Ch20 making profits


Lin Wanrong and old Dong went to the admittance registration area, each carried more than ten booklets within their bosoms , to do an experiment which he called exploratory marketing.
Of course, he also had to do some knowledge dowsing on Dong Qiaoqiao who was eager to learn.


The area was bustled with caizi for today was the last day to sign up for the exams to become a servant of the Xiao's household.
Whether they know how to read and write or not, since the examinations begin tomorrow.


There are caizi not only from the local Jinling, but also from Suzhou, Yangzhou, and Zhenjiang, making the area crowded.


The settings were the same as yesterday, where persons who wanted to become servants and caizi are separated into two lines, without any trouble.
The order was smooth and no one cut in the lines. Maybe because everyone is civilized?


For so much caizi to come, this eldest miss Xiao from Xiao household must have a great charm., but the most attractive point must be their massive wealth and economic power.


Xiao household must have noticed the increase amount of caizi, but they did not support nor object. What are they thinking? Do they want servant, or caizi? Or maybe both?


Lin Wanrong is much happier this way since it will grant a bigger chance of profit.


His objective are the caiti, looking at their fresh clothes, and indecent appearances, he suddenly found the pricing of 5000 yuan is too cheap.


And for those who wanted to become servants… Brother, is not like I look down on you, but please face reality, you need to make big money in order to get chicks.


Lin Wanrong found a caizi with a decent appearance, slowly approached him, and under a small voice “Bro, a got a good book for you, do you want it?”


He took out the booklet within his bosoms and waved it at the caizi.
When he saw eldest miss Xiao face on the booklet, Lin Wanrong quickly put it back in his clothes.


As expected, the caizi eyes started to shine, cautiously observing the surroundings, then lowered his head towards Lin Wanrong “Bro, do you have a color edition?”


Color edition? Lin Wanrong paused for a moment, then quickly understood. This asshole must have thought I'm selling him a play boy magazine.


He suddenly filled with rage. Your grandma, how can laozi, with such an upright handsome appearance, will be selling these type of stuff.
Although daye me do have quite a lot of these but i don't need to go as far as to be illegally selling them.
I don't know what kinda sense of judgement this ****** has but he must be a scum bag. (T/N: daye means 'uncle' without the biological part, and a more superior sense)


To tell the truth, looking at Lin Wanrong's bulging bosom, one will think of those illegal dvd sellers back in the 90s.


Right now Lin Wanrong really want to punched this guy's face, but thinking that old Dong is watching from afar, trying to learn how to sell, the first sale must not fail.


He ground his teeth “Bro, the stuff that you just mentioned, we can talk about it privately next time.
I not only have color treasure editions from the royal court, i also have limited editions from Japan, i can guarantee you never saw them before.


The caizi cheeks turned red, while rubbing his hands, if you can't tell that he is a pevert from those eyes, then this world doesn't have a pevert.


“But, the most important thing right now is, that I seriously wanted to recommend this one and only booklet which came from the Xiao household, please take a look.”


Lin Wanrong again, took out the booklet, the pevert gaze was immediately captured by the portrait of eldest miss Xiao on the cover.
“This is….” under a surprised voice, he quickly glance around, then held his mouth shut.
Even a blinded person can tell that his eyes were fill with excitement.


” That is correct, this is eldest miss Xiao, a friend of mine who works as a middle class servant spend a lot money to get his hands on this.” Lin Wanrong slowly flipped the pages, a fluttering noise can be heard, then the pervert finally saw the words inscribed beside the portrait.


'Eldest miss Xiao secret history' five bold words, simple and clear.
Underneath them were two phrases 'the production of Xiao household servant committee host, XX' and the top-right corner consist of two small words 'top secret'.


The bastard's eyes flickered when he saw the words 'The qualities expected to be a spouse from eldest miss Xiao', so Lin Wanrong quickly closed the booklet.


“Name your price?”


“10,000 yuan, I can't sell it for even one yuan cheaper.” Lin Wanrong showed a calm gesture when he took the bait. Since you made my day worse, don't mind if I do a price hike on the spot, at least doubling the price.


The caizi gave a complicated look, when Lin Wanrong thought that he might be more at awe by the high price.
“It's kinda expensive, can you lower the price a bit.”


Lin Wanrong heart throbbed with joyfulness. As the saying goes rare items can be sold for high price, he is gonna fell for it.


He firmly shook his head ” Xiongtai, this is a booklet that has no market price, and it came from the Xiao household.
I spend a lot of money to obtain this, so the price 10,000 is already low.
And you know if this was known to the public, they will probably fight for it.
(T/L; Xiongtai is a respectful way of calling a male person)


Seeing the guy's hesitated expression, Lin Wanrong walked off pretending to shake his head without saying anything to him.


“Xiong tai, please wait a moment.” Dong Qiaoqiao dressed as a caizi 'coincidentally' called out Lin Wanrong, with her eyes intensely glaring at the booklet, showed that she knew what the booklet was.
(T/L: let me clarify that caizi can only be males under few exceptions)


The caizi didn't know this was a trap, as he saw someone was trying to 'steal' the booklet away from him.
He panicked, and hastily went towards Lin Wanrong “I came first, I came first, xiongtai I want the booklet.
Here is the 10,000 yuan, please check it.”


Lin Wanrong and Dong Qiaoqiao looked at each other, smiles can be seen in their eyes.
She gave him a thumbs up secretly as he took the 10,000 yuan from the caizi.


Dong Qiaoqiao 'regretfully' left, while a fat caizi, who saw this whole transaction, hurriedly rushed over to Lin Wanrong “The xiongtai over there, may I ask what goodies did you just gave to Li bro?”


“you are….” Lin Wanrong said with a confused expression.


Fat caizi hastily replied ” Li bro and I are friends from the same class.”


Ah, so these two bustards are classmates from the same school, and now they are competing for eldest miss Xiao, this one didn't want the other to have an advantage over him.


He repeated the words that was said to the other caizi, and the fat caizi naturally showed interest but he was more cruel and cut the price to 5000 yuan.


I will change my surname to yours If  I can't sell it to you for 10,000. Lin Wanrong didn't uttered a word and left.


As expected, the fat caizi called him out again “Xiongtai…..”


Transaction of course, was 10,000 yuan.


Seeing that more caizi have noticed the commotion over here, Lin Wanrong laughed within his heart.
He ran to old Dong, and wiped his sweat “Shit, I underestimated the market value and how much they are willing to spend, uncle Dong, we are raising the price, the starting value will be 10,000 yuan.”


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