wang, this is the first installment.
I will pay you the other three thousand taels within six months.”


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Boss Wang was surprised and asked, “How is that possible? In business, we always pay for goods upon delivery.”


Lin Wanrong replied with a smirk, “Boss Wang, it's not that I don't trust you, but people are unpredictable.
Although you have transferred this restaurant to me, who knows if you have any external debts or if you have mortgaged this restaurant?”


Boss Wang was taken aback and his expression changed, “Lin Master, is this not putting me in a difficult position?”


Lin Wanrong replied nonchalantly, “Difficult position? Not at all.
Boss Wang, I am doing this to ensure the interests of both parties.
As long as there are no creditors coming to your door within six months, I will not only pay you the three thousand taels of silver, but also calculate interest on a monthly basis.
This way, you will not suffer any losses, and I can make my purchase with peace of mind.”


Dong Rende finally understood that Lin Wanrong was actually asking boss Wang for a loan.
Only someone as shameless as Lin Wanrong could come up with such a despicable excuse.


Seeing boss Wang's hesitation, Lin Wanrong raised his eyebrows and his expression changed, “What? Don't tell me that boss Wang does not trust my character? Hmph, although I do not frequent the official circles of Jinling, I can still manage to gain some face.
As for those little devils running around below, they wouldn't dare to disrespect me.
Boss Wang, you can rest assured that as long as I make a call, no one will dare to cause trouble for you.
But if I were not here, I cannot guarantee that they would not cause any trouble—”




“Threat, this is a naked threat!” Boss Wang, the restaurant owner, saw the cold smile on Lin Wanrong's face and shivered.
Who was this young master with such thick skin and blatant use of threats? He didn't expect him to be even more black-hearted than his appearance suggested.
If he didn't have a strong background, this brat wouldn't dare be so arrogant.


Dong Rende knew Lin Wanrong's background, and seeing him spouting nonsense with such arrogance made him sweat nervously.
If they were found out, they would be beaten and kicked like dogs.


Boss Wang shuddered as Lin Wanrong opened his paper fan and pretended to wave it a few times before saying, “Boss Wang, you can rest assured that I never like to bully people.
We can sign a contract.
If I don't pay back your money and interest in six months, you can take back this restaurant.”


Under Lin's soft and hard tactics, boss Wang had lost his judgment and had to agree.


Fortunately, if Lin Wanrong kept his word, boss Wang wouldn't lose anything.
After six months, if Lin still couldn't pay, the restaurant would be his again.


The two signed a contract agreeing to these terms.


As they left the restaurant, it was already noon, and Lin Wanrong felt his back was soaked through.
Even as a sales manager, he had never felt so excited by such a daring and outrageous act.


Dong Rende was impressed by Lin Wanrong's shamelessness and fearlessness, not only for buying the restaurant but also for taking out a three thousand liang silver loan for six months.


Lin Wanrong wiped the sweat from his body and said to Dong Rende, “Uncle Dong, today is an important day.
Go and call Qiaoqiao and Qingshan.
Let's celebrate.”

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