The Strongest Demon Beast

“No way…”

“Juna fell ill and is now in a dangerous situation.”

In order to save her, a special mushroom, only found in the lair of the boss of “Schwarzwald” is needed.

George, who happened to hear this, distracted the adults and entered the forest alone.

He is being too reckless.

“I have to hurry and help…”

“Wait, it’s dangerous to go alone, no matter how young you are!”

Upon hearing from Ludger about the location of the den, which was their destination, Crim tried to jump in.

It was none other than George’s father, Ludger, who stopped her.

“As I said, even a young lady isn’t an opponent you can beat alone!”

“But when I was relaxing, George—”

“–I know what you mean!!”

Crim was at a loss for words when he heard Ludger’s angry yell.

“I know what you mean…”

Finally… Crim noticed that Ludger’s hand was shaking while he was holding her arm.

――There must be a solution.
She cooled her head down and came up with an idea.

“Well, let’s just call the GM again.”

By doing so, all actions related to Crim, who made an abnormal start, will be reset.

Crim would be able to go to Windham, the starting point, and this continuous quest was reset and restarted from the beginning.

Yes, that will solve everything.
After that, hurry up and gather your friends, come here again, and try again.

“This time with a reliable companion.”

Once you’re done, you can return it to normal if you establish a similar relationship.

That would be a happy ending.

It should be fine…

It should be the best outcome…

However, everyone he meets again would no longer be the ones he knew.

“Such a thing… it shouldn’t be possible!”

“Oh, hey, Miss!?”

Crim jumped into the forest, while shaking off Ludger’s arm…

The event marker is already lit up on the map, so there’s no problem with directions.

The map leading up to that are was blank, but even so, perhaps because he was running past all the enemies, the spot of light was approaching with incredible speed.

――And so, Crim, who was sprinting full speed, thrust into the cave before she knew it.

The wall of the cave flowing behind her at high speed, and the stalactites rising from the ground blocking her path.

If you take one wrong step, you will crash, and if you do poorly, you will run at a speed that seems to be waiting for death, but…

“- Not yet, more, faster…!!”

Speeding up by putting more strength into his legs, he dashed off at a maddening speed.

…that was the time.

“– Uwaaaaa…!”

A scream that sounded like that of a young boy certainly came from the distance.

“…He is there!!”

At that moment when she kicked the ground even stronger, as if drawn in by that voice――his vision suddenly opened up, and Crim arrived at a huge dome-shaped space.

–A battlefield for bosses!?

In an instant, I can guess what this place is.

And in the deepest part, the shadow of a gigantic magical beast and in its shadow the figure of a small boy sitting on the ground.

“—Shadow Light Weapon!!”

With the momentum of her jump, she immediately created a weapon in the air――


――The moment her feet hit the ground; she took the starting motion with the momentum she was running with.

Even though System Assist was initiated and her body started to move on its own, she left the Assist behind and initiated the combat technique hurriedly.

Up to this point, she was using the full momentum the “Sprinting” skill and the full acceleration of “Godspeed”.

The two-speed oriented skill used together, helped Crim cut through the entire battlefield within a blink of an eye, leaving behind only a trail of white.
She aimed her dagger toward the head of the huge magic beast.


A hard sound reverberated inside the cavity and Crim’s small body bounced off the beast.

Crim’s attack had left jet-black hair scattered about the magic beast――but it didn’t reach the flesh.


Twisting in the air and landing on her feet, she clicked her tongue.

“Crim nee-chan!?”

“I’ll distract, George you run away!!”

Crim started running in the opposite direction of George, circling around the demon beast.

The magic beast’s attention shifted to Crim, and it turned its giant body around.


The moment Crim saw those bright red eyes, her body stiffened in fear.

The choking scent of blood soaked into its the fur.

A shivering bloodlust that shook her whole body.

I understood without hesitation just by facing each other.


The moment I thought that, the huge, jet-black monster appeared right in front of me.


The moment she bent down, the monster’s gigantic body grazed Crim’s long white hair and passed over her head.

If her reaction was delayed bay a moment, she would have definitely received a fatal blow from its heinous claws and died.
After avoiding it, she notices it and shudders.

“Damn, it’s too big to give you a sense of distance…!”

It doesn’t’ mean that it is too fast.
My eyes can follow it.

However, its giant step was just too big, that the senses couldn’t keep up.
That was the truth behind the movement that seemed like teleportation just now.

After avoiding the huge arm that was being swung at him, and after doing a few backflips to further increase the distance, she held her dagger in reverse grip and adjusted her breathing, and stares at the magic beast that was about 10 meters tall.

(The Strongest Demon Beast)

Among the bear-type monsters inhabiting “Schwarzwald”, he is the pinnacle, with the largest size and physical strength.
It is terribly ferocious, and attacks and kills everyone on sight.
Its fur is always drenched in blood.

Strength: It’s impossible to guess.

A heartless, hopeless message.

The magic beast’s strength is too high, and even if you use “Examine”, you can’t see any information.


She narrowly dodged the magic beast’s huge arm that was swung down, ran up on it, and used her whole body to strike the back of his head with the shadow blade that she held onto with both hands.

The dagger’s blade accurately hit its neck, but was repelled by the fur that looked like a bundle of steel wires, and the recoil sent Crim’s small body flying into the air.


As expected of an area boss, it’s probably not the kind of opponent you’d want to challenge alone.

The dagger that was aimed at his neck was repelled with a hard response that was different from before.

Perhaps the result will be the same no matter where you aim.


When she landed, she evaded the magic beast’s arm that was swung down, by a hair’s breadth.

Using her momentum, she jumped behind her…

“Hey… ‘Dark Bullet’!”

She held her fingers in the shape of a gun and fired off a series of dark bullets.

Dark magic skill, first-class magic “Dark Bullet” that you learn first… Its characteristic are very low power and fixed damage that ignores defence.

Naturally, for the other side, the damage would be as insignificant as a mosquito bite… but still, it seemed annoying and it was swinging its arms frustratingly.

The jet-black magic beast tried to attack again, perhaps at the limit of his patience, but…

“… Now! ‘Snare’!”

Crim, who was waiting for this, uses a new magic.

This is a first-class shadow magic that simply creates a small hole at the target’s feet.

However, at the moment when it was about to move forward, the foot of its hind leg sank into the shadow, and the monster lost its balance and fell over.


Not missing the chance, Crim jumped high into the air and spun around… Using the height and the recoil, the point of the dagger that he gripped in his hands slammed into the magic beast’s neck.

The feeling of gouging out the flesh slightly.

Although she penetrated the sturdy jet-black fur, the tip of the sword barely reached the skin underneath.

Therefore… she wrapped her legs around the monster’s thick neck and fixed her body, then raised the dagger――with all her might, she swung it down in the exact same spot.


“This time it arrived.”

Blood splattered, and the blade, buried in flesh, hit the vertebrae and stopped there.

However, the magic beast, surprised by the damage it received, went on a rampage trying to shake off the small creature on its back.

–Even if she fights decently, it’s impossible to shave off his HP with just one person and her current offensive power.

Crim understood this very well when she struck the blade once.
If so, there is only one way to do it.

“–I’ll cut off its head!”

Critical hit, one-shot K.O.

The only way for Crim to win against the jet-black magic beast is instant death damage that ignores its HP.

Even though she had cold sweat running down her back at the power of the wounded and bloodshot magic beast… Crim was even stronger and clenched her grip on the shadow blade…

(Bersleid: This one had lots of fight scenes in it, I hope I translated it well enough to still be enjoyable.
Though I had to delete a few sentences here and there, since he used fricking metaphors, that don’t make much sense in English.)

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