Chapter 12 An Idea About The Eldest Miss Xiao (Part 1)


“Talented scholars also want to sign up?” Lin Wanrong knitted his brows.

These days, the two words ‘talented scholar’ was a popular title.
Any fellow who has the title talented scholar, regardless of skills, was very arrogant.
Learning the ethics from reading the Analects of Confucius, talking about poetry in the beautiful scenery of Qinhuai district, those talented scholars pursued such lives.
Even if they were given a monthly salary of a hundred taels of silver, they will not lower their faces to work as a servant.
But what happened today? Did those guys go crazy? How could they be so eager to be a little servant in the Xiao family?

That uncle was clearly a natural ‘paparazzi,’ he pulled Lin Wanrong and looked left and right before cautiously leaned in his ear: “Little brother, this is insider’s thing so you know nothing of it.
I heard that the Eldest Miss Xiao is already twenty years old and will soon look for a husband.
Those talented scholars may be attracted to this.
You think, after the death of the the Xiao family head, their family is unstable, asides from Mrs. Xiao and her two daughters, they no longer have a male descendant….The various Xiaofamily businesses have to rely on the young eldest Miss Xiao’s care.
Whoever married the eldest MissXiao, wouldn’t all the Xiao family businesses and properties be his?”

Lin Wanrong suddenly exhaled a long ‘Oh, so that’s why.’ This eldest Miss Xiao is young, beautiful, and rich, just like the fragrant nectar of a flower.
Those talented scholars, with various skills, will naturally gather around like bees.
This was not a surprise, just like the green flies looking for rotten eggs, these were all a natural pair.

Lin Wanrong has seen in the TV dramas and Novels that there were many of those so-called beautiful young ladies from a wealthy family who were supposed to be as pretty as flowers; to be honest, Lin Wanrong could hardly believe all of that.
Beautiful women belong to the scarce commodity, how could they be a dime a dozen like in the novel? Those were just a pile of fantasies from the author’s erotic dream, nothing more.

“Uncle, can you tell me what does this eldest Miss Xiao look like?” Lin Wanrong quietly asked.

“This—-actually, no one ever seen her.” The uncle hesitantly replied: “After the death of Mr. Xiao, this eldest Miss Xiao has been in charge of the Xiao family industries, but she took a low profile, never show up easily.
Therefore, few people have ever seen her look.
However, if we look at Mrs. Xiao’s appearance, this eldest Miss Xiao’s appearance is definitely not bad.”

Uncle’s eyes emitted lights that were known to men, making Lin Wanrong smiled. It seems like this Mrs.
Xiao is very beautiful.
According to this uncle, those talented scholars never saw this eldest Miss Xiao.
Lin Wanrong rolled his eyes and an idea came into his mind.
Although old man Wei compelled him to become a servant, he was unwilling to suffer a loss. If I can use this Xiao Family to make a fortune, it will cover my grievances.

Lin Wanrong cast uncle a glance and showed a “genuine” smile on his face: “Uncle, although you are very diligent, your method of doing business is inefficient.”

Uncle immediately said with a surprise expression: “Please little brother, tell me your guidance.”

Lin Wanrong nodded his head, checked his surrounding, and then pulled a similarly dressed young man toward him: “Xiongtai, I have a copy of the Xiao family servant selection test’s guidance, just now because I was in a hurry, I bought one too many, now its lowest price is four copper coins. Xiongtai, you also know that this stuff is very popular today, I just bought this for five copper coins from this old man.”

That young man rolled his eyes and “astutely” said: “You’re trying to sell me your second-hand good, I will buy it if it’s three copper coins.”

Lin Wanrong revealed an “awkward” look, finally sighed and said: “So be it, just consider this as my loss,Xiongtai, we have a deal!”

Lin Wanrong smiled and gave the “astute” young man the copy of the guidance, while simultaneously received three copper coins from this “astute” young man’s hand.

That uncle watched this scene from the side with a twinkle in his eyes.
With a simple trick, Lin Wanrong, in a flash, has earned a profit of one copper coin.

“Uncle, do you understand now?” Lin Wanrong walked back to him and smiled.

“Gongzi is wise!” Uncle’s face was filled with admiration as he said with utter reverence.

“This is called Marketing Strategy, using the cost dilution to earn a profit.” Regardless of whether the uncle understands it, Lin Wanrong chose a relatively simple theory to say to him.

In the company, Lin Wanrong was  responsible for the Marketing Division as  Manager and in charge of several dozens of people, so this simple theory was naturally at his fingertips.

Uncle carefully thought for a moment, nodded and said: “I understand, Gongzi.”

Toward this ‘in the business world’ old man, perhaps due to the peer reason, Lin Wanrong felt they hit if off very well: “Uncle, may I ask your name?”

“Of course, this small old’s surname is Dong, Dong Rende.” Uncle respectfully said to Lin Wanrong.
He did not underestimate Lin Wanrong because of his shabby outfit.

Shoot! Dong Rende, this name is too common.

“So it’s uncle Dong.
Hello, my name is Lin Wanrong.” Lin Wanrong smilingly nodded.

“So it’s Lin Gongzi, this small old failed to recognize the Mount Tai.” Dong Rende cupped his fist and hurriedly said.

Lin Wanrong smiled and returned the courtesy: “You are too kind.
Uncle Dong, just now I suddenly had an idea and want to cooperate with you to do a business.”

“A business partnership? This, this, this small old does not have much capital.” Dong Rende whispered softly.

Lin Wanrong’s mind was clear; Because they had just met and he already so eager to do business with him, it naturally arose uncle Dong’s suspicions.

In fact, if he put himself in uncle Dong’s shoes and someone told him such a cheeky idea, he would naturally suspect that person is trying to cheat him.
On the other hand, looking at Dong Rende’s outfit, his family was certainly not well off.

Lin Wanrong nodded his head: “Uncle Dong, rest assured, in our business venture, I will cover all the cost, you just need to help me out a little.
When the time comes, we will split the profit fifty-fifty.”

Uncle Dong cast Lin Wanrong a doubtful glance.
This was natural because, with Lin Wanrong’s appearance, he was so unlike a rich person trying to do a business.

Seeing his eyes, Lin Wanrong understood his thoughts, so he nodded and said to him: “Uncle Dong, everyday on the street you did this ‘busily entertaining the guests’ thing, so I believe your vision is unlikely to be inferior.
The so called ‘you can’t judge a person by appearance, just as you can’t measure the sea with a pint pot.’ If your gaze is the same as other people, how can you make a big business?”

Uncle Dong hesitated so Lin Wanrong ‘strike while the iron is hot:’ “Heaven is fair, he gave everyone a chance, but some people have the vision to take a step toward a brighter future, and some people hesitate so they lose the opportunity.”

Uncle Dong thought about Lin Wanrong’s previous ‘Marketing Strategy’ and how he acted on it, as well as the result; It was indeed marvelous.
He finally made up his mind and nodded to Lin Wanrong: “Very well, Lin Gongzi, you convinced me.
So, what is the plan?”

Lin Wanrong nodded his head: “Uncle Dong, first of all, I would like to confirm that few people have ever seen this eldest Miss Xiao’s appearance?”

Uncle Dong nodded his head: “Yes, my daughter often went to Xiao House to deliver clothes for Miss and Mrs. Xiao.
She said that even Mrs. Xiao rarely see the eldest Miss Xiao’s face.”

“Oh, your daughter?” Lin Wanrong said with a smile: “So she actually regularly come in contact with the Ladies of the Xiao family; my respect.”

Uncle Dong proudly said: “My daughter Qiaoqiao is well-known for her capability, attractive and intelligent, all the ladies of the Xiao family is fond of her.” One can see that this girl was indeed the baby daughter of old Dong.
When he talked about her, old Dong’s face shone.

Lin Wanrong then told old Dong about his idea.
They needed to find a quiet place so he looked at Lin Wanrong and then said: “If Gongzi does not mind this small old’s poor house, you are welcome to come to my house.”

This old Dong was an honest man; since he has made up his mind to do this endeavor, he did not suspect Lin Wanrong nor he felt uneasy.
He truly has some mettle.
It seemed like Lin Wanrong’s vision was good.

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