Debt of Fate

Ch 3: You can no longer escape [pt3]

What happened? I feel like I had a long and scary dream. Is it time to wake up now?

Blue eyes opened slowly and took in the world around them. Natashas body protested against her will to wake up but she was able to push through it all with her determination.

Her body hurt to move even a single muscle. It felt as if she had no energy available in her body but she still felt alive.

”Sister! You are finally awake. I was so afraid that you would never wake up but I never lost hope in you. I knew you would wake up one day. ”

The voice sounded familiar to Natasha. She wanted to confirm her suspicions but her body did not agree with her mind. She might have been able to pick herself up but that did not mean Natasha had enough energy to lift her head and look around.

All she could do was pick her body up until it was in a sitting position. Anything more than that required too much effort on her part.

”Richard? ”

Natasha could not help but marvel at her one voice. It was soft but rough, almost sounding as if it was underused. Her throat also hurt when she tried to force the words out.

She had to grasp her throat to ensure that nothing was wrong with her at this very moment.

Her sudden action caused her arm to hurt. Pins and needles bit her arm at different places as she moved too fast.

But despite all this, Natasha kept on being stubborn and touched her throat. It turned out to be unharmed and Natasha took a sigh of relief.

”You should not push yourself too much sister. After all, your body had no energy to be moving around. You need to recharge your energy so let me help you out. ”

Natasha quickly looked up at her brothers face. For some reason, his voice sounded much more mature than the last time she had seen him.

She still remembered his bright blue eyes begging her not to leave. The desire to see his brothers cute face was too much for Natasha and she ended up giving in to that impulse.

However, as soon as she looked up she realized that something was wrong. Her brother who should still be small somehow looked bigger and taller than before.

His blond hair and blue eyes were still the same gentle ones but his body had changed a ton from back then. It was almost as if years had passed since she had last seen him and Natasha could not help but marvel in worry and interest.

”R-Richard is that you-muff ”

Natasha was still in the middle of asking her question so she completely missed the attack coming. Before she knew it, a tongue was being forced down her throat, and with it came the sensation of coolness.

Richard was not holding back on touching Natasha either. His big hands were gently framing Natashas face and his tongue was going deep into her throat. He was sucking all the wind out of her.

Natashas face was red in shame and arousal. Richards touch felt so pleasurable that it was making Natashas mind melt. Her limbs were losing energy but her body felt more active than before.

It was as if energy was being poured inside her body by some means.

She could not help but lean more into Richards touch as he pulled back from Natasha. His hands never left Natashas body but she felt the heat from the inside.

Her thighs felt wetter than they had before and Natasha was mortified to feel herself get wet.

”Is this better sister? I saw that your hands had no strength left so I decided to help you out. I hope you would forgive me for taking such liberties with you. ”

Natasha was still trying to reel her head around the face that she had just kissed. And none other than her younger half-blooded brother at that.

Now, Natasha had never actually considered Richard as her brother since she had her memories from her past life. But she was sure that it was not the case for Richard here.

As far as Natasha could remember, Richard had always adored her and followed her along like a real sibling. He had been the cute duck who followed her everywhere and listened to her words.

She could just not imagine him doing something sexual to her.

Especially not when he had a destined partner waiting for him out there.

”Look, Richard. What you did just now- ”

”Its alright sister. I know you are confused about what happened but there is no need to be afraid or question it. I only did that to help you out so there is no need for you to lose sleep over it. ”

”Ahhh, is that so? ”

For some reason, Natasha found it hard to believe Richards words. That kiss they had shared had been anything but innocent.

But Natasha knew she should not press her luck right now. Richard had a temper since the start and even she did not know what he was about to do.

”Sister, you should get some sleep now. I will send a doctor to check on your situation now that you are awake. You should recover your strength as soon as you can so that we can get to the important part. ”

”Richard, wait- ”

But her brother was gone before she could ask him anything more. He was in and out like a gust of wind, knocking Natashas words off-balance and leaving.

Besides, Natasha could still feel the press of his lips against her own. This was a sensation she was sure she would not be able to forget anytime soon.

There was a knock at the door which finally distracted Natasha and she was relieved to see the doctor enter the room. Finally, someone was there who could shed light on what had happened to her and what was going on around her.

Natasha was too confused with what was going on and it did not seem like Richard was going to come forth with the truth.

The doctor seemed hesitant to enter the room but his eyes widened as soon as he saw Natasha sitting in the bed alive.

”Holy! So you woke up and the crown prince was not lying. How do you feel? Is everything alright? Does your body hurt? ”

The doctor covered the distance between himself and Natasha in a matter of seconds. He was right up in her personal space when Natasha pushed him away.

She was surprised to see her limbs finally listening to her and pushing the man away. It seemed as if she had regained some of her strength back by now.

The doctor looked fascinated with Natashas display of strength as well. But this time he maintained his distance from her.

”I am sorry but this is all a little overwhelming for me. Can you tell me what happened here? My mind is a little messy currently. ”

Natasha could tell that she was finally about to her answers. The doctor looked like he was hanging on to her every word as if it was a miracle.

”Of course, I can tell you what happened, your highness. It has been seven years since that date the duke tried to sacrifice you to the demon but it did not work. In the end, the emperor was the one who stepped in to save you. ”

”But he lost his life in the process. The Crown Prince asked the high priest to keep your body alive since you could recover one day and look at that. You did wake up today after all. ”

Natasha blinked her eyes stupidly as she tried to take in everything she had heard.

First of all, she could not believe that everything in her dream had actually happened but she had somehow managed to live past it all.

And also, she was surprised to know that Richard had asked her body to be preserved. Wasn he supposed to mourn her loss and be trying to get better? What was he doing wasting his time in her room?

And worse of all, why had he kissed her?

”Seven years? Then I am twenty-three years old now. I missed a lot, huh? ”

Natasha was still trying to come to terms with what had happened to her. She was scared of what all this meant for her.

She remembered what had happened in her dream quite vividly. She had been about to leave this world when something pulled her back. The feeling of hands around her stomach was still a vivid feeling that was difficult to get rid of.

It was as if the heat those hands had left behind was still clinging to her body.

”My lady, are you not going to ask the most important question? Don you want to know how you survived even after you were dead? ”

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