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“Hey, we’ve arrived at the post town, are you okay?”

“Uu… I’ve never heard anything about crossing the desert…”

“I’m sorry, I forgot to mention it.
But you’re really weak against sunlight, as expected of a vampire.”

With a pale face, Crim raises a weak voice of protest from Ryunosuke’s back.

Ryunosuke scratched his head apologetically while carrying Crim on his back.

The next area after passing through the starting point [Black Forest] is a mountain pass that descends along the river flowing from Navel.
Most of it was covered by clouds, so there was no problem with sunlight.

By the way, in this place, the demon tribe of the Kijin tribe has formed a settlement, and Crim, who is also a demon tribe “Noble Red”, has been on friendly terms with them since the beginning.

Although she was challenged to a duel by a hot-blooded demon… all of them, being warriors, possessed excellent skills, and the tense match-up was quite an enjoyable battle for Crim.

Thanks to that, she was totally absorbed in it, and after about three fights, Ryunosuke, who was astonished, grabbed her by the neck and she had to leave.

――By the way, at the time, when I won my third victory, I was able to acquire the sword skill from the NPC [Samurai General: Gi-Teru of the A-Ga Tribe], who is the village chief.
I’m currently planning on raising it.
As a result, I ended up floating in the air.

“Well, do you mind, if I take the opportunity to spread the information on SNS?”

“Yeah, I don’t have any intention of making money from information either, so I don’t mind.”

(I’m sure there are many players who crave sword skills.) Therefore, Crim willingly accepted Ryunosuke’s request.

About [Izumigirikyo Navel], which I wanted to become the Area Master of, he shrewdly offered an exchange condition, keeping the information secret about it.

Next is the plateau area, with a somewhat sparse vegetation.
The air is cool and comfortable, but due to the high altitude, the sun is strong and somewhat hot.
But this was still not unbearable for me.

The idyllic sight of sheep and goats hanging out here and there warmed my heart, but you could occasionally see goat-like things, that were so big that I needed to crane my neck to look up at them, raising the ground and wandering about, which was a little interesting.

…Actually, Crim wanted to fight once, but when she tried to hit one, she received Ryunosuke’s fist that made her face turn pale, so she gave up crying.

–I wanted to fight that strange goat with tentacles.

It was Crim who was planning to take on the challenge, next time when she had the chance. (Bersleid: We’ve got a battle maniac coming through.)

However, when I stepped into the next area during the daytime, I felt a sense of despair.

After all, it was a desert with sand stretching as far as the eye could see, with no cover and the merciless sunlight shining down on it.

If the scene at that time had been broadcast publicly, the screen would probably have been sepia-coloured and the words “To Be Continued” would have been inserted, where Crim’s expression was reflected… Ryunosuke commented with a laugh that it was an amusing face.

As a result, Crim tried her best to walk without Ryunosuke’s help, but she sank just under 30 minutes.

Crim, who was on the brink of death, unable to move even a single step, was put in a cloak and carried on Ryunosuke’s back, almost half-dead on his back.

–By the way, the cycle of a day in the world of [Destiny Unchain Online] is 20 hours, which is slightly shorter than on Earth.

This is due to the fact that the NPCs in this game actually live in this world, so unlike conventional games, the cycle cannot be extremely short, such as two hours or half a day.

On the other hand, if we set the cycle to exactly the same scale as the Earth, then for example, a working adult player who can only log in at night, will only be able to play at night time.

Therefore, the incomplete day-night cycle of 20 hours seems to be a consideration to prevent such things from happening.

After traversing three areas in one day, we arrived at a post town that prospered under the cliffs of the canyon, that serves as the exit to the desert.

It seems that there is a water source in the depths of the canyon here, and although it is small, there is a clear stream flowing through it, and the vegetation is lush.

The two of them took a room in an inn, one of the buildings that looked like they had dug into the cliffs, rising to the left and right of the river.

“Haaaa… reviving… futon is great.”

“Haha, good work.”

Crim regained her energy as soon as she entered the sunless room, but she was so exhausted that she immediately dived into the bed.

“Yeah… Ryunosuke, thank you too.”

With my face half buried in my pillow, I smiled at Ryunosuke sitting on the bed next to me.

“… You shouldn’t show that kind of face to a man lightly…”


“… No, nothing.
Just be careful, huh?”

It was Crim who tilted his head at Ryunosuke’s complaint.

–By the way, why bother staying at the inn to log out of the game?

Private rooms, rented rooms, dungeon safehouses, and inn guest rooms.
By logging out with these lodging points, you can accumulate a growth bonus with an upper limit on the skill growth rate according to the time you were not logged in.

Well, it’s about time, but won’t Crim fall?”

“Ah…Yeah, I’ll look around the town for a while and then I’ll fall.”

(I can’t actually log out.)

As expected, I was hesitant to tell him about it, so I vaguely deceived him.

“Then I’ll fall.
See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, thanks, see you tomorrow.”

As soon as they said goodbye to each other, Ryunosuke logged out and disappeared.

Unable to endure the loneliness of being left alone in the guest room, I opened NLD’s message inbox… a large number of unopened messages appeared, that I hadn’t noticed while traveling.

“It looks like we’ll be able to log in tomorrow, too!”

“I’ll definitely catch up with you soon, so be prepared.”

“Subaru is nervous because, he wants to play with Kurenai-kun as soon as possible.
Don’t worry if he says something that isn’t honest (laughs).”

“I think you know, but don’t take what Hijiri says seriously.”

Looking at the messages from Hijiri and Subaru, that had arrived in large numbers, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I think I can go back to Windham tomorrow night.
I’ll call you as soon as I get back, okay?”

Yes, even though I returned the message after a while, the real time was already midnight.

I wondered if there would ever be a reply… just then the alarm rang.

“Yeah, I’ll be waiting!”

Hijiri replied immediately.

Subaru probably went to bed early to get up early tomorrow, and Hijiri couldn’t sleep because she couldn’t wait.

I imagined such a thing from the reply that only came back from Hijiri, and burst out laughing again.

“Well then, take a break.
see you tomorrow”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow!”

Hearing Hijiri’s immediate reply this time, she felt a warm feeling in her chest as she lay down on her bed.

Perhaps because she had been walking all this time, she immediately gave in to to sleepiness… Crim felt absent-minded.

–I want to see you two soon.

That was… the first time I felt nostalgia after being stuck in this world.

(Bersleid: I think one more after this.)

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