Debt of Fate

Ch 4: My wish

”My lady, are you not going to ask the most important question? Don you want to know how you survived even after you were dead? ”

Natasha quickly looked at the doctor after this question escaped his lips. He looked startled at the rudeness of Natashas movement and he quickly clutched his racing heart.

Until the doctor had addressed this question, it had not even crossed Natashas mind. But now that she thought about it, she was quite sure that her heart had stopped beating back then.

Her body should be dead by all means but Natasha still felt alive.

”You are right! Why and how am I still alive? Don tell me that Richard…used the forbidden arts? ”

Natasha felt a headache incoming as she thought about the consequences of Richards actions. She just did not warp her head around the fact that Richard was even capable of such a thing.

N-No way he did something like that. I am sure my mind is just overreacting right now. Richard is a responsible child so he would not-

”You are right. The crown prince did use the forbidden arts to bring your soul back to your body. But in doing so, your human nature was stolen away from him. ”

”I am sorry to say your highness but you are no longer a full-human any longer. You will need to get a dose of human essence to not lose your mind. ”

Natashas heart froze when she heard those words. She couldn wrap her head around what she was hearing.

She was no longer a human? What kind of joke was this? Natasha was not finding it funny and Natasha was not laughing.

”Y-You highness, please calm down. Your body is not capable of taking all this stress. You will suffer if you tire yourself out. ”

Natasha was hearing the doctors words but they did not register inside her mind. Her rage was fueling her actions and Natasha had the doctor at the tip of his knife before he knew it.

Her body still remembered how to move despite how long she had been sleeping but her arms hurt and protested against her every move.

”Shut your mouth. I won hear any more of your yelping. If you are going to run your mouth then you- ”

Natashas limbs lost their energy and she collapsed on the floor. It felt like whatever energy she had been able to gather in her sleep had been sapped out of her body.

Despite that, Natasha knew she could not allow herself to fall. She needed to slip out of her room and find out the truth for herself. No matter how uncomfortable she felt, Natasha had to keep on going.

Darn this body. Do I have to survive on human essence? An I no longer a human?

Despite everything Natasha had faced in her previous life, this was the thing that got to her the most. Demon was what she had been called for most of her professional life and she could not believe that the curse had become real for her.

”My lady, you cannot. Your body is- ”

”What is going on in here? I heard the news about Lady- ”

Golden eyes met Natashas blue pair. She could not help but marvel at the familiarity of those golden pairs in front of her.

She was sure that she had seen those eyes before but nothing struck her mind. It felt as if she was having deja vu right now when she looked at the tall and well-built man in front of him.

His facial features were soft and still a little too young to be a fully-grown adult but he also looked well past his teen years.

”Lady Natasha, you are awake? Its a miracle! ”

The same words Natasha had heard before, the same tone she had experienced before. It felt like everyone was just repeating themselves at this point.

And she was sick of hearing everyone talk about her as if a miracle had occurred. Her resurrection had been no miracle but a curse for her.

”Get out of my way. I want to leave this room and I will consider you as an enemy if you stopped me now. ”

Natasha was sure that her threat was made clear to the man in front of her. She should be trembling by now and running to get out of her way. After all, Natasha knew she was a scary woman even with her light features.

But nothing of that sort happened. The golden eyes man just continued to look at Natasha with a look full of marvel.

”Excuse me but you are pissing me off. Either get out of my way or face the consequences of your actions. ”

Natasha raised her fist but her body had no power left. She had barely managed to stand up so it was no wonder that her legs gave up pretty soon.

”Lady Natasha, are you alright? Does something hurt? Can I help you out? ”

The black-haired man sounded worried when he tried to catch Natasha. His worried face flashed in front of Natashas eyes and she diverted them away.

The more she looked at this man, the faster her heartbeat got. His perfect face was too close to her own. And his eyes made Natasha feel weird in a way she had never been made to feel before.

”Doctor, can you tell me what is wrong with Lady Natasha? And don you dare leave any detail in your report. You will not like the consequences of doing that. ”

The doctor looked conflicted but the lack of order from Natasha caused him to finally spill the beans. The more the doctor spoke, the tenser those arms around Natasha got.

By the end of his report, the doctor was shaking with worry. It was a given with how tense the man behind Natasha had gone.

She might not be able to see his face but she was more than capable of feeling these tense and dark emotions.

”I see. So that was the case. Then, I assume that Lady Natasha is alright now and there is no longer any use for you doctor. ”

The doctor looked offended but he was not able to contradict those spoken words.

Natasha could see his desire to speak back but the doctor was smart. Ultimately, he decided that his life was more important than his pride and he felt.

The man behind Natasha relaxed once the doctor was gone and Natasha waited to be let go of finally. But the man just picked her back up and deposited her in the bed.

”How are you? What are you doing in this room and how dare you touch me. ”

If not for her current weakened state, Natasha would have slapped and attacked this man by now. He did not look like a decent guy in her books and Natasha was almost afraid of the man.

This man was attractive for sure but Natashas senses were warning her that he was also a nutjob and that she should not get involved with him.

”I am sad to see that you don remember me. But then again, I never expected you to ever come back to me so I cannot complain. I always wanted to repay you for saving my life that day from the monster. And I always wanted to apologize for what my father did to you as well. ”

That low voice sent shivers down Natashas spine when it spoke directly in her ear. It was a miracle that she was able to focus on the words themselves and make sense of what they meant.

But once her brain did remember what the man was saying, she could not help but gasp out loud.

Now those golden eyes and black hair made sense to her. It had been the heroine of this world. Or, it had been the one he had thought to be the heroine.

Had this person always been a male and Natasha had just mistaken him for a female all this time? But then again, it did not matter since Natasha was not supposed to be involved with this person anyway.

”Lady Natasha, you saved my life. Now, allow me to return this honor to you by saving your life. I hope you will forgive me for being this rough with you. ”

Sir Ashleys voice was soft but strong when he made that vow. Natasha was about to pull back and tell him that there was no need to repay her when her breath was stolen away.

Warm lips were pressed against her own and once again, energy rushed inside Natasha. Her arms and legs which had protested against her before were once again active. Her body was getting its energy back.

But it was all at the cost of having her mouth plundered by Ashelys tongue. It was a rough and hard kiss that was consuming Natashas insides.

And it was also making her head go blank with pleasure.

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