They walked back to old Dong’s house, which was similar to Lin Wanrong’s shabby thatched cottage.
There was a 17-18 years old girl in the front carefully darning a cloth.
Another 15-16 years old boy dressed in a brief, with wandering eyes, curiously looking at Lin Wanrong.

“Qiaoqiao, quickly brews tea, our family has a guest.” Old Dong entered the house and loudly shouted.

The girl in front of the window looked up.
She has arched eyebrows, willow-moon-like eyes, charming bridged nose, and small rosy mouth.
She was indeed a one in a thousand beautiful girl; If placed at Beijing University, she would at the very least be ranked as its flower.

Seeing the wretched old Dong actually has such a good daughter, Lin Wanrong thought that it was like a bad bamboo spouting out good bamboo sprout.

Lin Wanrong smiled at old Dong and said: “Uncle Dong, you are really lucky.”

Old Dong said with a smile: “Girl, this is Lin Gongzi, come and greet.”

Probably because there has never been a strange young man coming to this house, that girl named Dong Qiaoqiao awkwardly walked over with a red face to Lin Wanrong and greeted: “Hello, Lin Gongzi.”

Lin Wanrong smiled and pointed his exposed toes and said: “Miss Dong is joking, with my shabby look, how could I afford the title Gongzi?”

Seeing the exposed toes of Lin Wanrong and hearing him say funny things, Dong Qiaoqiao could not help but cover her smiling lips as her face became even redder.

Dong Rende pointed the other 15-16 years old lad and said: “Qingshan, come and greet Lin Gongzi.”

Dong Qingshan curiously looked at Lin Wanrong, went up to him and saluted: “Hello, Lin Gongzi.”

Lin Wanrong smiled, pulled Dong Qingshan closer and said: “Uncle Dong, is this your son?”

Dong Rende smiled and said: “Exactly.
But this kid likes to goof around and stirs up trouble.”

Lin Wanrong carefully looked at Dong Qingshan.
Although he was only around 15-16 years old, her eyes were flexible, and with valiant expression; he also did not feel timid when faced with strangers, and his body also has several blue and purple bruises, which seemed to be the result of fighting with other people.
But the kid looked nonchalant as if he did not take it to heart.

Lin Wanrong has a very good favorable impression toward this lad.
He then said with a smile: “Younger brother Dong, do you study?”

Dong Qingshan shook his head: “I study at a private school for two years, but was expelled by the teacher.”

Dong Rende angrily said from the side: “Who told you to fight with Zhang Gongzi?”

Dong Qingshan retorted: “That’s because he bullied other people.
I can’t tolerate that so of course, I have to deal with him.
If he dares to do that kind of thing again, I will not miss my fist anymore.”

Seeing Dong Rende’s beard started to curl upward because of anger, Dong Qiaoqiao hurriedly urged: “Dad, those are things in the past, you can’t blame brother again.”

Dong Rende seemed to listen to his daughter; He glared at Dong Qingshan but did not scold him.

Lin Wanrong secretly felt funny.
He said to Dong Qingshan: “Qingshan, if you want to fight look for me first, I will teach you something so that others won’t bully you.”

“Really?” Seeing someone talked to him like this for the first time, moreover, that someone looked like aGongzi, Dong Qingshan’s happiness was naturally indescribable.

Dong Rende and Dong Qiaoqiao looked at Lin Wanrong.
Dong Rende naturally did not know what Lin Wanrong’s words mean.
While Dong Qiaoqiao, although there was a trace of blame in her eyes, coupled with her blushing face, it actually gave off an entirely different look.

Lin Wanrong said to Dong family’s father and daughter: “You guys try to guard Qingshan, and not letting him fight on the streets, but perhaps it doesn’t have any effect on him, am I right?”

Dong Qiaoqiao looked at her younger brother’s several bruises and her eyes flashed a bit of distress.
She then cast Lin Wanrong a glance and gently nodded.

Lin Wanrong then said: “Rather than stopping him, making him blindly fight on the street, causing trouble outside.
It would be better to tell Qingshan, what he should and should not do, how to make him take the lowest possible loss so that his loved ones would not get hurt.”

Dong Qingshan with a joyful expression said: “Yes, yes, I hope so, Elder brother Lin, please teach me.”

This Dong Qingshan was a clever man, in the blink of an eye, he stopped calling him Lin Gongzi, and directly called Elder brother Lin.

Dong Rende cannot understand the meaning of his words, but Dong Qiaoqiao revealed a trace of thoughtful look, seemingly somewhat understand.

Lin Wanrong nodded to Dong Rende and said: “Uncle Dong, rest assured, later on, in fights, Qingshan will beat more and get beaten less.”

Dong Qiaoqiao gave Lin Wanrong a look and said: “I am afraid, although he will get beaten less, the scale will get bigger and bigger.”

“Miss Qiaoqiao is really smart.” Lin Wanrong said with a smile while his face showed a flash of surprise.This little girl Dong Qiaoqiao is actually quite smart, she can correctly guess a part my ideas.

A touch of bright red flashed through Dong Qiaoqiao’s face and she hurriedly said in a soft voice:” LinGongzi is flattering me.
I only hope Lin Gongzi can teach Qingshan well, and not setting a bad example for him.”

Hahaha, this girl is interesting. She was obviously trying to warn Lin Wanrong not to be a bad influence on Dong Qingshan, but she said it in a very tactful way so that Lin Wanrong could not help but laugh.

“Certainly, certainly.” Lin Wanrong gave a knowing look to Dong Qiaoqiao by winking at her.

Dong Qiaoqiao’s blushed went straight to her ears; She knew that the intention behind her words was completely captured by Lin Wanrong, making her feel her cleverness can’t hold a candle in front of him.

Lin Wanrong came here not to tease the young girl so he no longer spoke to her.
He asked old Dong for a piece of paper and carefully cut it into four pieces: “Uncle Dong, could you find someone with beautiful writings and dictate them to write the situation or characteristic of the Eldest Miss Xiao in detail? Anything you can think of, big or small, and the more detail the description the better it is, and preferably divided into different segments.
For example, the things that the Eldest Miss Xiao likes to eat, you can write those in a separate segment, dedicated to that topic, which called Eldest Miss Xiao’s food.
The type of clothes that Eldest Miss Xiao likes is another topic, which can be called Eldest Miss Xiao’s Aesthetic Standard, and so on.
If these four pieces of paper are not enough, you can add more but with the same size as these, and then find a capable person to bind these all into a book.”

Dong Rende was puzzled: “Lin Gongzi, why do we need to look for someone outside? Someone with beautiful writing and capable is already here.
My daughter can do all of that.”

Oh? Lin Wanrong strangely looked at Dong Qiaoqiao at a glance, Never thought this girl actually has these skills.

Dong Qiaoqiao blushed  a bit, although she did not know what her father and Lin Wanrong planned to do, she gave no objection.

“I have an idea about the Eldest Miss Xiao.” Lin Wanrong said with a smile.
These words of his were remarkable.

Dong Qiaoqiao’s blushed while secretly thought, How could this man be so frivolous and easily said these kinds of words?

Dong Qingshan was actually a frank and straightforward person: “Elder brother Lin, do you want to make a move on the Eldest Miss Xiao? That’s great! If you conquer her, can you bring her here so that I can see what she looks like?”

Old Dong has seen the method of Qin Chao and knew that he has other plots, but this kid surnamed Lin was hard to see through, perhaps he really did have an idea toward the Eldest Miss Xiao.

Lin Wanrong cheerfully laughed: “Qingshan, what were you thinking? I have never met this girl, how could I possibly want to hit her? You look down on your Elder brother Lin too much.”

The old man Wei used a shady trick on him, compelling him to be a servant in the Xiao Family.
Therefore, he has not had much goodwill toward this Xiao Family.
Before he went to serve that group of Misses and Mrs, he first wanted to make a fortune based on the Eldest Miss Xiao so that he can comfort his injured soul.

Dong Qiaoqiao snorted a laugh and briefly gave him a glance, This Lin Gongzi is quite different than those talented scholars, he seems more thick-skinned than them.

Hearing that Dong Qiaoqiao was able to do that, Lin Wanrong said in his heart, That’s good, better to use our own people. Lin Wanrong then directed Dong Rende to leave a blank space on top of each piece of paper; The blank space’s size can differ and no need to write anything on it.

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