It was either death as a Master of the Magyo or living as a Supreme Demon.

That’s the life that will unfold for the Supreme Demon, Yeo Ha-ryun.

‘I was an extra.’

An unnamed extra who dies from a blow to the head on the first page.

Whether this extra harbored dreams of becoming a Master of the Magyo, neither the author, the readers, nor I knew.


I submerged my head in the bathtub.

‘I will never go to the Magyo.’

Whether it’s a case of being marked as a Master or going for whatever reason, I don’t know, but I will never walk that path.

‘How should I live?’

Suddenly, a vivid memory from my previous life came to mind.

Whenever I entered the operating room, there were always people standing in the corridor.

They weren’t there for me.
They were there for their family member on the surgical table.

They sang hymns and recited scriptures.

Even the staunchest atheist would pray to God at that time.

‘Will there be someone waiting for me outside when I find myself in the same situation?’

There was no such person for Jin Cheon-hee in his forties.

He had always strived for the sake of other people’s families.

‘Then… if I’ve done that much… don’t I deserve to have a family of my own now?’

There was no need to continue on a path of suffering.
He had come to realize that even here, he was nothing but a lonely orphan.

It was enough if they could care for each other.

‘For that, it would be good to have money.’

Money is important in any world.
Whether it’s buying a house or having a meal, it’s essential.

‘And I need power.’

Of course, it’s a world of martial arts.

It’s a place where a person’s life is as fragile as a fly’s.
And with the numerous upheavals to come, if I can’t even protect my own body, I won’t have the right to protect my family.

‘But I don’t have either.’

However, I know the future.
And one more thing.

‘Doctors are always necessary in any World.’


After finishing his bath and stepping outside, new clothes were already prepared.
The clothes he originally wore were torn and dirty, hardly recognizable as clothes.

The new clothes were made of stiff fabric and had a fresh, clean feel.

After changing into the clothes, he stood in front of a mirror and there was a handsome young man staring at him.

‘Oh, it’s my face, but it’s quite good-looking.’

Jin Cheon-hee realized one more thing he possessed.

Having good looks means it’s easy to gain people’s trust and favor.

With the addition of a distinct black aura and even firearms, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of coolness.

And now, instead of a foul stench that made him want to vomit, there was a faint and refreshing fragrance in the air.

Yoo Ho was secretly surprised when he saw Jin Cheon-hee.

‘Is he the same person as before?’

No matter how much a person can change with their clothing, his transformation from looking like a beggar to a scion was just too much.

‘Even so, he’s still an ignorant child.
I don’t know why the master chose that child over countless talented individuals, but I can’t let myself be swayed.’


Yoo Ho cleared his throat.

Jin Cheon-hee looked up at Yoo Ho in surprise.

The expression on his face was that of an inexperienced child, and for some reason, it softened Yoo Ho’s heart.

‘It’s strange.
Until just now, he had the expression of a grown man.
Only after looking in the mirror did his expression change.
It’s as if the grown man had learnt the expression of a child and started imitating it.’

Nonsensical words.

Yoo Ho clicked his tongue.

‘He doesn’t have any talent, and he’s even less capable than an average child.
The master said that he was good enough, but it was a blind judgment in my eyes.’

If he were to actually take this child as his disciple, it would further shorten the remaining lifespan of Baek Rin Eui-seon.

From the perspective of someone who has been under Baek Rin Eui-seon for a long time, if he were to engage in any foolish acts, I would make him repent for all of them.

I thought it would be fortunate if he could give up on the idea of taking him as a disciple.

But, what would become of his dedication as a master?


‘Hmm, for some reason, this feels like when I was an intern.’

Perhaps it was because Yoo Ho’s gaze was sharp, Jin Cheon-hee inwardly chuckled.

With such an obvious guard, it was impossible not to notice.

He sat in the VIP guest room and sipped his tea.

‘There must be a reason for that… Is it because of the purification bath?’

In the novel, Baek Rin Eui-seon never gave anyone a purification bath.
Not even once.

In the first place, Baek Rin Eui-seon was not a significant character in the novel, and this was because he died without being able to overcome his disease in the on set of the novel.

‘In this world, the only one who carries a professor’s title was him.’

There were quite a number of critically ill patients who would come to the tertiary hospital for treatment, and those who required his expertise.

Maintaining composure in front of patients and their families was an important quality.

When a doctor wavers in the face of life and death decisions, there will be no one left who trust him.

To comfort a scared patient, he even deliberately learnt humor.

Being sad wouldn’t change anything.
What mattered was the future.

Even if a cold joke could provide some comfort, he would learn it as long as it helped even a little.

Yoo Ho, on the other hand, was bewildered.

‘Is that brat crazy? Or is he just insensitive?’

He was in the esteemed guest room of the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau.

No matter how high-ranking and well-respected one was, they would sit with tension.

Moreover, despite openly monitoring the situation, he was smiling and devouring the sweets.

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