Even as she grumbled, she ran through the forest with the new gift on her shoulders. (Bersleid: The repeat of the interlude is coming… from a different perspective.)

The source of the screams is getting closer… Crim now puts on her fighting equipment, the cloak of the young red lion emperor, and in addition her new equipment, a pair of black boots.
She continued to jump on the branches. (Bersleid: Ninja mode on.)

The long-shafted boots, with slightly high heels, were made of black leather and had red braid.
They hey had a slight gothic Lolita feel to them.
They were called [Strider Boots].

This… was dropped by the enemy called [The Strongest Demon Beast], that I managed to defeat while helping George.

It seems that I was lucky enough to have it drop at that time, and when I woke up, I realized that it was in my inventory.

Its performance greatly surpassed that of store-bought equipment, but its most prominent feature was “Movement Speed +6%” buff it had on it.

It’s an ability that comes in handy in a game like this… now, even though she’s running on the branches of trees, her steps are surprisingly light.

While searching for enemies from a high vantage point, I found monsters prowling around, aiming for one point, with well-coordinated movements, probably their target.

“…There are four signs… no wait, five?”

Most likely, they are [Dark Hounds], a formidable wolf-type enemy that lives in the depths of the Schwarzwald.

It has a very sticky nature towards its prey, and it’s likely, that it came here after chasing someone who had escaped.

But… Right now, it still hasn’t noticed Crim above its head.

(If you take your time, you’ll be hit with waves of attacks, not being able to get in a single hit.)

(However, now that my weapons attack power has risen dramatically, I can do it before the other side even has a chance…!)

As soon as she made that decision, Crim jumped down from the tree and cut the neck of the dark hound directly below her without even giving it a chance to call for help.

While reducing the impact of the fall with a roll, with the same momentum, she spun turn around with and put the blade on the second ones neck.

“And then slash.”

The blade knocked off the head of the second body without much resistance.

Two dark hounds, that received fatal blows at almost the same time turned into glowing fragments and lit up the dark forest.

“Good, this feels really good…!”

While exuding joy at having found a weapon that is familiar to me, I quickly regained my posture and avoided the [Dark Hound] that jumped at me, by taking a step to the side.
I hooked it with the scythe――I spun my body around like a spinning top, with one of my legs as the axis.

After seeing one of the dark hounds, that was hooked being cut in half, she took off with even more momentum.

She jumped at the last dark hound within sight, who seemed to have decided, that it couldn’t win as soon as its comrades were killed.

A quick slash with unmatched speed and centrifugal force, swept away the surrounding branches and leaves like a storm, cutting the fleeing dark hound in two with a single stroke.

“Who’s left?”

Aiming for the shadow of the rock, she further accelerated her rotation, in order to slash the rock away――

“Wait, wait! Hiii!?”


Suddenly, a figure appeared… a human.

I desperately held back the scythe, which was gaining momentum, as I thought, (Oh my God…) The blade barely came to stop, just before decapitating the figure’s head.

—That was dangerous.

(Now that I think about it, I was in a hurry because I heard someone calling for help.
Because of the tension, it completely slipped my mind.)

It felt uncomfortable to break out in cold sweat, and while lowering the scythe, I took off the hood of the overcoat, that was covering my head with the other hand.

“… Are you a player?”


Gazing up at Crim, he was a little skinny looking, with half-grown hair tied up in a mess behind his back, and a faint stubble.
A moderately veteran, but dull looking old man who, tried to aim for the shape of a man with good looks.

That was… the first player character I saw on this side, and not in the unlimited city Valhalla…

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