For a moment, Lin Zhexia was a little stunned.

The ring of the can was still on her finger.

It was mainly because she was unprepared for Chi Yao’s move, like it was a sudden attack.

Even though he clearly looked like he didn’t want to give her any attention.

So when she finally reacted, she had already missed the best opportunity to fight back.

She could only reply, “Oh you’re so smart.
I haven’t practiced, it’s normal that I can’t open it.”

Lin Zhexia continued to say slowly, “And who knows whether you’ve been practicing secretly for a long time in order to show off being cool.”

While she was talking.

Chi Yao had already taken back his hand and rested it back on his knee.
He continued to watch the movie, retracting the glance he just gave her like it was charity.

Only one sentence was dropped, “Do I look that bored?”

The second half of the film followed a very regular plot.
The protagonists found the villain behind the scene and then fought the villain at a critical moment.
Along with the “pow pow pow” sound effects, nobody could shift their eyes away.

Lin Zhexia took a sip of the lemonade soda in her hand and also continued to follow along.

After the movie, He Yang and the others proposed to play board games.

For this group of students on summer vacation, time is the thing they have the most.

He Yang brought his own game cards, he took out a stack of black cards from his pocket, “I’ll deal.
Those who want to play, gather around, I’ll talk about the rules.”

“Yao-ge,” When He Yang got to them, he handed the rest of the stack to them, “Draw one?”

Chi Yao glanced at the cards in his hand and did not take one, “A little sleepy, I’m gonna nap a bit.”

He Yang turned to Lin Zhexia and said, “Alright, Xia-ge, you draw.”

Like copying and pasting, Lin Zhexia used Chi Yao’s template, “You guys play, I’m gonna do my homework.”

He Yang took back the cards, he was used to it, “You two are always special every time.”

Although everyone in their “Nanxiang subunit” grew up together, each relationship still had its own closeness.
Everyone in the group acquiesced to the fact that Lin Zhexia and Chi Yao, two people who never agree with each other, are actually the closest of all of them.

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Chi Yao said he was a little sleepy, so he really did sleep for a bit.

Lin Zhexia guessed that he must’ve rushed back last night, it probably tormented him the entire road.

But he didn’t go back to his room to sleep.
Likely since he didn’t intend to sleep for very long, so he directly dozed off beside Lin Zhexia.

The bean bag was already placed on the carpet, he can sleep on the carpet with his head pillowed on it.
However, a certain person’s legs were too long, even the carpet seemed a little crowded.

Lin Zhexia looked down at her own leg, compared the length, then silently opened her unfinished homework.

Halfway through her homework, Chi Yao woke up.

Lin Zhexia was still wandering in the ocean of education, unaware of this.

Until she heard a:

“This answer is wrong.”

After half a minute, there was another:

“This one’s not right either.”

“The fact that you got into No.
2 High by the cutoff,” Chi Yao commented one last time, “it really wasn’t easy.”

The tip of Lin Zhexia’s pencil paused on the paper, she replied to him, “Thank you for your affirmation, luck is indeed a part of one’s strength.”

In the end, what turned out was that He Yang and others played tabletop games while Chi Yao helped her through her homework amid the chatter.

He had just woken up.

With one hand on the carpet, he sat up and came near her.
Then he picked up the pencil with his other hand and wrote down the steps to the problem in a blank space in her book.

“This question is a bit difficult,” Lin Zhexia tried to give herself some remedy, “It’s a comprehensive question, it’s easy to lose points here.”

Chi Yao’s handwriting was very similar to his character.

His writing was carefree, and the words turned out very beautiful, but because he wrote too fast, it was sort of messy.

“Difficult?” He finished the last word, “I’m too lazy to even solve this problem.”

Calm down.

Calm down a bit.

We should see through the appearance to the essence.

In any case, this person is helping her with her homework right now.

And it’s not like this is the first time.

Having known each other for so many years, his tutoring style has always been like this.

Those who make big achievements don’t care about details.

Therefore, she must, definitely, calm, down.

Lin Zhexia gave herself some guidance and quickly adjusted her mood, “It must be hard for you, since you’re willing to move your noble fingers and leave your valuable handwriting on my homework.
I’m very, very moved.”

Chi Yao threw down the pencil and didn’t believe her act.

Lin Zhexia followed the steps he gave to the question just now.

Chi Yao often helped her with homework.

Often to the extent that Lin Zhexia would think it’s often.

While erasing her original answer, she chatted with Chi Yao about the visit to his relatives in the neighboring city a while ago, “By the way, where did you go visit your relatives the other day?”

“The city next to ours.”

Chi Yao said, “A relative’s family’s kid was celebrating their first birthday.”

Lin Zhexia changed her answer and chatted at the same time, “Did you guys draw lots? When I was young, I drew…”

She didn’t finish her words.

Chi Yao continued it for her, “You drew the tablecloth.”

“Did I tell you that before?” Lin Zhexia can’t really recall.
After all, she and Chi Yao talked so much every day, it was hard to remember what they talked about and what they didn’t, “You have a good memory.”

Chi Yao’s tone of voice carried a little sarcasm, “Oh, it has nothing to do with memory.
If a person repeats her stupid deeds to you more than three times, you will also remember.”

Lin Zhexia timely changed the topic, “What did you grab when you were young? You probably didn’t grab anything, right?”

Chi Yao indeed did not grab anything.

“I didn’t have one.” He said.

“You didn’t have one?”

“A first anniversary celebration,” Chi Yao said indifferently, “My family was too busy out doing business that year.”

Lin Zhexia remembered Chi Yao’s mother’s face, it was somewhat cold and full of aura.
Long ago, she had heard Lin He say that Chi Yao’s mother returned to work right after giving birth.
It’s not surprising that a strong woman like her didn’t hold a first anniversary celebration.

After a while, Lin Zhexia said, “So you really didn’t grab anything.”

She continued word by word, “No wonder, you turned out worse than nothing.”

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