Chapter 22 Little Girl (Part 1)


Dong Qiaoqiao also understood the reasoning behind it.
After all, their purchasing power was limited, and those wealthy scholars who had the means to do so had already bought what they needed.
There wasn't much profit to be made in the secondary market, and if they were to print more books, it would not be worth the cost.


She was a girl who was easily satisfied.
Earning five thousand taels of silver in one morning was an absolute miracle.
In the past, it was something she couldn't even imagine.
She was content.


“Brother Lin, are you really going to become a servant at the Xiao family?” Dong Qiaoqiao no longer cared about the printing issue and looked at Lin Wanrong, who hesitated for a long time before finally asking, “Is it because of Miss Xiao?”


Lin Wanrong pretended to be surprised and exclaimed, “Oh, Qiaoqiao, you really are smart and resourceful.
You can see through me so easily.
You're like a prophet.”


Dong Qiaoqiao showed a strange expression on her face, and her complexion didn't look too good.


Seeing the girl looking a bit depressed, Lin Wanrong didn't want to tease her anymore.
He shook his head and said with a smile, “Ha ha, I'm just kidding.
Don't worry, I'm not interested in Miss Xiao.
Think about it, no one has ever seen what she looks like.
If she's an ugly monster who clings to me, I might as well find a tree to hang myself.”


Dong Qiaoqiao found what he said amusing and couldn't help but laugh, “You're so good at making up stories.”


Lin Wanrong smiled and said, “Life is often not as good as we hope.
I'm going to work at the Xiao family for my own reasons.
As you know, selling these little books may be profitable, but it's not a long-term solution.
I also have to eat and support my family.
If I can find a place to stay at the Xiao family, it's not a bad deal.
The treatment for their servants is good.
As for me, I don't have any goals in life.
I like to go with the flow.
Plus, I'm only good-looking, have a good temper, and have a few ideas.
If the Xiao family chooses me to be their servant, it's just barely finding the right person.”


Lin Wanrong looked distressed, and he didn't need to pretend.
If he hadn't fallen into Wei Laotou's trap, he wouldn't have come to serve anyone even if he were beaten to death.


Dong Qiaoqiao blushed and covered her mouth as she giggled.
“Big Brother Lin, you really have thick skin.
But I enjoy talking to you.
You're not only a good person, but you also know a lot.
I like chatting with you.”


Lin Wanrong chuckled, “Of course.
Do you know that in my previous public – oh, hometown, many girls liked to listen to me talk.
When I started work, everyone gathered around me to hear my stories.
How about that, quite charming, right?”


He wasn't bragging.
Lin Wanrong was optimistic and had a good way with words, getting along well with everyone.
To do business, one had to have a thick skin like him and not offend anyone.


“Really?” Dong Qiaoqiao glanced at him and said, “I wonder which lucky girl can marry someone from such a good family as Big Brother Lin.”


Lin Wanrong thought of his past girlfriends who loved him and those he loved, who had all passed by like flowing water.
He would never have the chance to see them again.


A touch of melancholy crossed his face, and he shook his head, smiling wryly, “What good fortune? I'm a single guy with a gun and a dog now.
I can go anywhere I want.”


Dong Qiaoqiao caught the trace of sadness in his eyes.
She lowered her head and bit her lip but then raised her head with a bright gleam in her eyes.


“However, Big Brother Lin, when you put on that stern face, it can be quite intimidating,” Dong Qiaoqiao imitated Lin Wanrong's expression and purposely spoke in a rough voice, “Others may give you face, but you have to earn your own reputation.”


Lin Wanrong wanted to laugh but didn't.
He put away his smile and said seriously, “Qiaoqiao, you can't judge a book by its cover.
Just because you find it enjoyable to talk to me doesn't mean I'm not a bad person.
How do you know?”


Lin Wanrong remembered the deceit and backstabbing in the past when he was in the business world.
People would greet each other with smiles but stab each other in the back when they turned around.
Lin Wanrong had seen and even participated in many such incidents.
Looking back now, it all seemed like a dream.


Dong Qiaoqiao was taken aback.
She had been with Lin Wanrong for a few days and had never seen him like this.
He was always joking around and never serious.


She murmured softly, “Brother Lin, is there something on your mind? You seem unhappy.
Can you tell Qiaoqiao about it?”


Lin Wanrong laughed, “Don't be so clever, little girl.
I'm very happy.”


Dong Qiaoqiao looked at him and said firmly, “Brother Lin, you're a good person.
I knew it from the moment I saw you.”


After saying that, she looked at Lin Wanrong deeply and then ran away with her empty lunchbox.


Lin Wanrong rubbed his nose helplessly.
“I'm a good person? Well, I think so too.
But look at that girl run, she's really quick.
If she were to practice running, she could be a real talent.”


After eating and drinking his fill, Lin Wanrong was too lazy to go home.
He leaned against a tree trunk and used the remaining booklet he had to cover his face, falling asleep peacefully.


He didn't know how long he had slept when suddenly his nose started to itch.
He was about to sneeze when he was awakened by someone.
Lin Wanrong opened his eyes and saw a beautiful face smiling at him.


He yawned and became more awake.
He wondered who this girl was with such watery eyes.
She was holding a small booklet and smiling at him.


The girl was probably around sixteen or seventeen years old, with curved eyebrows, big eyes, a small cherry mouth, a pink face, and wearing a yellow satin floral dress with a pair of light pink boots on her feet, exuding a mischievous aura.
Although she was young, she had a high chest and was well-developed, with everything in the right place, a rare beauty.


As the girl stared at him, Lin Wanrong felt a bit familiar with her.
He was curious, as he was sure he had never met her before.
Every beautiful woman he had met, regardless of age, had left an impression on him.


Seeing the little girl staring at him, Lin Wanrong didn't think much of it and smiled, “Although I am tall, handsome, talented, and cute, if you keep staring at me like this, I will be embarrassed.”


The girl blushed a little and glared at him fiercely, waving the small booklet in her hand, “Hey, you, did you make up this little picture book?”


The girl held up the booklet high, which was the one Lin Wanrong had put on his face when he was sleeping, and he didn't know when the girl had taken it.


Lin Wanrong chuckled, “Well, little girl, do you want to buy this little booklet? Do you have any brothers or cousins at home? Ah, those guys have such thin skin that they can't bear to come themselves and sent you instead.”


The girl's eyes lit up, “Yes, yes, my brother asked me to come.
Is the lady in the picture Miss Xiao?”


Lin Wanrong nodded, “Of course, this is a rare book passed down within the Xiao family, and it was not easy for me to get it.
Sigh, I have a soft heart, and I can't bear to see a pretty little girl like you begging me.
Well, well, I'll sell it to you at a loss for fifteen taels of silver.”


The girl snorted, “You are not an honest person.
Hmph, I've been following you all morning, and you sold it to someone else for ten taels of silver.
Why did you ask for fifteen taels from me?”

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