Dong Qiaoqiao only subconsciously said that, but didn't expect Lin Wanrong to actually hear it, and also promised to draw a portrait of her.
Although, Her face dyed red, a little smile can be seen to express that happiness.
As any woman loves to be beautiful, it is their dream to showcase their youthful beauty anytime even if it's in a portrait.

“Thank you Gongzi.” she said shyly.
(Gongzi is similar to Mr.
used to address rich a son of a rich or noble family)

Lin Wanrong said:”Dong uncle, how is it?” while wiping his face with the back of his hand and chuckled.

Dong Rende showed his thumb and said:” I have nothing to say, only admiration towards Gongzi.”

Lin Wanrong drew the other illustrations of eldest miss Xiao in different sceneries, each with a captivating aura that can mesmerized those Caizi.
(young men with talents in the fields of politics or/and literature)

After the finsihing touch, he wiped his face as he raised his body with a smile.
“My work is done here.” he said.

Dong Qiaoqiao looked at the booklet filled with illustrated portraits of the same woman in different scenery, showed a face full of enviousness.
She then started to giggle with her hand by her mouth when she took a glance at Lin Wanrong.

“What is so funny?” Lin Wanrong asked as he was stunned by her laughter, she is so dam pretty when she laughs.

Dong Qiaoqiao took a handkerchief out from her sleeves, approached Lin Wanrong bashfully and starting to wipe his face while biting her lips lightly.
Her handkerchief produced a sweet scent.

Lin Wanrong then realized it was because he had ashes covering his face that she did such an action.

But, her action made him startled.
In this era where men and women are more conservative, even though Dong Qiaoqiao was born in a normal family, this action is too intimate, even in modern days only couples will do such.

Don't tell that she fell for me?! Then this will be quite dangerous, for the great me will not endure such temptation. Lin Wanrong shamelessly thought.
To tell the truth, he is not even prepared for romance in this era.

He then quickly stepped back, instinctively rejected her good intention, naturally took her handkerchief and said:” I can do this myself.” while laughing.

Dong Qiaoqiao blanked out for a moment, then realized what she was doing and her face turned red in embarrassment.
Lin Wanrong quickly sniffed her handkerchief, frivolously said”What a nice scent!”

Dong Qiaoqiao knew that he was trying to erase the awkwardness, so she gave him a smile filled with gratitude.

But Lin Wanrong wasn't pretending since frivolous was his nature.

“en” said Dong Qiaoqiao with brightly rouged cheeks.
(TNL: en is yes in chinese)

Lin Wanrong signaled old Dong yet he didn't respond like he was in deep thought.

Although your daughter wasn't sensible, even you old hag!? Don't complain if I ate your daughter up for this. Lin Wanrong thought with rage.

It is not that he had any complains about Dong Qiaoqiao looks, but he never prepared for romance so he can only slowly adjust.

The atmosphere felt like a mime performance since both of them did not respond.
After wiping his face with the handkerchief, he realized it became black when he tried to return it.

Dong Qiaoqiao saw his actions, took the handkerchief out of his hand and said:” You should leave such 'rough work' for me.” With a smile.
(rough work means chores which are normally done by the females in that time period)

Lin Wanrong calmed down when he saw Dong Qiaoqiao natural demeanor, then thought to himself, isn't this way too easy? For such a beauty to fell for me? But then the handsome genius me can't ignore the fact that such were normal, hehe.

He made Dong Qiaoqiao trace over the sketch that uses black carbon with an ink brush so that he doesn't accidentally wipe it off.

Although this is just a trace job but one mistake can ruin the whole portrait.

He didn't even told her that this half-baked genius can't use an ink brush, but she was quite clever.
Although she doesn't understand why Lin Wanrong doesn't use the ink brush but she didn't ask.

She carefully trace the portraits, droplets formed on her cute face, displaying the nervousness that she might accidentally ripped the it.

Lin Wanrong was filled with gratitude from the bottom of his heart, for the father and daughter  to trust him without conditions, made him feel
the warmth of a family. Really don't how those bastards can deceive old people for their pension money, they did eat sh** to grow up?

He was speechless after seeing the portrait that Dong Qiaoqiao traced, even the thickness of each line and curve were perfectly done.

He sighed while shaking his head “Qiaoqiao please don't marry into another family, or where else can I find someone with such skills.”

Lin Wanrong started to act familiar with her, calling Qiaoqiao without adding honorifics.

Dong Qiaoqiao ran out of the room with her face beet red, probably didn't understand how did Lin Wanrong turned from being a admirable genius to a vulgar person.

After organizing the booklet, it was already noon. Better hand this to old Dong so he can hastily prepares for the print outs.

He understands that the printing technique is behind but luckily the booklet is few in pages, by working the whole night, they should be able to complete 500 copies.

Lin Wanrong saw potential in old Dong because he is flexible and also have a vast connection due to the fact he lived he for a long time.

When old Dong was going to bring it to the printing house, a thought popped out and Lin Wanrong pulled him to the side “Please make sure to tell the printing house that this project is a secret between us and them.
Especially this draft booklet, which is more valuable and since it can be easily copied by others, please bring it back immediately after using it.”

He already promised old Dong with huge profit that this can acquire.
Since this period doesn't have copy rights, he will cry if it get replicated by someone.
Even around his days with copy right knowledge, you can find illegal copies almost anywhere.

Lin Wanrong ate dinner with the Dong family since he only have a cold stove and eating while chatting with them is much more lively.
Dong Qinshan came back showed an expression sparkling excitement, looks like it went according to plan.

Dong Qiaoqiao again lives up to her name as she prepared plain dishes that taste very delicious.
She giggled with her hand in front of her mouth when she saw Lin Wanrong devouring the food mercilessly.
With this atmosphere, it feels like we are one family.

After dinner Lin Wanrong went to the printing house with old Dong.
As they say money can run the world, by doubling the original price for each copies, 20 workers were working none stop until next morning.
Even the boss promised 500 copies will be finished before sunrise.

The printing technique they are using was quite old, it is where they copy the draft onto a cowhide with stone rubbing , then use the cowhide to print on other papers with ink.
When the papers dried, they will then fixed those into booklets.
Although the quality was poor but still good as the portraits and illustrations can be seen.

But then again base on this technique and workforce, 500 is the limit they can produce before sunrise.


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