Returning quickly after getting the potion, I found Dietrich still as motionless as the dead.

Carefully, I unbuttoned his shirt since I needed to spread the potion on top of the wound.


As I accidentally pressed down on the wound, Dietrich groaned.

Fortunately, the potion’s effects were fast as the wound started closing up gradually.

Dietrich’s rough breathing also got more stable.

Raising my head to check his condition, I saw that his purple eyes were fixed on me.

“You’re awake, Dietrich?”

When did you even wake u…


At that moment, a violent grip clamped down on my shoulder and forced me to drop to the ground.

In an instant, Dietrich was on top of me.


It happened in a blink of an eye.
There was now a sword right next to my face.


[ Steel Mentality is being implemented.


At that, my astonishment promptly died down, and I looked up at Dietrich calmly.

With bloody murder clear in his actions, he drove his sword closer next to my face.

‘Is he going to slash it at me?’

However, Dietrich did nothing more with the sword.

Swirling within his eyes were deep, conflicting emotions.

Why? Why hadn’t he stabbed me yet? If I was in his shoes, I’d have attacked me a long time ago.

“Ha… Why are you here.”

As though he had come to his senses, Dietrich snarled with a voice full of murderous intent.

With our bodies in close contact, his rough breathing as it touched my skin was so warm that it felt as if it’s melting.

“What exactly have you done to me.”

I was the one here who did her best to get him treatment, yet he remembered none of it.

“What a relief.
You were completely motionless just a moment ago, but it seems you’re feeling better now.”

Dietrich’s brow knitted together.

Observing his crumpled expression, I raised one finger to press down on his previously injured abdomen.

Then, startled, Dietrich grabbed my wrist.

“Just what are you—”

Doesn’t hurt anymore, right?”


Dietrich looked incredulous as I said it.

“I found you injured, collapsed over there.
So I just gave you treatment.”

“You treated me? You?”

Full of disbelief, Dietrich burst into laughter.

So what was I supposed to do, just ignore you?

He kept his weight on my shoulder and stared at me as if he really would kill me, but now, he suddenly let me go.

“I’ve been opening so many doors like a madman for a week straight.
There’s no exit anywhere.”


“…What do you want from me?”

Suppressing his anger, he lowered his voice.

Just please let me leave now.”

He was sincere.

But if that’s how it worked, I myself would have left first.

“I can’t.”


“You’ve already been told—find the Room of Truth.
That’s the method you’ve been given, and it’s the only way out.”

Perhaps shock or perhaps despondency, I couldn’t tell which one of those emotions were behind Dietrich’s eyes now as he glanced down at me.

‘He looks a little thin, too.’

Suddenly, I recalled the time I had played through 〈 Lindbergh’s Mansion 〉 a long time ago.

When playing as the protagonist in the game, the player had to pay attention not only to the objective of finding the Room of Truth, but also the survival aspect of the story.

It’s possible to get proper rest or take potions to replenish stamina, but among the stats, it’s particularly difficult to fulfill ‘satiety’.

The protagonist had to eat regularly, but to do so, he’d have to open a room that had a prepared meal inside.

‘Of course, there were many cases where I found traps instead or died from starvation when I couldn’t find food on time.’

I had gotten so absorbed in finding the crushed shards that I couldn’t care less about the protagonist’s—Dietrich’s—satiety that I had starved him to death.


I suddenly felt remorseful towards the guy.


[ System upgrade, loading… ]


While I was lost in thought, the loading sign that I had seen back when I had played the game pre-transmigration… suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.


[ System upgrade, complete.


What the?

I blinked repeatedly at the system message I was seeing for the first time.


[ ‘Dietrich’ is the 99th soul to have entered this mansion.

This mansion has been opened especially for him.

Charlotte, maid of Lindbergh’s Mansion, do your best to attend to the guest who has not visited the mansion in a long time.


[ Role of Charlotte, maid of Lindbergh’s Mansion ]

– For each stage, complete the tasks given to you with zeal.

※ Penalties shall be handed down for each failure incurred.


…Stage? Task?

For each floor of 〈 Lindbergh’s Mansion 〉, a story would unfold gradually.
And in the game, each floor was called a ‘stage’.

‘But what does it mean by task?’

Was it talking about what I did when Dietrich first entered the mansion?

The system window I had been staring at until now slowly disappeared.
As my gaze lingered blankly up in the empty air, I gradually looked down.

…There was something I was seeing for the first time over Dietrich’s head.


[ Stamina: 30/100 ]

[ Satiety: 20/100 ]


That wasn’t there before, but I already knew what those numbers meant.

That’s because those stats were constantly floating above Dietrich’s head while I was playing as him in the game.

…Besides that, his satiety was at 20?

Good lord, he’s on the verge of death.

His stamina’s weird, too.

What if he were to meet a monster and faint right then and there? He’d just get pummeled to death while he’s unconscious.

“…Excuse me, what are you looking at?”

It seemed like Dietrich didn’t know the reason why I was dazedly looking at the area above his head.


I grabbed him by the wrist.

“What are you…”

Surprised, he tried to shake off my hand, but I had no intention of letting go.
I clasped his wrist tighter.

At this rate, this guy’s going to die.

It’s not a joke, and neither was it an exaggeration.
He’s literally going to die.

“Let’s eat.”

For a moment there, the expression Dietrich had as he was looking at me turned strange.

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