Skill “Blaze Blood”

The AI in this world has a high degree of self-awareness.

That’s… right now, the boy, who is a bystander of the deadly battle between the girl and the demon beast, is also equipped with it.

――What this boy is seeing right now, is a girl who continues to fight alone against a terrifying monster.

The fact that he was only alive due to her appearance made the boy feel impatient.

However, in the meantime… at last, the magic beast’s claws finally grazed the girl’s arm.

Her wounds are shallow, but the blow seems to have rendered her girl’s arm immobile.

――I have to do something!

The boy frantically throws a nearby stone.

――That was a stone that I threw with the hopes of distracting him a little, but I didn’t expect it to hit him.

Unfortunately, by chance, just by chance… the stone hit the magic beast’s eye.

In the midst of a thin ice-like offense and defence.

While crushing some bones lying under her feet, Crim slipped, and she lost her balance.


Even though she hurriedly rolled away, the magic beast’s claws grazed Crim’s right upper arm.

At that moment, an icon in the shape of a human body appeared in Crim’s field of vision, and its right arm flashed red.
At the same time, her right arm hangs down and loses all of its strength.

–It is just a graze!

She clicked his tongue inwardly.
The self-regeneration skill has already kicked in, but even though the wound is shallow, it can’t be moved for several more seconds.

Even so, I can still do this.

They are hard, have high attack power, and are simply formidable enemies if they move quickly, but there are no troublesome special attacks so far, probably because they are animal-based.

Don’t panic, keep your distance and get some time to regain your strength.
I still have the upper hand.

However, even a slight disruption of the balance would quickly lead to defeat.

With such a premonition, unpleasant sweat trickled down his cheeks… at that time.


The monster suddenly roared and started to rampage.

It seems that a stone that hit him in the eye, the pain that it caused, made him lose control and go berserk.

At the end of the demonic beast’s hateful glare… there was George, frozen in shock and trembling with fear, still in the posture of throwing something.

“You idiot, run away…!?”

I suddenly cut in between George, who was frozen, and the magic beast that raised its arms in frustration.

–F you.

Although she barely managed to parry the claws… the shadow sword shattered in Crim’s hand as it reached the limit of its endurance.

The demonic beast’s giant arm swung up again, trying to tear apart the boy and the now unarmed Crim.

Everything went into slow-motion and the monster’s face… for some reason, it seemed to Crim that it was convinced of its victory and was distorted with joy.

“Oh… no.
I’m sorry, George.”

Giving like this was impossible, my body began to fall over, and my weak limbs almost collapsed.

–What are you so desperate for?

–Anyway, even if you die, you’ll just return to the checkpoint.

–I did my best, but the opponent is a boss.
I don’t think I can win by doing things normally.

–Give it up, you did your best.

—But… one, no, two NPCs will die and disappear from this world.

“… I’m sorry.”

Hearing the reply that came from behind, he raised his head in surprise.

Moment――Crim’s eyes flashed red.


She completes the extremely short chant and activates it.

Right after that, her crossed arms caught the monster’s huge arm.

A terrific shock hit my whole body.

“Gu, uuuuuu……!!”

Even through the pain relief function, which was working at 50% of the standard, a tremendous amount of pressure and a dull bone-crushing pain attacked both of Crim’s arms.

His whole body creaked, and the pressure on his spine felt like it might break, and Crim was suffering its backlash.

But… I gritted my teeth and endured it.

The small girl’s body endured the blow of the monster’s giant arm.

My vision was dyed red.

The small amount remaining in my HP bar, was dyed bright red.

But… even so, Crim endured.

The sensation of her heart beating wildly and a large amount of blood rushing through her body.

Her stored blood burns, filling her whole body with power.

On her pure white skin, bright red patterns of blood emerge.

Her white hair instantly turned crimson, and a mist of burning blood drifted around her body.

Her little hand wriggled eerily, then swelled into something ominous, with claws.

–Noble Red’s unique magic “Blood Magic”, first-class magic “Blaze Blood”

It consumes all the accumulated blood and super-strengthens physical abilities and healing power for a short period of time, according to the proficiency level.

The effects time is 30 seconds.

After that time passes, this body that has lost blood will be significantly weakened.

–Come on, come on!!!

The now physically strengthened Crim, pushed back the beasts’ arms

At that moment, Crim jumped up to the magic beast’s back, and grappled it again.

And then, on the back of its neck, to the scar she had made earlier, she raised her arm, which had just finished regenerating to the point she could barely move it – her ominous, monster-like clawed hand stuck out.


Along with the roar that ripped her throat, her two hands split the flesh, and what she felt through her fingertips was that of a hard bone.
She twisted it and gouged it out.

The feeling of it being snapped, the monster beast’s gigantic body jumped.

However, it seems that the death judgment has not come out yet, and it is still trying to shake me off.

“… wait… daaaaaaaaaa!!”

Desperately putting strength into her legs to endure the fact that she was about to be knocked away, Crim once again swung her hand down.

Once you’re gone, it’s over.
George, who finally stood up to escape, and Juna, who is now sick and in danger, would die if you stay alive.

–I won’t let you live!

A violent impulse, that surprised even herself, filled Crim’s arms with strength.


She was piercing, gouging, pulling and shredding the beast.

The act of relying on brute force, relentlessly, over and over and over again…




Before long… 30 seconds passed, which felt like hours.
Her bright red hair returned to its original white colour.

(The boss of the area “Schwarzwald”, “The Strongest Demon Beast” has been defeated for the first time)

(Title: Acquired “One who hunts the head of The Strongest Demon Beast”)

Such a system message appeared at the edge of Crim’s vision.

“Haa, haa… geh… is it over…?”

With rough breathing and a hoarse voice, she muttered.

Beneath her body, the monster beast’s gigantic body, which had stopped even twitching, turned into countless fine fragments of light and disappeared.

After witnessing this, Crim’s consciousness turned pitch black.

–Hey, you! “Are you okay, hey!?”

In my fading consciousness, I felt like I heard the boy’s voice for the last time…

(Bersleid: Oof, that is the last one for today.
Well, I used this national holyday (of Hungary) to translate these five and they took quite a while.
Man, there was a lot of editing and clean up to do in these ones.
There were barely any lines that didn’t need any editing, or just some cosmetics.
Especially the fights.
I don’t know if it is the Japanese language or the translators I am using, but there are simply to many sentences that don’t make sense.
Like “flying in the air, twisting his body while jumping”… what? Why? And why is it his and not her, are you kidding me translator.
You change perspectives AND you mess up the proverbs, is this intentional? Well, MTL is still not reliable enough for translating these kinds of things.
Well, anyways, I hope you enjoyed the chapters.
New one(s), hopefully, are coming tomorrow.)

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