Chapter 6: 


May you not be able to lift it up on your wedding night!

The little paths in the village were sprinkled with happy letters made of red paper cutouts, the village was buzzing with activity, and there were little children climbing up the trees and looking off into the distance.


“The horse carriage, the carriage is here!”


“The bridegroom has picked up his bride!”


Someone in the crowd shouted, followed by a crackling of firecrackers.


Li Haitang suddenly realized what had happened that no wonder Old Madame Li had just said something about good day (wedding day), it turned out to be a happy event in the village, and the main character, the bridegroom, was Sun Xing, the son of Sun’s widow, who to make a pledge to be married to the original body without parents’ approval.


“Ai yo, the Sun widow’s son is very successful, he is marrying the boss’s daughter, and I heard that he has a maid as a dowry, so the widow’s life will be better now that she has someone to help her with her work!”


The people in the village were all talking about it, as every family was barely able to fill their stomachs, and they had never heard of a wife marrying in accompanied by a dowry maid.
Old Sun’s family was the first of its kind.


“What do you know? The maid who accompanies the bride ends up in bed, now, Sun Xing is having a good time and licentious, the happy fate of the man from Qi (who had a wife and a concubine)ah!”


Another thin, soyabean-eyed, lecherous villager squinted his eyebrows and sent a “you know what I mean” look to the crowd.


The villagers, who were not modest, laughed at his words, and some of them even said that they would go to the corners of the wall and listen to the wedding night.


“Tsk,tsk, you’ve never seen the world.
Do you think having a maid to serve you is great? This family is not right, since it’s not certain yet who will serve whom!”


Liu, the eldest uncle’s mother, just couldn’t see the widow Sun ahead than her, muttering in a low voice, turning to Li Haitang and saying, “When you marry Officer Qin, all the Qin family’s servants will have to be at your beck and call, there will be five or six maids, and I heard there is a special embroiderer to do the needlework.”


In the middle of the conversation, the horse carriage arrived, headed by a black stallion with shiny mane and four hooves treading on snow.
Sun Xing was sitting on the back of the fine horse with a strong spirit, greeting the village onlookers from time to time.


When he saw Li Haitang, Sun Xing froze for a moment, a little fluctuation in the depths of his eyes, then returned to calm, pretending not to see, and swept past her in a cool manner, the tall horse even sneezed not at the right time …


Li Haitang’s face was sprayed with water, she took out a handkerchief to wipe her face, toward the back of Sun Xing, fiercely raised his middle finger.
It’s enough that this person is bullying people, even if in such a way. 


Look at Sun Xing again, waving his hands on both sides to indicate that he really thinks he is a leader inspecting, just like the ancient time Zhuang Yuan (number One Scholar: title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination) parading the streets in the TV drama series.


“Sun Xing, I hope you be impotence on your wedding night!”


Li Haitang thought about it, and finally, all relying on herself, from the depths of her heart, she let out a cry.


Liu was eating melon seeds and watching the fun.
When she heard Li Haitang’s words, she choked on her own saliva as she covered her mouth to cough, “Cough, cough, cough, Haitang, what did you say?”


‘May you be impotence on your wedding night’, no more vicious curse could be imagined than to be infertile on a wedding night! After Liu listened to her, Liu was thrilled to hear this.
For the first time, she found her honest niece agreeable.
She pulled Li Haitang with her, forgetting her mother-in-law’s advice, and said, “Go, go, go, let’s go and have a look at the widow Sun’s house!”


Although the Sun widow was not a very great person, in the village, people crossed paths regularly, so we did not want to cause too much trouble or make fuss with each other.
When the Sun widow’s family had a happy event, people in the village would go there to congratulate them, and it did not take much such as a dozen eggs, two catties of fine noodles, or twelve copper plates, and you could eat the feast menu. 


Even if they could not afford to buy pork, they would kill a chicken and slaughter a duck, or catch a few small fish and shrimps in the river to make a plate of dishes.



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