Chapter 1 Gongzi, Gongzi (Part 1)

This chapter is edited by Amaranth

The Autumn wind was amiable, and the shadows of the trees were slim.
The broad Xuanwu Lake’s surface was like a gigantic and smooth mirror.
Under the bright sunset afterglow, it was glittering with a golden radiance.

On the spacious surface of the glittering lake, pleasure boats traveled back and forth as constant peals of laughter were coming from boats? One did not know from which family the young ladies on boards came from, but the scene was very lively.

Countless scholar-officials apprehensively stood on the bow, their eyes longingly looking towards the rich young ladies who were riding the flower boats, which made them look like wolves.
As the flower boats came closer to them, their expressions  immediately changed drastically as they started to put an air of upright, noble with a virtuous appearance.
Their eyes were  looking straight ahead, hands gently rocking the folding fan as they recited poems and proses, showing off their distinguished and outstanding talents to the utmost.

Several curtains immediately covered the windows on the boats which were floating on the lake.
The rich young ladies who were hiding behind the curtains secretly sized up distinguished and accomplished gifted scholars as they come and go, trying to pick a favorite.

Standing on the edge of the Xuanwu Lake, if one had to choose two words to describe Lin Wanrong’s current mood, it would be – bad luck, really his damn mother’s bad luck.

Even though he arrived this place about a month ago, the bad luck still followed him.
Perhaps the bad luck started to follow him since when he decided to participate in the Company’s tourist group to tour the Mount Tai.
Especially when he saw that chick’s name on the tour list, he had a restless feeling.

And the fact also proved that his guess was correct.

After fiercely spitting toward the lake,Lin Wanrong’s mood became a bit better as a carefree feeling arose spontaneously. This act of spitting out saliva is truly invigorating, I haven’t had so much joy in quite a while, his damn mother, this era should not have an elderly lady with an armband who will eagerly come to penalize me with 50 bucks, right?

Lin Wanrong looked at his reflection on the clear water surface: Eyebrows which curved like blades, a nose hanging like a lamp and an amiable smile.
If he was also dressed in an official attire, perhaps he would put all those silly talented scholars, who were blindly reciting broken poetry on the lake, to shame.

Unfortunately, he was dressed in a dark blue cloth gown and a pair of worn out shoes with holes in front.
Compared to those talented scholar’s clothing Lin Wanrong’s clothing looked quite poor.
Coupled with the fact that he wasn’t wearing a silk cloth over his head like other pedestrians because his hair was short made him look out of place in this environment.

As soon as the young girls on the roadside sized up Lin Wanrong’s dress they simply skipped his face and directly passed him.
Their eyes immediately reached towards the people shivering from the cold caused by the howling of cold wind on the bow of boats on the lake, those so-called talented scholars.

Suddenly, the beautiful women on the roadside squeezed themselves towards the lakeside like crazy, constantly gazing towards a certain location.
These crowd of young women started to yell with sweet sounding voices.

“Wow, look, look, it’s Jinling number one talented scholar Hou Yuebai, Hou gongzi!”

“Wow, so handsome…”

“Wow, so passionate…”

“Ai, which young lady would have this good fortune…”

Lin Wanrong looked towards the direction those young women were gazing.

He saw three gorgeous boats floating downstream on the lake, each boat had two floors, with the height was approximately six or seven meters.
The lanterns hung high on the upturned eaves of the pavilions; Their appearance could be called imposing.

Banners fluttered on top of those three gorgeous boats, on both left and right side of each boat there was a huge wall where scrolls were hanging from top to bottom.

On the right “Spring wind caresses my mind,” was written and on the left “Being admired by the ruler.”

A young gongzi was standing on the bow of the boat which was in the middle like a piece of jade adorning the surface of a hat.
He was lightly stroking a fan with a smiling face while his long gown fluttered in the breeze.
All of which showed his outstanding talent, and dashing taste.

Across the three gorgeous boats, there was a bigger and finer boat than Hou gongzi’s three gorgeous boats.
It’s upturned eaves pavilion gave off an indescribable style.
Unfortunately, all the curtains on that boat was closed, making one unable to see the appearance of the people inside.
 There was a large bronze word “Luo” written on the huge lantern which was fluttering in the wind on the bow of the ship.”

“It’s Miss Luo, the number one beauty and most talented woman in Jinling City, Luo xiaojie.” A woman standing next to Lin Wanrong shouted, her face showed an excited look; clearly she was a fan of this Miss Luo.

What kind of thing is this most talented in Jinling City? Lin Wanrong completely did not care about what Jinling talent was.
Lin Wanrong somehow felt disdain towards this J

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