Lin Wanrong was really tired for today so the first thing he did when reached home was to lay down on the bed.
Sleeping in this environment is quite comfortable since pollution is close to none.

For naughty things that one will love to do before bed time, is not that he doesn't want to but didn't thought of with whom.

Lin Wanrong woke up early the second day to reach the food stalls before it formed a large line.
He ate two fried pancakes and drank a bowl of mashed tofu. Nothing is better than organic food, now i feel much energize and ready to head to Dong family.

When he arrived at Dong family, he saw old Dong was drinking rice porridge with his half eaten mantou.
(mantou is a chinese cloud like steamed bun normally plain in flavor)

“Lin big bro, i bet you didn't eat yet, these mantou are freshly made by me, why don't you try some.” Dong Qiaoqiao passed him a bowl of rice porridge and two big pieces of mantou.

Since last night when Dong Qiaoqiao found out that Lin Wanrong was living all by himself and he didn't seem to be a gongzi, she 'degraded' in calling him gongzi to big bro, with an hearty invitation that he can join them for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

Ai, how can i accept this, Lin Wanrong is a shy person, 10 servings per 5 days is enough for me.
(Ai is sigh)

The white steamed buns made Lin Wanrong hungry agian, and he has a shameless nature anyway, so “Nice timing Qiaoqiao, I didn't 'eat enough', thank you very much.”

Seeing old Dong with bloodshot eyes, showed that he didn't rest last night, but Lin Wanrong slept like a pig.
He felt sorry for not respecting the elders but this was his job so he did well.

“Uncle Dong, how is the copies going?” he asked worriedly as old Dong only minding his own meal.

Old Dong wiped his mouth, pointed behind him “Look, 500 booklets are all over there.”

Lin Wanrong jumped to look behind while swallowing the remaining mantou.
500 booklets were stacked neatly with oil scent lingering the air.

He picked up one of the booklet,and closely examined it.
The copy quality is okay, and eldest miss Xiao's portraits can be clealy seen. This chick should have never heard of portraiture rights, then laozi will take this money.
Laozi will be serving her soon anyway so this can be her compensation. (Laozi is an arrogant way of calling oneself)

Looking at the 500 booklets, Lin Wanrong was laughing in his heart.
Being a boss of a tabloid newspaper feels kinda nice.

“Lin gongzi, how much will we sell one booklet for?”

Even after knowing that Lin Wanrong was a half-baked caizi old Dong respect towards him didn't change one bit, but Lin Wanrong started to feel awkward when old Dong still calling gongzi.

“5000 yuan for one book.” Lin Wanrong answered old Dong without looking at him while patting the booklet.
(1 yuan= 1 dollar, in was not written as such but I place the value for easy understanding.
ancient chinese currencies goes by units per weight between bronze, silver and gold.
10,000 bronze token= 10 50gram silver= 1 50gram gold)

With a badap sound, uncle dong half mantou fell on the floor.

Lin Wanrong looked at the doubtful expressions on those two and grinned ” You guys don't believe me?”

Dong Qiaoqiao hesitated for a while “Lin big bro, are you really going to sell the booklet 5000 yuan a piece? Isn't that…
isn't that too expensive?” A normal family can live half a year freely with just 5000 yuan, it's no surprise that these two were dumbfounded by this price tag.

“Trust me on this, it's gonna sell for 5000 yuan without a bargain.
Do you ever heard of a saying that 'Things cost more when less' ?” Lin Wanrong smile cunningly, without feeling embarrassed.

Although he can't see his own face but he know that the face he put on right now looks like greedy merchant, and it is the most shameless one you can find.
But then again shameless is within his nature, he doesn't need to hide the fact.

“You have to understand those caizi are mentally thinking.
Those who will buy these books don't care if it costs 1000 a book or 10,000 a book.
What they want are news, what the need are first hand information, 1000 and 10,000 will show no difference for them.
Their principle is 'don't want the best but the most expensive'(think of it as the most expensive is the best), this is an intriguing psychology.

Lin Wanrong speech made the father and daughter to pause, showed that they are confused and still needed him to explain such matter more clearly.

“Think of it like this, if one person bought it, will the other want to be left behind? who doesn't want first hand information about eldest miss Xiao? This is bandwagon effect, like when stacking dominoes infront of each other, when one fall, all fall.”

Lin Wanrong suddenly realize he mentioned something not from this age and hastily explained “In short, it is a mentality where someone doesn't want one person to gain all the profits, and also want to be in it, that will cause us to have a big sale.
Think about it, if you only need one day to turn from a chicken to a phoenix, who cares to spend this small sum of money.” he boasted.

Dong Qiaoqiao flexibility quickly thought of a problem “But eldest miss Xiao is looking for 'a' husband, and we have 500 booklets.”

Lin Wanrong cunningly laughed ” Zhuangyuan can only be one, but [Analects], [Classic of Poetry], [Tao Te Ching], and [Mengzi] were still all big sellers.
anything can be possible, before the outcome.” (Zhuangyuan is a title granted for one who came first in the highest imperial examination)

Dong Qiaoqiao is a kind person, and thought about eldest miss Xiao's marriage “But I heard there are caizi who came from poor family, they wouldn't have the money to buy such an expensive booklet.
Wouldn't this hold up eldest miss Xiao's marriage?”

Oh my gosh, this chick is thinking too highly of those people, if one booklet can effect eldest miss Xiao's marriage, then I really don't know how did this Xiao family got so big.

Watching Dong Qiaoqiao thirst for knowledge, looks like Lin Wanrong once again have to be a teacher.
He coldly laughed “If the poor caizi came then they will have to be prepared mentally.
If they really have the skills then they should utilize those skills to gain the marriage proposal of eldest miss Xiao.
By buying our info, doesn't mean anything.
If they want to borrow these info as means to get an upper hand, then all I feel is pity for them, because in order to gain any upper hand , there will be a cost, and this will be the price they have to pay.
I'm not forcing them to buy these booklets, and real caizi will never buy our booklets for it will hurt their standards and pride.
But then how many persons actually live up to these standards? We are merchants, we only talk about profits.
We will provide to whom can pay.
As for the marriage, that will be her problems.
It will be impossible even if we want to affect the outcome.”

The words from Lin Wanrong caused her to nod secretly and gave him a high evaluation.
Although still being concerned, but showed that she at least accepted it.


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