Bloodsucking 2

(How long will this inconvenient restraint continue, I wonder?)

Crim, whose body was almost completely immobilized, was already thinking about such things with eyes, which had already lost their light.

To maintain her original form as a Noble Red girl, Crim needs to consume the blood she takes in daily.
However, the last time Crim properly consumed blood was when she received some from George after the battle with the [Strongest Demon Beast].
Even then, it wasn’t enough, and she only consumed about half of what she needed.
After that, she had been taking the bare minimum amount to avoid going beyond the limit of turning into a child, barely managing to keep her blood consumption under control until now.

However, in the battle just now, she had consumed it all with one blood magic spell.
In other words…

“Hehehe… Little Crim-chan is so cute!”

“…Aren’t you satisfied yet?”

“…Just a little bit more!”

…Crim had turned into a child again and was being caught and adored by the pleased Freya.

Certainly, cast-off in a game for all ages is nothing but a problem, and although the underwear still fits perfectly, the clothing had become completely loose.
Perhaps it’s just an official joke, but it seems to be a status abnormality that includes clothing.

That appearance seems to have touched something in Freya, as she has been acting this way since earlier.

“Um, Frey and Hinagiku have started hunting, but are you alright, Freya?”

“Mm… Just a little more, just a little more to fill up my motivation!”

As Freya says this and buries her face in Crim’s abundant white hair, she wonders what kind of motivation she is talking about.

“I’m sorry, I think I slowed you down earlier.
Frey and Hinagiku were both doing their best.”

Crim can feel Freya trembling.

Freya, who is usually relaxed, seems to have been a little burdened this time.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s always been like this.
Probably in the future, too.” (Bersleid: Hahaha, burnt.)

“Ah, that’s terrible!”

Although Freya says this angrily, the hidden message that “I won’t dislike you for that kind of thing” seems to have been received properly.
Crim feels relieved inside that she seems to be doing well now.

“…… Alright!”

“Hmm? What’s with the sudden enthusiasm, Freya?”

“Crim-chan… come with me for a bit!”

“W-wait, hold on…!”

Without a chance to object, Crim was pulled- no, more like kidnapped by Freyja.

They arrived on a hill, that couldn’t be seen from where the others were training.

“Alright, we’re far enough that Hinako-chan won’t see us, right?”

“Um, Freya, what exactly are you-“

Turning her back to Crim, Freya asked him a question.

“Hey, Kurenai-kun… could you drink my blood?”


Freya turned around, revealing her outfit with the top button of her robe undone and her collarbone exposed.

The line from her alluring neck to her shoulders and cleavage was exposed before Crim’s eyes, causing her to gulp.

“W-w-wait, what are you-“

“Well, if you stayed like that, you wouldn’t be able to take care of it, right?”

“Well, that’s true, but-“

“And also, Kurenai-kun.
I understand that you’re still bothered by what happened in the past, you know?”

In the past, Kurenai who impulsively bit into Hijiri’s neck in the real world, leaving a scar where he had bitten.
However, she still accepted Kurenai and forgave him kindly.
She was also the one who protected Kurenai, who was often teased because of his hemophilia, during elementary school.

However, Kurenai could not forgive himself for leaving an ugly scar on the girl’s skin.
(Brsleid: The male proverbs were intentional, because they are talking about the past…)

“But that’s hard for me.
Even though I don’t care anymore, it hurts to see Kurenai worry and look away sadly every time he sees my scar…”

Saying that, she points to the location of the scar that is not present on her current avatar, “Freya.”

“So please, Kurenai, don’t run away? I don’t care anymore, so please don’t ignore the me who doesn’t care.”

“Hijiri… I…”

At Hijiri’s pleading words, Kurenai reaches out with trembling hands.

–In truth, she was already at his limit.

Regardless of her preferences, Kurenai has been tormented by an unbearable hunger ever since she saw Hijiri’s, or rather Freya’s, white neck and the veins running underneath it.


It was no use, there was no way she could endure it anymore.
Crim grabbed Freya’s slender shoulders and brought her nose closer to her exposed neck.

“I’ll try to be as gentle as possible…!”

Her voice trembled with nervousness.

“Yeah… please.”

Blushing, Freya smiled softly as Crim slowly sank her small fangs into her soft skin.

“Does it hurt?”

“I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt.
But I feel a little dizzy.”


“It’s okay, I forgive you.”

Lying on the grassy field, Freya used her chest as a pillow for Crim, who had returned to her original form and lay on top of her, tentatively asking her.
But her gentle fingers gently stroked her long white hair, and her kind voice soothed her fearful heart. (Bersleid: Wait, what the h*ll happened in just a few sentences to get here? This development is a bit fast.)

“More than that… How should I put it… It was amazing…”

“That… It was really delicious, thank you for the meal…”

After getting up, Freya presses her bitten neck while Crim covers her mouth with her hand, and they both sit on the decayed tree, blushing red, like tomatoes.

“S-So embarrassing!”


Especially for Crim, who had never been so openly affectionate before, it was so embarrassing that she wanted to dig a hole and die.

Although they were classmates, Crim was born almost a year later than Hijiri, who was born in April, while Kurenai was born in March of the following year.
Despite being treated like a younger brother most of the time… He had never been so openly affectionate during his three years of junior high school. (Bersleid: Man, too many recalls from the past, also proverbs were made to male due to that.)

“I wonder, are you feeling better now?”

While gently holding Crim’s head that had completely turned the reverse of reality, Freya asks her that question.
And Crim thinks for a moment and honestly answers. (Bersleid: Dunno what it supposed to mean…)

“I think it’s probably impossible.”


She couldn’t bring herself to eat meat or anything like that, and if she were to taste someone else’s blood, she would probably panic and vomit it out.
She knew that her psychogenic selective eating disorder ran deep and she had yet overcome it.


“I don’t think I can do it…but I want to taste yours again, Freya…”

“I see.”

Without making eye contact, she buried her face in her neck, making a mosquito-like sound as she spoke in a strained voice.

But even that voice was picked up by the childhood friend sitting next to her.

“Hehe, I see, if it’s mine it’s okay, right, Crim?”

“Don’t tell anyone, I said that.”

“I know, I know.”

Freya laughed happily for some reason.

Upon seeing this, Crim gave in to temptation and sucked on her neck once again, leaving behind the two red bite marks.

(Bersleid: One more coming right up.)

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