Chapter 15 Madame Xiao


Behind the two large tables, two men, each sitting in a wooden armchair, seemed responsible for registering the people, who were separated into two groups.
A big sign stood in the middle – Xiao Family Servant Registration.

Lin Wanrong swept his gaze back and forth.
Before his eyes, he saw there were about half people with dresses similar to him who genuinely wanted to register as a servant.
The other half consisted of gifted scholars who harbored evil intention.

Even a small servant position was coveted by these many people.
Looks like the employment problem is universal in each era.

Thinking about these many people who will compete with him, Lin Wanrong felt a headache. This d*mn old man Wei wants to torment me to death.

After cursing old man Wei’s 18 generation ancestors, Lin Wanrong walked back and forth within the crowd, knowing that today and tomorrow there will only be a simple registration procedure.
Since old man Wei has signed him up, Lin Wanrong was less inclined to suffer through the line, he rather walked around the site instead.

Most of those candidates furrowed their brows, clearly worried whether they can be admitted or not, similar to the people who were applying for jobs in Lin Wanrong’s era.

Those self-proclaimed gifted scholars were clearly bothered standing close to those commoners they regarded as inferiors.
Most of them gathered in groups of three or five people.
But none of them talked.
The most common thing about them was that they often waved their fans or recited poems as they unconsciously swayed their heads.

In this late Autumn weather, by waving their fans, do these guys want to drive out the cold or keep it? Lin Wanrong thought that it was funny.

Birds of a feather flock together, Lin Wanrong later saw another three newcomers, waving their fans and laughing as they met someone they knew: “Hey, brother Wang, brother Zhao, brother Li, you’re here.”

Four guys cupped their hands and greeted each other.

“Is not my turn yet to register, but sitting alone is boring, why don’t we recite the Dragon poem from the Book of Songs?” The first guy proposed, the other three guys repeatedly applauded.
In this era, reciting poetry in public was the fashion of the day, just like in Lin Wanrong’s era, where public kissing was the latest fad.

The man who proposed deserved to be elected as the leader, so he assumed the responsibility to start.

The guy pondered for a long time.
When he looked at the several fallen leaves on the ground, his eyes lit up and excitedly swayed his head to recite: “One piece, two pieces, three and four pieces—”

“Five pieces, six pieces, seven and eight pieces—” Brother Wang recited.

“Nine pieces, ten pieces, eleven pieces—” Brother Zhong followed suit.

Before finished saying the number of leaves, the last one brother Li rolled his eyes and recited in a loud voice: “Fall to the ground and therefore disappear.”

“Good poem, good poem.” Four men loudly applauded.

The nearby Lin Wanrong felt helpless, Even though my skin is quite thick, compared to these three guys, evidently, it is not thick enough.
Shame, shame.

Suddenly there was a clamor at the front, someone shouted, “Madame Xiao is coming out, Madame Xiao is coming out.” Lin Wanrong happily thought, The one I am waiting for is you.

The crowd at the front turn chaotic, everyone scrambled forward.
Those conceited literary talents abandoned their status and crowded together with those genuine commoners that they looked down upon, eager to be at the front so as to get the mother-in-law’s favor.

Those four brothers who, just now, shamelessly recited poems not far from Lin Wanrong, have already rushed forward.
Lin Wanrong hesitated, D*mn it, do unto others before they do unto you, no need to keep a gentleman’s demeanor at a time like this.

Lin Wanrong separated these four people, loudly shouting: “Excuse me, excuse me.”

Old man Wei has given Lin Wanrong enema (guanchang ~ internal force given from the *ss), oh no, it should be enlightenment (guanding ~ internal force given from the head) and now his strength is ten times stronger than before, so he easily pushed these four people aside.

Being pushed aside by Lin Wanrong in shabby clothing, the four people looked at each other and helplessly shook their head, saying: “This is a purely quality issue, I don’t have to say anything else.”

In the middle of the crowd stood a pretty middle-aged woman dressed in a court gown dress.
She has mild lofty eyebrows, red phoenix eyes (eyes whose outer corners incline upwards), delicate skin and crystal clear complexion, not like a woman who has birthed a child but like a thirty years old unmarried girl.
She looked dignified and calm, giving correct regards to sons of officials and servants with an elegant bearing.

From other people, Lin Wanrong knew that she was the current head of the Xiao Family, Madame Xiao.
This Madame Xiao married into the Xiao Family when she was sixteen years old, mothered two girls, a dignified and forever virtuous wife of Mr. Xiao.

Unfortunately, with Mr. Xiao’s untimely death, he left behind a lonely widow and two daughters who can only depend on each other.
Thanks to the business savvy of eldest miss Xiao, who concentrated on running their family’s business, although unable to reach their peak, the Xiao Family’s prosperity can be maintained; The girl was indeed admirable.

Lin Wanrong suddenly thought of a serious issue: If this lonely widowed mother brought in a wretched wolf who after obtaining the eldest miss Xiao still not satisfied and wanted to also have the second miss Xiao, wouldn’t everyone envy that guy to death?

Lin Wanrong’s heart jumped, No, I won’t let anyone who is more blessed than me to appear in this world! With how shameless I am, how could that man possibly be better than me? Lin Wanrong arrogantly thought that he afraid no one in this world.

After thinking about it, he smiled to himself, All of these for what? Eating salty food to cure the tasteless heart, actually, after thinking about it, they’re all just going to be a servant.

Speaking of being a servant, Lin Wanrong actually had some ideas.
This Xiao Family was one of Jinling’s wealthy families, although not as bright as before, a hundred feet insects will not disappear immediately after it’s death.
At the present time, he has no money, no power, and no authority.
In this circumstances, The Xiao Family was like a big tree, although not a sweet jujube tree, the truth is, he can lean his back against the tree trunk to enjoy the cool fresh air.
Lin Wanrong was very clear about this simple truth.
From this point of view, the old man Wei’s move to put Lin Wanrong into the Xiao Family was not impossible to understand.

Although Lin Wanrong initially thought that working as a servant was a sh*tty idea, with the previous idea in mind, he gradually warmed up to it.
He used to be a Sales Manager who went dining, wining, whoring and gambling with the clients.
On the surface, it was very lively, but inwardly he felt empty and lonely.
If not for supporting his parents and paying for his sister’s education, he would have quit a long time ago.

Now, after accidentally came into this world where no one knew him, he has no one else to think about and no need for him to set any goals.
Therefore, being a happy go lucky servant was not a bad idea anymore.

Madame Xiao slowly stepped on the platform and demurely said: “Thank you all for giving our Xiao Family your attention, please believe that we will certainly adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, and just in this servant recruitment.
Please follow the queue, no need to get crowded, everyone has a chance.”

Her voice was soft and pleasant, although it was not loud, everyone listened with all their heart, so her message was clearly heard.

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