Chapter 25 Easily Distracted (2)


“Meiwei Restaurant has five floors, with ample space and an excellent location.
It can be said to be the best place by Xuanwu Lake, which happens to meet the young master's requirements,” Dong Rende said.


“Such a good location, would the owner be willing to sell?” Lin Wanrong asked in confusion.
Xuanwu Lake was a prime location in Jinling City.
Owning a storefront there would definitely make one a millionaire.


Dong Rende nodded and said, “The place is indeed good, but the owner of Meiwei Restaurant is a cunning and mean person who doesn't share profits and is extremely unscrupulous.
The quality of the food is poor, and the prices are expensive.
It's normal that the business can't sustain.
His son served as a magistrate in another place and made a lot of money, so the old man is rushing back to enjoy his retirement.”


So that's it.
This old man is a sharp-tongued and mean-spirited merchant who must have his eyes on money.
No wonder.


“How much money does he want?” Lin Wanrong asked directly.


“I heard it's seven thousand taels,” Dong Rende replied.


Seven thousand taels? That's not a small amount.
If the restaurant were to be demolished and renovated according to Lin Wanrong's wishes, plus the additional equipment and staff, it would cost at least eight or nine thousand taels.
He only has five thousand taels on hand, which is barely enough.


“Here's the plan.
Uncle Dong, let's go and talk to the owner of Meiwei Restaurant tomorrow, and try to negotiate the price down.
As for the rest of the money, I'll figure something out,” Lin Wanrong said after some thought.


“Brother Lin, the selection of Xiao family's servants will begin tomorrow.
You—” Dong Qiaoqiao kindly reminded him.


Lin Wanrong slapped his forehead.
Oh no, how could he forget about that? He smiled at Qiaoqiao and said, “Thank you for reminding me, Qiaoqiao.”


Dong Qiaoqiao glanced at him and said, “Brother Lin, are you really going to be a servant for the Xiao family?”


Dong Qingshan smirked from the side and said, “Big Brother, are you really interested in Miss Xiao from the Xiao family?”


Dong Qiaoqiao glanced at Lin Wanrong, but lowered her head and said nothing.


“Look at your big head,” Lin Wanrong chuckled and cursed, but he had bitter thoughts in his heart.


He had promised Wei Laotou to do what was asked of him, and he had to follow through on that promise.
While he could employ some tricks when dealing with others, he couldn't be petty with the old man who had saved his life.
If he did, even Lin Wanrong would look down on himself.


Although he was reluctant to become a servant, he wasn't too keen on doing business either.
Having seen too much of the insincerity and craftiness in the business world, he felt a deep sense of weariness.
The reason he had asked Dong Qiaoqiao and her father to do business was extremely despicable.
He wanted the father and daughter to work for him, and he only needed to provide ideas.
Compared to the past when he had to personally take up arms, this was much more carefree.


Of course, he couldn't say such a dirty thought out loud.


Dong Qiaoqiao thought he had guessed what Lin Wanrong was thinking since he didn't say anything.
She sighed lightly and after a while, gritted her teeth and said, “Brother Lin, you are exceptionally talented, and Miss Xiao will surely recognize your talents.
You two are a match made in heaven.
If you want to do something, just do it.
I – we support you.”


Even Dong Qiaoqiao thought so, which really made Lin Wanrong laugh and cry.
“Qiaoqiao, you don't have to make fun of me anymore.
Actually, I'm a lazy person and don't want to do anything.
That's why I let you take the lead in doing business.
As for becoming a servant in the Xiao family, although the reputation isn't very good, there are still benefits.
At the very least, by leaning on the Xiao family's big tree, no one will dare to bully us in the future.”


Lin Wanrong made up some stories, and Dong Qiaoqiao didn't press him for details.
The group of them made plans together.


Dong Qiaoqiao was worried about the 2,000 taels of silver still missing, but Lin Wanrong smiled and said they could figure out a solution after talking to the owner of Meiwei Restaurant tomorrow.


Naturally, they had dinner at the old man's house again.
Now, Lin Wanrong felt much more comfortable staying at the old man's house than in his own rundown home.



After dinner, Lin Wanrong pulled Dong Qingshan aside and secretly handed him twenty taels of silver.
Dong Qingshan didn't understand and asked, “Brother Lin, what are you doing?”


Lin Wanrong patted him on the shoulder and said, “Qingshan, you need to win over your brothers.
Brotherhood alone is not enough.
It's all about interests.
You have to remember that interests are always greater than loyalty.
Only when you give them enough benefits will they not betray you.
If you only rely on loyalty, it may hold up for a while, but not forever.
In the end, it will be you who falls.”


Although Dong Qingshan was only fifteen or sixteen years old, he was extremely intelligent.
He accepted the silver that Lin Wanrong had given him and a look of gratitude flashed across his face.
“Thank you, big brother.
With just one word of guidance from you, I will benefit for a lifetime.
Big brother, I want to take care of something tomorrow afternoon.
Do you have any time?”


Lin Wanrong thought for a moment and said, “Tomorrow is the selection of the Xiao family's servants.
I also have to talk to your father about the restaurant.
I may not have time.”


A hint of disappointment flashed across Dong Qingshan's face.
“That's all right, big brother.
Your important matters come first.”


Lin Wanrong patted him on the shoulder.
“Qingshan, as long as it's something you are determined to do and want to do, just go for it.
Big brother will always support you.”


“Yes, I understand, big brother.” A look of joy spread across Dong Qingshan's face.
With Lin Wanrong's guidance, he felt as if he had the courage and confidence to win.


After discussing the use of the silver with Dong's father and son, to avoid any problems arising, they hurriedly moved the silver to the bank and exchanged it for banknotes.


As they left, Lin Wanrong was exhausted and ready to bid farewell and return home when Dong Qiaoqiao said, “Big brother, wait a moment.”


Lin Wanrong looked at her strangely, and Dong Qiaoqiao blushed and said, “Please sit down for a moment.
I'll get you something.”


Lin Wanrong sat down on the stool and waited.
After a short while, Dong Qiaoqiao came out of the inner room.
She was holding two things in her hands and walked up to Lin Wanrong, squatting down gently to slowly take off his tattered cloth shoes.


Lin Wanrong saw Qiaoqiao squatting in front of him, her delicate eyebrows lightly trembling.
Her pretty cheeks seemed to have a layer of rouge on them.
She nervously bit her small lips, and her full chest rose and fell as she tried to restrain her shyness.
“Qiaoqiao, what are you doing?” Lin Wanrong asked urgently.


Qiaoqiao did not dare to lift her head and whispered, “Big Brother, these are the new shoes I made for you.
Can you see if they fit?”


Lin Wanrong watched her put on shoes for him.
Her beautiful hair hung down over her forehead, hiding her lovely eyes.
Her face, like white jade, revealed a hint of shyness.
The fragrance emanating from her body wafted into Lin Wanrong's nostrils, and her full chest was almost pressing against his thighs.
Waves of heat emanated from her chest to Lin Wanrong's legs and then into his heart, igniting an evil fire within him.


Lin Wanrong was no longer a naive man.
When he saw the tempting scene in front of him, he was stirred up inside.
His dragon head had already stood up, hot all over his body.


Qiaoqiao finished fixing his shoes and was about to raise her head when her lips touched something hard.
She looked up and saw that she had touched Lin Wanrong's obscene dragon head, which had become erect.


“Ah!” Qiaoqiao exclaimed in shock.
Her face was burning, and she quickly turned around and ran into the house, slamming the door shut.


She leaned against the door, her heart pounding incessantly.
The blush on her face could not be erased for a long time.
“So embarrassing,” Qiaoqiao thought of the scene just now.
Her body felt weak and she quickly covered her red face and leaned against the door, unable to speak for a long time.


Lin Wanrong was not a good person to begin with.
Seeing Qiaoqiao shyly run into the house, he could only dryly laugh twice and said, “Natural reaction, purely accidental, only this one time, not to be repeated.”


However, his dragon head was still standing upright and had not subsided for a long time.
Lin Wanrong viciously slammed it and said, “You embarrassed me.
You're forbidden from eating meat for three months.”

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