Farming Happiness: Husband, Come and Plough the Fields

Author : 四叶莲

Chapter 2: Haitang was sold. 

Married to an old man with entirely nor the future, it would be better to end it as soon as possible, so that at least she can leave herself a clean state.


“What are you doing up in the middle of the night?”


The original body was unsuccessful in committing suicide and was kept in custody.  Whether day or night, no one was allowed to be around.
Today, it was the turn of her eldest aunt and uncle Liu to keep watch.


“I am thinking of Jin Hu.”


Li Haitang’s voice was hoarse after her throat had been injured and she had been given some bitter medicinal soup,which made her voice even more depressing at night.
She felt that since she had transmigrated over, representing living in place of the original body, her little brother Li Jin Hu was the closest person to her. 


“Why are you thinking about that guy? If you become the magistrate’s wife, he will be the magistrate’s brother-in-law.
By having money you can do whatever you want, right? Send him to the school, a scholar is the most valuable.
Maybe our Li family will be able to see smoke in their ancestral graves in the future!”


Liu, the eldest uncle’s mother-in-law, was afraid that Li Haitang would be depressed and would seek death again,so she did not dare to sleep at night, as her mother-in-law, Mrs.
old Li, had said that if anything went wrong and the money was lost, she would be the sinner of the Li family.


‘Smoke from the ancestral grave?’ Li Haitang rolls her eyes.The smoke is probably from the ancestors’ anger!


Liu is indeed eloquent and painstaking in her persuasion.
To take Li Jin Hu’s case is to seize on the original body’s weakness of heart and play the emotion card.


“Eldest Auntie, I dreamt of my mother.
My mother told me to take good care of my little brother.
This is the only child of our second family, we can’t let my father break the lineage.”


Li Haitang’s voice was full of despondency

She sucked in her nose and choked up, saying, “It doesn’t matter what happens to me, it’s fine if I marry Mr.
It’s Jin Hu…”


The old lady of the Li family had three sons in total, Li Haitang’s father Li Dahe was the second in line, she also had her eldest uncle Li Dajiang and her third uncle Li Dahai.
Her mother was frail and sickly, her mind was heavy, when she was six years old.
It was only with great difficulty that she gave birth to Li Jin Hu, otherwise the family would have become an extinct family.


As the eldest sister, it is always right to care for your own little brother, and it was this that the Li family extremists seized upon, finding an excuse to trick Li Jin Hu into hiding in relatives’ homes. 


The family thought they had Li Haitang under control but the original suddenly wanted to commit suicide.


According to Li Haitang’s analysis, the original body was only scaring the Li family and she only wanted to see her little brother so she did not really want to die, otherwise, she would not have found daylight to hang herself, who expected the fake death to become a real death.”


“You girl, ah, why do you think so hard?”


Seeing that Li Haitang was a bit regretful, Liu sat up from the bed, lit the oil lamp and poured herself a glass of water.
A moment later, she wiped the water stain from the side of her mouth with her hand and sighed, “Counselor Qin, though old, old age has its advantages.If you marry him and seize the opportunity to have a baby boy.
When he’s old enough, you’ll have the family property, and you’ll be able to do whatever you want!”


Liu poured out her heart and soul, unable to stop herself from persuading, “It’s a good deal in any case! If you marry someone, your family can also get a fortune, Jin Hu also has money to study, and your elder cousin brother can also marry a wife!”


Li Haitang rolled her eyes and almost cursed fuck, because she was sacrificing herself to make millions so her families could be happy! Liu, the eldest aunt, is so clever, she talks better than she sings! Why didn’t her daughter get married there? Your big elder cousin is a year older than her and has a bigger ass!


Qin was already half-dead and entered the ground.
If he didn’t get a coffin board quickly, he would then waste a maiden.
Li Haitang felt that if she wanted to cook and kill the old calamity, it was impossible now.


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