Chapter 9 “Three Non-Product” (Part 2)


Uncle Wei suddenly said: “Wanrong, the thing that I mentioned to you a few days ago, what do you think about it?”

“You mean, you want me to pretend to be someone else’s son?” Lin Wanrong was stunned for a moment, but he soon understood what uncle Wei meant.

A few days ago, uncle Wei brought this thing to him.
The general idea was, he wanted Lin Wanrong to pretend to be the son of a wealthy family.
At that time, Lin Wanrong flatly refused him.
But today, he brought up that old matter again, which confused Lin Wanrong.

Uncle Wei apparently assumed that Lin Wanrong hesitated, so he hastily added: “Wanrong, this is not an ordinary wealthy and powerful family, this family’s power and influence  is much more greater than you can imagine.
If you really come to that step, you will understand what I mean.”

“Much more greater than I can imagine? Is he the Emperor?” Lin Wanrong laughed coldly.

Uncle Wei “swept” Lin Wanrong at a glance with his empty eye socket and, to Lin Wanrong, incomprehensible facial expression.

“To pose as someone else’s son, do you think everyone won’t see through it? Don’t treat other people as fools.” Lin Wanrong advised uncle Wei, wanting him to kill that idea as soon as possible.

“You are right, no one is fool enough to not recognize that.
I can tell you this, this master does not and will not have a son, and he is well aware of this.
But he must look for a son.” Uncle Wei said.

“Oh?” What does this mean? He knew the other is not his own son, but they must pretend to be flesh and blood? This is interesting.

Lin Wanrong could not help but be nosey: “Why is that? Is there really a person who wants to be taken advantage like that?”

Uncle Wei threw a meaningful glance toward Lin Wanrong and said: “The world is huge, and there are things that simply can’t be achieved in accordance with one’s wishes, don’t you think? Even the Emperor–relatives (idiom: persons with powerful connections) will have their own untold difficulties, not to mention the civilian population.”

“Then why do you want to pick me?” Lin Wanrong said with a smile.
He increasingly found that he had the potential to work in a gossipy tabloid.

“Because you are bold but cautious, with unique insights, and thick-skinned.
And —” Uncle Wei mysteriously “looked” at Lin Wanrong and chuckled: “And you are shameless enough!”

God! I, your father withdraw that question! This old man Wei completely tricked me! Although Lin Wanrong was angry, he can only helplessly shake his head and wryly smiled, God is playing a joke on me,being shameless is not my fault.

Lin Wanrong was too lazy to continue to gossip, so he said with a stern voice: “Of all virtues, filial piety is the most important.
When the child is born, the blood relationship is formed, and nothing can change that.
If Lin Wanrong recognize other people as parents, where would I put my birth parents? This behavior is no different than animals.”

Uncle Wei pondered for a moment, nodded his head, and then said: “Although you rarely show it, you actually have a lofty character.
So be it, let us not talk about it for the time being.
Wanrong, tomorrow, I have to go.
Today we can be together, but I don’t know when we can meet again in the future.”

“What?” Lin Wanrong was surprised.
Uncle Wei was the first person that he knew in this world.
One can even say that he was Lin Wanrong’s only family.
How could he suddenly wanted to go away?

If you go, how can I eat and drink? Lin Wanrong pettily thought.

Uncle Wei said with a smile: “I am almost 80 years this year.
After stopping in this Jinling City for ten years, I think it is time for me to move on.”

Uncle Wei is almost 80 years old? How come he doesn’t look like one? Did this old man really take a good care of himself?

“Uncle Wei, where do you want to go?” After being together with this old man for such a long time, Lin Wanrong can’t bear to part with him.
Although in the past month, on behalf of his disability, he required Lin Wanrong to cook and wash for him.
But undeniably, Lin Wanrong has some affection for him.
Just imagine, from among the whole people in this world, he only knew one person.
If that person went away, what kind of tragic scene would it look?

Uncle Wei did not answer Lin Wanrong’s question, just slightly chuckled: “Maybe I need to go to my hometown first.
After all, I am already old, and one must go home when the nightfall is about to come.”

He meaningfully “looked” at Lin Wanrong at a glance and said: “Wanrong, human affairs can be unpredictable, just like white clouds change into gray dogs (from a poem), perhaps when we meet again, you are going to kill me.” Although uncle Wei was smiling, his face has a trace of desolate look that was hard to conceal.

Lin Wanrong naturally thought that the old man was delirious and ignored what he said.

“Uncle Wei, where is your hometown? Do you still have loved ones? Are your descendants live in your hometown?” This past month, uncle Wei rarely talked about his family.
Besides knowing that he was a senior servant in the wealthy Xiao household in Jinling City, Lin Wanrong knew nothing about him.

“Descendants?” A wry smile emerged on uncle Wei’s face as he looked at Lin Wanrong and said: “Wanrong, maybe later you will understand about my background.
Now we don’t need to talk about this.
Since we are an acquaintance, I will give you a small gift.”

He furtively pulled out several old thin papers, which were filled with small colored pictures, from his bosom and handed them to Lin Wanrong.

Lin Wanrong took them and casually flipped through a few of the pages and saw that those papers depicted a variety of male and female intercourse pictures: Dragon fight, Tiger jump, Leopard pounce, Cicada attach, and various other positions.
There were hundreds of different kinds of position; they really have everything.
Moreover, the characters looked real, the action was clear, and the man and woman’s facial expression when they were having orgasms, were very vivid and colorful.

Lin Wanrong’s eyes suddenly lit up, This is better than those Playboy, FHM, dragon-tiger-leopard, and so on.

He had seen Japanese AV, European, as well as American films, and he also had practiced innumerable times with his previous girlfriends.
He thought that he had seen and mastered them all, from the ancient styles to the modern version.
But when he saw what was inside the papers, he knew that he was really like a frog in a well.
This era’s people have truly broadened his horizon; their research was so thorough.
Compared to those assiduous people who made these pictures, he, as a younger generation, was ashamed.

Uncle Wei “looked” at Lin Wanrong, and said with a smile: “What do you think, have you seen those pictures?”

After thumbing through several pages and carefully examined those styles to review what he previously lacked, Lin Wanrong’s mouth strangely smiled: “Hehe, uncle Wei, if you have other good stuff like this, why don’t you take it out and let me see it.
By the way, do you have the illustrated version of “The Golden Lotus,” “Jade Praying Mat,” and “The Lampwick Monk?” [The Golden Lotus = The Plum in the Golden Vase; Jade Praying Mat = Sex and Zen; The Lampwick Monk = Erotic Ghost Story]

“What “Golden Lotus,” “Jade Praying Mat,” and “The Lampwick Monk?”” Uncle Wei asked with a strange expression.

Lin Wanrong then remembered that those things did not exist in this world, and inevitably felt somewhat sorry for uncle Wei.
He laughed a hollow laugh twice but did not answer his question.

Although uncle Wei did not understand what were those, “seeing” Lin Wanrong’s dirty look, he was able to make a pretty close guess.

He “glanced” at Lin Wanrong and made several hollow laughs.
His face revealed a strange and complicated emotion.
After a while, he said: “Alas, being a man is really good.”

No way! Lin Wanrong could not help but gasp, Is this eighty-year-old Wei gay?

This idea suddenly made Lin Wanrong sweat, although in Lin Wanrong’s era everyone was open minded, if he really lived for a month in a house with an old gay as a roommate, what would everyone think about him?

Uncle Wei sighed, and slowly said: “Don’t let your eyes be deceived by these obscene styles, try to carefully look at the red lines in those people.”

Hearing uncle Wei’s words, Lin Wanrong who was looking at those pictures then noticed the fine red line on the person’s body, which seemed to be the artery. Is this the legendary Kung Fu diagram?

“These papers are the things that I stumbled upon in a remote corner of the Imperial Library years ago when my eyes can still see.
I didn’t know who made it, I didn’t know if it has any use, and I didn’t know anyone who can verify it.
But because I somewhat desired it, I kept it to myself, until now.” Uncle Wei simply said.

Shoot! This turn out to be a three non-product (unbranded and dateless product by a nameless factory.
In other words, fake), no wonder he is so generous. Lin Wanrong smiled and then wanted to ask: why you, this old man, did not try it for yourself.

Uncle Wei, seemingly able to see through his mind, paused and then said: “I—due to personal health reasons, I cannot practice it.
But I believe, nobody is more suitable to learn this method other than you.”

My God! Is he praising me or just being sarcastic?

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