Chapter 14 Incitement


Dong Rende did not know what Lin Wanrong wanted to do with leaving behind these blank space, Lin Wanrong also did not tell him.

Before uncle Wei went away, he left Lin Wanrong with 50 taels of silver for his meal money.
Lin Wanrong took all of it and gave it to Dong Rende.

For people to believe in him, he must first believe in other people, this is Lin Wanrong’s business principle.

Seeing Lin Wanrong trusted him so, Dong Rende’s face was very excited.
He called out Dong Qiaoqiao to look for the pieces of silver he kept in the nook of a case by feeling it with her hand.
The amount there was ten taels of silver.

“Could this be miss Qiaoqiao’s dowry money?” Lin Wanrong smiled and asked.

Dong Qiaoqiao’s face flushed with a trace of red.
Dong Rende awkwardly said with a smile: “Let LinGongzi laugh.”

Lin Wanrong seriously said: “There is nothing funny about it.
Uncle Dong, all of our invested capital must return to us ten times as much.
If it’s loss, that would be unfair to you and to miss Qiaoqiao.”

Dong Qiaoqiao cast him a glance, and quickly shook her head: “Lin Gongzi, we trust you.”

“Uncle Dong, miss Qiaoqiao since you trust me so, I promise you, after the business is over, including the capital, I will give you fifty percent of the money.
When the time comes, our miss Qiaoqiao will have a thick pile of dowry.” Lin Wanrong said with a smile.

His words were huge, not to say that they would make money, even if they would just break even, fifty percent of the total money would land Dong Rende with additional twenty taels of silver, this – of course – made old Dong suffer a shock.

To be honest, Lin Wanrong did not care about money too much.
Before he came to this world, although he worked for other people, his annual salary was 400.000 yuan.
Besides giving it to his parents and paying for his younger sister’s University tuition, Lin Wanrong also subsidized more than a dozen impoverished orphans in several villages.
He used the rest of his money to pick up hot chicks and dating expense.
The more he spend, the more it provokes his desire to make money.
This is Lin Wanrong’s point of view.

Thus, he wanted to take this opportunity to make a huge fortune.
But money was just a small part of the reason, the most crucial thing was, he wanted to prove to himself that he can also be a successful person in this new world.

Lin Wanrong’s straightforwardness actually scared the Dong family father and daughter.
Dong Rende hurriedly waved his hand: “This is unacceptable, unacceptable.
Being in business with Gongzi, how could this little old be so greedy? We just need to be paid with salary.”

Lin Wanrong laughed: “Uncle Dong, we have not made any money yet, perhaps, this time, your money would be completely lost.
Let us just temporarily postpone this talk, just do as I previously said.”

“No, I believe Gongzi will have the ability to accomplish this.” Dong Rende was a very discerning person, he firmly believed in Lin Wanrong.

Lin Wanrong smiled without saying a word.
After asking the Dong father and daughter to write the various anecdotes and stories about the eldest Miss Xiao, Lin Wanrong took Dong Qingshan out with him to walk toward the Xiao House.

Walking together with Lin Wanrong, Dong Qingshan’s face looked very excited.
He hastily said: “Big brother Lin, teach me how to fight with other people, how can I protect my father and my elder sister, and how can I beat those guys?”

Lin Wanrong did not directly answer his question, but asked: “Qingshan, each time you fought with other people, did you fight alone?”

Dong Qingshan was stunned: “Sometimes I would go with Li Doubei, the two of them, but most of the time I went alone.” No need for him to ask, Li Doubei and the other two were definitely Dong Qingshan partners in crime.

Lin Wanrong asked: “Are there other people that you know who are like you, people who can’t stand seeing their friends being bullied?”

Dong Qingshan said: “Why of course, in our Southern part of the city, there are several groups, every group has four people, my relationships with them are quite good.”

“Why?” Lin Wanrong asked.

“Because I can beat them.” Dong Qingshan smiled embarrassedly.

Lin Wanrong helplessly shook his head, Straggling and disbanded soldiers are difficult to accomplish something.
It seems like they have to be organized first before they can become a proper “organized crime syndicate.”

“Qinshan, do you know the words: the more people you have, the more powerful you are?” Lin Wanrong asked.

Dong Qingshan’s eyes lit up: “Big brother Lin, do you mean, we are going to fight together?”

Lin Wanrong patted him on the shoulder: “Qingshan, as long as can you can bring those people together, and be their boss, you will have a lot of strength.
You can solve a lot of things without doing it yourself and your fight will become less and less.”

The following words, “Once you start, the scale is going to get bigger and bigger.” These words were left out by Lin Wanrong. In any case, that girl Dong Qiaoqiao understand this implication.

“Become their boss?” A light flashed through Dong Qingshan’s eyes, and he said: “But if some people refuse to obey me?”

Lin Wanrong laughed coldly: “Refuse to obey? What do you think your two fists are good for?”

“I understand, anybody who don’t obey me, I’ll beat him, I’ll beat him until he obeys.” Dong Qingshan jumped up and shouted.

Creating an organized crime syndicate in this world – am I going too far? Listening to Dong Qingshan’s words, Lin Wanrong could not help but touch his nose and smiled, This Dong Qingshan is clearly a child.

“After you control the South part of the city, then you take the West, East, and North, one by one.
When you become the boss in Jinling City, naturally, no one will dare to bully you.” Lin Wanrong evilly instigated, his eyes flashed with the scene of countless black clothed ‘Young and Dangerous’ in Jinling City.

A triad organization should be like this. Even if Lin Wanrong refrained from teaching this to Dong Qingshan, someday, there will be someone to teach him how to do it.

“The boss of Jinling City?” Like seeing a glimmer of light in the darkness, a trace of excitement flashed through Dong Qingshan’s eyes.
He looked at Lin Wanrong and said with infinite reverence: “Big brother Lin, your today’s guidance, I will never forget it.
Good, I am going to be the Jinling City’s boss, but big brother Lin is my boss, you are the boss of Jinling city’s boss.”

Lin Wanrong laughed: “You kid—-”

Dong Qingshan embarrassedly touched his head.
Seeing his appearance, Lin Wanrong knew this young man’s heart has been completely incited by him.
He could not help but sigh: “Qingshan, talking about it is easy, but it will be very difficult to do it, and very dangerous.
You have to remember to always make an attack plan.
The mind is the best-to-use weapon.
If you have any difficulty, you can come and see me, I will help you solve it.”

Since he came to this world, Lin Wanrong felt that he seemed to have changed a lot.
In his mind, there was always this impulsive force.
Perhaps because he was repressed by the rules of his original world for far too long.
After coming here, he was without a burden, thus the evil in his heart was released in full.

The small advice from Lin Wanrong made Dong Qingshan understand a lot of things.
He looked at Lin Wanrong: “Big brother, rest assured, I know what to do.
If I come across with something that has no solution, I will come to you.
You are my big brother.” This time, he directly called him big brother, omitting the word Lin.

After the triad finally took shape, Lin Wanrong secretly sighed, With Dong Qingshan’s temper, sooner or later he will walk this path. I am just helping him becoming more mature as soon as possible so that he will be less vulnerable.
I hope that girl Dong Qiaoqiao would not blame me for this.

Dong Qingshan was a hothead, after receiving Lin Wanrong’s coaching, he became impatient and immediately went to look for his friend Li Beidou and the others to discuss it with them.
Lin Wanrong then went toward Xiao House by himself.

Xiao Family is among the richest in Jinling City.
With the guide from old Dong’s road index, it was naturally easy for him to locate it.

Before he arrived at Xiao House, from a distance, he saw the place was bustling with people and noise.
From afar, he can see the huge gated mansion.
The wall was about three meters high and one meter wide.
Two massive stone lions stood in front of the door.
It’s two thick red lacquer hinged doors were tightly closed.
On top of the door, there was a huge bronze signboard: “Xiao House,” two characters which shone under the splendid sunlight.

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