Chapter 10 Empowerment? (Part 1)


That being the case, Lin Wanrong was not going to be polite with him and took that pictures inside his bag.

“Although this method is superior to the pickup art, if it’s improperly practiced, it will inevitably fail.
Remember to communicate the yin and yang, do not insult the people.” Uncle Wei added.

This stuff was designed for a kinky thief who wanted to train his pickup art.
Uncle Wei did not elaborate further, presumably because he did not personally test it, so it was understandable.

Lin Wanrong came to this world for about a month, and have not had the chance to look for a girl, so where could he find a woman to practice this method?

Seeing the dazed look of Lin Wanrong as he scratched his head, uncle Wei reluctantly shook his head: “Forget it, I’ll give you a hand.” (The meaning of ‘pickup art’ here is different than the modern one)

He gently put his palm on Lin Wanrong’s crown.
A surge of heat flew out from his palm and poured into Lin Wanrong’s body until all of his bones and limbs and all areas on his body felt comfortably warm.
It felt like—meat entering a microwave oven.

After an unknown amount of time, Uncle Wei slowly recovered his palm.
Sweat rolled down his forehead, his face was incomparably pale, and he looked like he has aged twenty years older.

Finally he appeared like an eighty years old, even putting a cucumber mask will probably not going to make his skin tight anymore, Lin Wanrong secretly thought.

Lin Wanrong moved his arms, feeling as if they were overflowing with force.
And his strength has increased multiple times.

After controlling his breath for a long time, Uncle Wei finally “opened” his eyes and said: “You have good bones, but because you are already over 18 years old, various parts of your body have been established.
I applied to you the great empowerment method, but the result is very poor.
I successfully gave 70 percent of my power to you, but you only absorbed less than 10 percent.”

He said while shaking his head, no one knew if he sighed because Lin Wanrong missed out a good opportunity, or if he lamented his loss of power.

70 % input, but only 10 % absorbed? This efficiency is too small. Lin Wanrong somewhat blushed with shame.

Honestly, Lin Wanrong was 21 years of age when he graduated from college, and then he fought through a medium-sized company for four years until he was promoted to become a manager, therefore, truly speaking, Lin Wanrong was not at a tender age of 18 years old like he previously said, but twenty-five years old.

But when he fell from Mount Tai, the distortion not only happened with the space but also with the time.
When he came to this world, Lin Wanrong’s body unexpectedly returned to his nineteen years old self.
Therefore, one can say that, right now, Lin Wanrong has the appearance of a nineteen years old but has the mind of a twenty-five years old.

Lin Wanrong naturally can not explain this thing to him.
Toward this selfless uncle Wei, in addition to grateful, he also felt gratitude.

Looking at his pale cheek, Lin Wanrong, for the first time, has a serious thought—Even if he is gay, uncle Wei is still my uncle Wei.

“Uncle Wei, thank you, I am already content with this progress of mine.” Lin Wanrong lightly said.
Originally, when Lin Wanrong was spatiotemporally warped, he did not expect to survive in this world.
But now, he has been given this huge gift, so what else he has to expect?

Uncle Wei raised his thumb up said to Lin Wanrong: “Able to receive and able to let go, that’s a real man, a good person.
Wanrong, don’t worry, although this great empowerment method has failed, I think, as long as you can study the method in that pictures, you will be able to succeed.”

Great empowerment method? This name sounds so awkward.

After the failure of the great empowerment method, this method gradually dispersed from Lin Wanrong’s mind.
But those pictures, which he temporarily regarded as Imperial Pictures, was very useful in promoting a couple’s intimacy in bed.
Thinking about this, Lin Wanrong chuckled in his mind, and his mood began to improve.

“Wanrong, ever since we met, what do you think about my treatment of you?” Lin Wanrong was still thinking about those pictures when he heard uncle Wei suddenly asked.

“What more could I say, uncle, you have saved my life, your favor amounts to being given a new lease on life.” Lin Wanrong replied without thinking.

A strange smile floated on uncle Wei’s face: “What if I want you to do me a favor, would you be willing to do it?”

Worried that he would bring up the ‘impersonating as someone else’s son’ matter, Lin Wanrong hastily said: “As long as not posing as someone else, and it is within my power, I will do my best.”

Uncle Wei nodded his head: “Then good.
Actually, this thing is very easy—I want you to go to the XiaoFamily, and be their servant.”

“Ser—vant—-?” Lin Wanrong almost bit his own tongue.

Lin Wanrong knew about this Xiao Family (Different character than the Xiao in Xiao QingXuan.
I will useXiao for Xiao Family to differentiate from Xiao QingXuan).
They are one of the richest and powerful families in Jinling.
Uncle Wei also worked under them as a senior servant.
Of course, Lin Wanrong knew that this was just one of the old man Wei’s secret identity.

This old man ask me to be a servant? Want me to serve other people? Lin Wanrong fiercely glared at this old man Wei.
If not for his boastful words that he said earlier, perhaps he would already rush forward and punch the old man Wei half to death.

Seeing the proud smile on the old man Wei’s face, Lin Wanrong knew that he has fallen into this old man Wei’s trap. This dead old man, if you want to be someone else’s lackey, that’s fine with me.
But why do you want to drag me down with you? You have a bad conscience!

Lin Wanrong imagined himself wearing blue clothes of a servant, with a small cap on his head and being bossed around by his owner.
He, who grew up unrestrained, because of this old man’s trick, must become someone else’s servant.
His heart was filled with regret, like the endless water of Yangtze river.

The old man Wei did not need to see his face to know about his facial expression.
He casually exclaimed: “Forget it, since your mind is unwilling, I won’t—”

“Wait—” Lin Wanrong interrupted him, knowing that the old man Wei intentionally guilt-tripped him. Who told you to be boastful earlier.
He had to bite the bullet: “Fine, I promise you.
I will go to the Xiao Family, and become a—ser—vant!”

“However,“ Lin Wanrong changed his tone: “There is a one year limit.
I will become Xiao Family servant for a year.
One year later, we do not owe each other anymore.”

“A year?” Uncle Wei nodded his head and said: “One year should be enough.
“Wanrong, when you enter the Xiao Household, I hope you to make a career, not only for the Xiao Family but also for yourself.”

Servant? Career? For Xiao Family? For myself? This old man is still trying to scam me, Lin Wanrong’s teeth were itch with hate, Making a career as a servant, only this old man can think of that.

Old man Wei apparently understood what was in Lin Wanrong’s mind.
His face floated out a trace of mysterious smile: “Remember, Heaven will only favor those who diligently help themselves.
This opportunity is only once, and everything is within your grasp.
Perhaps If you get it, you would not dare to imagine the past anymore.”

Lin Wanrong has an intuition, this old man Wei went around and around, but in the end, it seemed like he always brought him back to that original troublesome problem.
He wanted to ask again, but he saw the old man Wei already put his legs on the bed and started to control his breath, apparently unwilling to talk to him anymore.

Lin Wanrong had to swallow his question back into his stomach.
Today he was injured and exhausted.
After scolding this sinister old man in his heart for a while, he fell asleep.

A burst of familiar sound woke Lin Wanrong up.
He opened his eyes to look.
It was already dawn outside.
On the side, the old man Wei was packing his thing, preparing to depart.

To “see” him woke up, the old man Wei rose from the bed, stood in front of Lin Wanrong and loudly said: “All good things must come to an end, Wanrong, take a good care of yourself.”

Lin Wanrong hurriedly got up despite the pain in his shoulder, bent his knees on the ground, and respectfully gave uncle Wei three kowtows.

Uncle Wei quickly stopped him, and suddenly remembered something: “Yes, there is one thing I almost forget to tell you.
Wanrong, the Xiao Family servant selection contest will begin tomorrow.
I have already signed you up as a distant nephew of mine.
I gave you a nickname, Lin San (3rd).
Remember, if someone calls the name Lin San, it means, they are calling you.
Remember to be there on time.”

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