It was still 1 O clock during midnight time. At this hour Victon and his mother Mrs. Victoria Rion both were returning from a birthday party of the citys mayors son. It has already been so late and the weather was also at its worst state. It was wet and scary. Lightnings keep on striking in the sky like they can destroy anyone who comes between their paths. The rain was lashing down on the deserted road mercilessly. Darkness was everywhere. The strong wind was also flowing furiously as if someone had angered him up to death. The whole environment is very frightening as well as thrilling.

But after driving for sometimes the fifteen years old Victon just saw someone who was laying on the roadside they were passing due to the light that was produced by the heavy lightning.

”Mom, stop the car!!! ” He almost yelled. ”Look, there is someone laying on the road side. ” He told his mom with his shock filled voice, who was driving the car only focusing on the road. Hearing out her sons voice she immediately stopped the car.

”Where my son? ” She asked getting worried slightly.

”Over there… ” He said by pointing his fingers towards the laying person. When she spotted the person she immediately turned around the car and drove towards that laying person.

On the other hand there was a small timid girl unconsciously laying on the roadside. When they both reached near her then only they saw how pathetic her condition was actually. The mud has been covered all over her body. The fresh bruises can be seen easily even in this rate of darkness. Her cloth was torn and feet were empty. It seems like she hasn eaten for many days. She was looking very thin and vulnerable and they both just didn like the sight in front of them even a bit.

By looking at the sight in front of him Victon doesn know why but an unknown unbearable pain as well as anger started to feel inside his heart. Then they checked her pulse which was already becoming very slow. If she doesn get any treatment immediately she might die any time soon. They both become so worried by looking at her. So without wasting any more time they lifted her up and placed her inside the car.

Mrs. Rion sat on the driver seat and started driving to the nearest hospital as soon as possible while Victon had just put her head on his lap and her body was lying on the back sheet very comfortably and he just kept on stroking her cheeks slightly. After sometime he brought out his handkerchief from his pocket and started to wipe out the mud from her face very slowly and gently.

When he was done cleaning her face, for some seconds his breath got hitched by looking at the sight in front of him. Even though she looks vulnerable, her beauty can be denied by him at any cost. She was looking so pretty in her sleeping state and according to him she is the prettiest girl he had ever seen. At that moment he just couldn take off his eyes from her angelic face. God knows how she will look when she will open her eyes. His subconscious mind started to think and instantly he felt some type of invisible connection with that girl.

While he was lost in his own thoughts he doesn know when they reached the hospital. Its still raining but they didn stop. They quickly brought her to the hospital and admitted her to the ICU.

”The doctor will treat her as soon as possible. ” Mrs Rion told the doctor very seriously but the urgency can be seen very clearly in her voice.

”Yes, mam…there is no need to worry. We will try our best to save her. Just wait for some time. ”

”Ok doctor… ”


She got up with a very heavy headache and severe body pain with so much hunger. She has not eaten for at least three days she thought. With that those dreadful memories will again keep on coming back to her mind. Those are like her nightmares which were forever going to hunt her and there is no way she thinks she can escape.

Sighing helplessly she tried to got up but again felt those pains all over her body and a large groan managed to escape from her mouth. Then only she realised that she is in a hospital room right now.

”Who brought me here? The last thing I remember was that I was in the van with those monsters and they threw me out of the van to the muddy roadside like Im some type of trash. ” She mumbl

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