FH Chapter 10: 绝版秘籍

Out of Print Rare, Secret & Valuable Book

Liu lifted her chin, looking as if she was proud of it.
The same kind of compliments had been given to Li Haitang since she was a few years old.
Liu’s ears were getting calloused as she dragged Li Haitang into one of the rooms into the other side of the room.


“Auntie Xu, I’m not going to lie to you, but my niece looks younger than her age and her mother died young but she’s getting married yet she doesn’t know anything about people or human affairs.
I’ve been pondering about it yet I can’t think of anyone reliable.”


The ornaments in the chambers are dazzling sight to the eye, none of it is valuable, but to the uninitiated village people, the room is a breath of fresh air for the uninitiated.


Li Haitang had just sat down and heard what Liu said, as if sitting on pins and needles, blushing, as a doctor, she knew all about between men and women, except that before transmigrated over, she still had no experience with this.


“This is something I have neglected to do.”


Granny Xu winked and smiled ambiguously, the snow-white powder she had rubbed on her face had sharp furrows in the folds that filled her face, she opened the box with the large lock she had on her and took out two small pamphlets from inside.


“Drink tea, Haitang ah, drink tea, don’t be formal, you’ll be a Counselor’s wife from now on, you can’t be small-minded (petty-minded).”


Xu Granny suddenly turned around as suddenly as a peal of thunder leaves no time to cover the ears or as sudden as a flash of lightning and wipe oil off Li Haitang’s face with a swift movement, touching the smooth skin, tender and watery, she laughed ‘he he’, “Women all have to go through the pain of the first night, of course if a man is too harsh and rush in the middle, it will hurt.”


Li Haitang did not dodge, she was as disgusted as if she had eaten a fly.
She watched her nose and eyes.
Her back straightened and she was on alert.
As soon as Granny Xu made a move, she was sure she would be able to dodge in time.


“That’s not how it is!”


Liu nodded her head in deep agreement, she had been a new bride too.
The night of the wedding was a mess which is hard to explain in a few words.
Her own man was not gentle and considerate, like a rash young man, making her walk a little awkward, it was not until she had a baby that she could figure out the ways of male and female intercourse (between a married couple). 


The night before the wedding, all the girls in the village are given an enlightenment, and since Li Haitang’s mother is no longer at home and there is no complete map of erotic pictures, Liu thinks of Granny Xu.


Her daughter, Qiu Ju, was a year or two older than Haitang, but she was fond of eating and averse to work or being gluttonous and lazy and had high standards but little ability even now, she has not settled on a marriage.


Now, with the sale of Li Haitang, the family’s situation is much better.
Qiu Ju’s marriage is almost ready to be settled.
The other family has a shop in town.
Liu thinks that she will learn from Mrs Xu’s experience.
She could learn a few things, go back to try it out with her man, then she could teach her daughter to be a good worker, so she could kill two birds with one stone.


“Wife, I remember that Haitang is literate, right?”


Granny Xu opened the booklet and Li Haitang only had time to see the three big words on it, “The Book of Exploring the Mysteries”.


“It doesn’t matter if you can’t read it, it doesn’t come with its own illustrations, oops, really…”


Liu wanted to take it home and ponder over it, but was stopped by Granny Xu’s hand, “You can’t take this away with you, it’s an out-of-print book, a few dozen taels of silver!


“Dozens of taels?”


Liu’s hand shivered and quickly withdrew.
She couldn’t help but smack her lips, could it be that every piece of paper was made of silver?


They say that books are expensive.
One booklet is enough to last her a lifetime without eating or drinking.
If it gets damaged, she can’t afford to pay for it. 


“Hn, last time the sister in Yu Hong Courtyard wanted to buy it, she offered 50 taels of silver.”


Granny Xu curled her lips, she had no children for most of her life, so even if she ate and drank all day long, how much could she spend? She might as well save it for the bottom of the box and bring it to her coffin when the day comes.


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