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When the beautiful almond eyes of the front desk lady caught a glimpse of the card in Qi Xiaoyu’s hand, she froze for a moment and then frowned slightly.

The design of this card is definitely from the sewing studio, but she has never seen this type of membership card.

Like all other high-end studios that cater to rich people, their membership cards here are divided into regular, VIP, and premium levels, but this red and white-designed card doesn’t seem to belong to any level.

The receptionist looked at the two people opposite again.
Qi Xiaoyu was dressed neatly, and Yu Xiaosheng was dressed business-like.
However, based on the brand’s texture, they were all average and definitely not related to luxury goods.
She couldn’t grasp what the little star and his agent were really doing.
She had seen too many small-name celebrities come here trying to keep up appearances.

Last time, an 18th-tier starlet lied about being a brand ambassador in order to wear big-name clothes for free on a show.
He lied about being a brand ambassador, saying that he came here to rent clothes after contacting the brand.

Thinking of this, the receptionist looked even worse.
She didn’t even pretend to be polite and took the card from Qi Xiaoyu.
“Please wait a moment; I’ll check if this card is available.”

Qi Xiaoyu made a “please go ahead” gesture very gentlemanly.

Yu Xiaosheng looked at Qi Xiaoyu suspiciously and asked, “What the hell are you doing, kid? I don’t want to embarrass myself like this with you! Look at the way they judged people.
I won’t come to this kind of place even if I have money.”

Qi Xiaoyu shrugged and joked, “Actually, I don’t know what this card is for.”

“You…” Yu Xiaosheng glanced at Qi Xiaoyu with a look that said, “I really shouldn’t believe you,” and walked out.

“Then why are we still here at this sh*t place? Go, go, why don’t we go to the shooting place earlier?”

But before Yu Xiaosheng reached the door, seven or eight people had already walked towards them with joyful smiles on their faces.

The studio that had just been empty, like no one was there, all of a sudden came alive.

These few people were obviously not in the same rank as the receptionist just now, and all of them were decently dressed and looked experienced.

The ladies’ skirts are cut just right, revealing the slender legs; the men’s ties are low-key and elegant, complementing the color of the suit.

A man who looked like a manager stepped forward and bowed to Qi Xiaoyu, saying, “Hello, Mr.
We didn’t know you were here and have been neglecting you.
This is our most professional design and styling team; may I ask what you need?”

It’s no wonder that the manager misidentified him.
It’s because Xun Qian is as mysterious as Batman and basically doesn’t appear outside his home or office building.

The last time they saw this card was more than four years ago.
Xun Qian came to their studio to order a large number of clothes, left his size information, and left.

At that time, Xun Qian was personally received by the head and chief designer of their studio, and the others were not even qualified to watch.

Since then, Xun Qian has never appeared again.
The designer will go to his house once a year to deliver the clothes.

But this doesn’t stop them from being curious about Xun Qian.
After all, Xun Qian holds the unique top-level gold card here and can enjoy all the services within the legitimate range, making him their most esteemed guest.

The honor given by the Clothes Sewing Studio is natural because the Xun family is powerful enough.
For example, the high-standard office building in a prime location where they were staying was Xun Qian’s property.

For another example, the Xun family holds 60% of the stake in a luxury brand that they have cooperated with for a long time and are most proud of.

According to the rumors, Xun Qian is young and handsome; his skin is so white that it can reflect light; his waist is so thin that he only needs to wear an 87cm belt; and one look can seduce the soul.
He is so good-looking as if he were an immortal descending from the heavens.

When the manager saw Qi Xiaoyu, he felt that the young man’s face in front of him was worthy of the rumored beauty, although the clothes on his body didn’t look like those sent by their studio.

Qi Xiaoyu smiled slightly, without embarrassment, and said generously, “My surname is not Xun, but Qi.
This card belongs to my friend.”

Yu Xiaosheng turned his head and glanced at Qi Xiaoyu curiously.

“I’m sorry.” The manager nodded, but his respectful expression remained unchanged.
To get this card, he must have a close relationship with Xun Qian.
Otherwise, why hasn’t anyone else come here with this card in all these years?

“Excuse me, what do you need, Mr.
Qi? We’ve prepared some refreshments; please move to the lounge next door to eat something while we’re chatting.”

Although the lounge was located next door, it was clearly different from the room in the corner just now.
The floor-to-ceiling glass is facing the river, and looking across the bank is the Weihao Hotel, with an excellent view.

Inside, couches that looked like shells or pebbles were placed in twos and threes.

On a dark green marble coffee table in the center, there were small gold-rimmed coffee cups, a three-tiered cake plate with colorful macaroons, and strawberry cubes1I don’t know if strawberry cube is the right name.
that gave off a rich, creamy aroma.

Qi Xiaoyu expressed his idea of choosing some formal suits for banquets.

The manager nodded again and again, saying, “Wait a minute; I’ll measure the size for you first.”

Yu Xiaosheng originally wanted to ask Qi Xiaoyu why he chose suits, but several staff members have already stepped forward to surround Qi Xiaoyu, two with iPads and two with tape measures, helping him record his waistline information.

At the entrance of the lounge, the receptionist, who had just walked away, poked her head out and looked eagerly at Qi Xiaoyu, who was surrounded in the center like a flower cluster.

She came to work here to look for opportunities to meet rich people so that she could get out of her current life and take a step to become a rich wife.

But regular guests will make appointments in advance and have their own stylists they know to take them in.

She has shallow qualifications and can only entertain random visitors at the front desk.
Among these people, either they came to take a look out of curiosity or they came here to keep an appearance.
There are not many who really have goods in their pockets.

Today, she finally met a rich man, but she seemed to miss it.

Sighing, she deeply remembered the way the manager’s eyes lit up when she handed over the card.

Had she known that it was the highest-level gold card, she would have seriously tried to win Qi Xiaoyu’s favor in the beginning.

The receptionist was so angry that she stomped her feet secretly.
After glancing at Qi Xiaoyu’s face, she was even more regretful.
Why do rich people dress so casually these days?

“Why are you still here? Don’t disturb the guest choosing clothes.”

Before the receptionist had enough remorse, the manager had already driven the person away with a sullen face.

On this side, Qi Xiaoyu had just taken his measurements when someone pushed a row of clothes in and bent down to introduce him.
“You can pick any style here.”

“This is the D’s design for next spring, this is the G’s latest poster model; and this is …….”

“If there’s nothing you like here, you can take a look at this design draft, which is all exclusive styles designed by major designers.
We can also make an appointment for you, but the time may be longer.”

During the conversation, another staff member pushed in a glass cabinet, which shone with various metallic lusters.
Rings, brooches, cufflinks, and neckties were neatly arranged in different categories.
“Here are accessories, Mr.
Qi; see if you like them.”

Yu Xiaosheng had been in the entertainment industry for a number of years and had seen a lot of the world, so he could tell what these things were worth even if they didn’t have a price tag.

It is said that celebrity spending is high; isn’t it just spent on these places?

Being surrounded by such expensive items, Yu Xiaosheng couldn’t help but feel a little restrained.
This is a very normal situation; when a person faces items beyond their financial ability, there will always be some discomfort, which may be accompanied by inferiority, vanity, and greed.

He subconsciously glanced at Qi Xiaoyu, a little surprised at the other party’s calmness.

Qi Xiaoyu felt no sense of constraint.
Like sweeping goods in a supermarket, he swept over those expensive clothes and accessories.
With his slender and fair fingers, he picked up a brown woolen brooch and compared it to a suit of the same color scheme.

The eyes of the manager and other staff members followed Qi Xiaoyu’s hand.
The jewelry in this cabinet all looks more valuable than this brooch.
However, this brooch is designed and made by the chief designer of D House himself.
The crochet flower on top is very detailed and lifelike, and although the materials used are average, they are definitely unique.

The manager couldn’t help but wonder what kind of relationship this young man had with Xun Qian.
Is it Xun Qian’s lover? It’s no wonder that Xun Qian has taken a liking to him.
His vision is really extraordinary.

Qi Xiaoyu chose the clothes and said, “Please alter these suits according to my body shape.
I’ll come pick them up next Friday.”

The person next to him immediately wrote that down.

After finishing, another group of people sent Qi Xiaoyu and Yu Xiaosheng to the elevator in a grandiose way, with completely opposite attitudes from when Qi Xiaoyu came.

If it weren’t for Qi Xiaoyu’s decline, they would probably send him to the underground parking lot.


Fortunately, they didn’t, because there was only an old Buick LaCrosse parked there.

When the two got into the car and the door was closed, Yu Xiaosheng finally couldn’t help asking, “Xiao Yu, where did you get the card from such a place?”

Qi Xiaoyu made an excuse casually: “It’s a gift from a fan.”

Yu Xiaosheng took out his cigarette and hesitated.
“Xiao Yu, are you…”

Qi Xiaoyu fastened his seat belt and looked at him.

Yu Xiaosheng took out the cigarette but didn’t light it.
“Although our company is small and has no resources, don’t make detours.
If you get exposed later, it’s over.”

Qi Xiaoyu laughed out loud: “Brother Yu, don’t worry, it’s not what you think.”

Even if the relationship between him and Xun Qian is exposed in the future, it’s still a legitimate marriage and divorce.

What’s more, with Xun Qian’s status and power, who would dare expose his information casually?

Yu Xiaosheng put the cigarette back and suddenly sighed, “Xiao Yu, you have really changed a lot recently.”


Yu Xiaosheng made an appointment with the magazine to start shooting at 3:00 pm, and they arrived at 2:00 pm.

The Buick stopped at the parking lot in the backyard of the magazine office.
Yu Xiaosheng looked at the front yard through the rearview mirror when reversing the car and asked, “Why are there so many people? Your fans?”

After speaking, he smacked himself and said, “I only finalized this project this morning.
It’s impossible for your fans to know the news so quickly.”

Qi Xiaoyu also turned around to take a look.
There was indeed a circle of fans outside the studio, but upon closer inspection, it was basically Yu Zhou’s banners or posters: “It’s not mine, it’s Yu Zhou’s.”

Yu Xiaosheng stopped the car to take a look and cursed angrily, “I C2originally written in raw, why are they here?”

Qi Xiaoyu knew that Yu Xiaosheng was afraid he (qxy) would be embarrassed, so he comforted him, “It’s fine, the entertainment industry is just this big.
We’re bound to meet each other.”

Yu Xiaosheng was still indignant.
“You’re fine; I’m not fine, okay?”

Qi Xiaoyu really didn’t take them seriously.
The influence of this show is great, but that’s it.
The overall level is not very good.
He has a good idea of his future development and doesn’t want anything to do with these people.

“All right, all right, let’s do our own shooting and ignore them.”

Five or six people from Yu Zhou’s group came to shoot the cover, but not all of them were there.
Beside Yu Zhou, there were Gu Lei and a few others.

In order to maintain the popularity of this group, their daily itinerary will be posted on the group’s official blog, which is convenient for fans to organize support and build momentum.
In the entertainment industry, sometimes, no matter whether you are really popular or not, you have to create momentum first so that others will think you are popular.

Therefore, when Qi Xiaoyu and Yu Xiaosheng entered the magazine office through the back door, they saw Yu Zhou and Gu Lei coming in from the front door, surrounded by fans and managers.

Comparing the two, it seems that Qi Xiaoyu’s side is a bit deserted.

Especially when people from both sides meet in the corridor, the atmosphere is even more weird.

Gu Lei, who was walking in front, saw Qi Xiaoyu walking head-on from afar.
His face darkened on the spot, and he immediately turned his head to ask his agent, “Why does this magazine invite just anyone?”

1I don’t know if strawberry cube is the right name.2originally written in raw

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