Lin Zhexia noticed that she learned the new semester’s content very quickly.

For several consecutive days of classes, she had mastered both the content in class and the hard problems the teacher left behind after class.

Today, it soon arrived at PE class again.

Lin Zhexia thought of the 8 yuan he scammed Chi Yao last time and thought about buying something to eat to give it back to him.

She and Chen Lin went to the concession stand.
Chen Lin suggested buying sandwiches but Lin Zhexia refused, “He doesn’t like bread.”

“He doesn’t eat much fast food either.”

“Snacks are also no good.”

“So troublesome.” Lin Zhexia looked around and realized that the concession stand didn’t sell the food Chi Yao liked.
Finally, she went to see the fridge again, “I guess, water again? It’s more practical.”

Chen Lin, “How will water be enough for 8 yuan?”

Lin Zhexia, “It’s fine if I buy the more expensive kind this time.
Like this bottle of imported water that’s 12 yuan, which is 4 yuan more than 8 yuan and shows my generosity.”

Chen Lin, “…”

Chen Lin recalled how after sending Lin Zhexia the link yesterday, her deskmate only replied to her with a “speechless” emote.

So she couldn’t help but ask, “Did you not know before? That he’s famous?”

Lin Zhexia said after she finished paying, “I didn’t go to the same middle school as him, so I don’t know much.”

Chen Lin was still surprised that the handsome guy who created such a sensation on the school forum is her deskmate’s childhood friend.

“Let me ask you,” Chen Lin said, “How does it feel growing up facing such a face?”

She had just wanted to say, “If it were me, I would wake up from my dreams laughing.”

However, after Lin Zhexia thought for a moment, she answered earnestly, “…My hand itches.”

Chen Lin, “?”

Lin Zhexia, “It’s just that a lot of the time, it’s that feeling where I want to give him a beating, but I can’t overpower him.”

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After the class gathered, it was free time.
Lin Zhexia went to the basketball court to find Chi Yao with the imported bottled water.
Before she got close, she saw a crowd outside the court.

Chi Yao was already on the court.
He dribbled past several people, then at the next second, the ball entered the basket.
A chorus of voices immediately arose all around.

Although the crowd didn’t make it too obvious, it still wasn’t difficult to tell who the specific object of their gaze was.

Under this crowd of loud voices and excessive gazes, Lin Zhexia hesitated.

The last time she ran out was before class started, and she had no idea of Chi Yao’s popularity in the school.

But it’s different this time.

She looked at the crowd, thinking it would be very awkward to squeeze through because there were so many people.

Plus she didn’t come to watch Chi Yao play.


She also had to give the water to Chi Yao under the public’s full view.

No matter how generous this bottle of water is.


It’s still a little hard to give.

“How about I give it after school,” Lin Zhexia said quietly, standing next to several girls, “…It seems that there are other people planning on giving him water, and these people are quite eager.
Since he doesn’t lack water, how about I’ll just drink it myself.”

When Lin Zhexia was ready to taste this generous water alone, the whistle sounded.

The first half ended, and there was a break.

Chi Yao stepped down from the court.

He seemed to have already seen her a while ago and walked straight in her direction.

Chi Yao walked to her and naturally extended his hand to her.

Seeing her stunned, he reminded, “Water.”

Lin Zhexia did come to pay back the favor after all, so she ignored the crowd around them and handed him the water like a waiter, “Please enjoy.”

Chi Yao hesitated for a second before unscrewing the bottle cap.

Lin Zhexia hurriedly said, “I’m doing charity work today, no errand fee, you can drink it at ease.”

“And this water,” Lin Zhexia emphasized its price, “is 12 yuan.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t charge you the difference— after all, I am such a generous person, unlike someone who asks 50 per glance.”

After Lin Zhexia finished talking, she planned to dip since the water had already been delivered.

However, young master Chi Yao was very familiar with acting like a master.
After drinking the water, he screwed back the bottle cap and put it back in her hand.

Lin Zhexia, “Can’t you hold it yourself?”

Before Chi Yao went back to the court, he said, “People like me who have a bad temper and like overpricing don’t like to hold water themselves.”

Lin Zhexia held down thoughts of smashing Chi Yao’s head with the bottled water and found an open space outside the court to sit.
Then she watched Chi Yao play from a distance while helping him hold the water.

Under the scorching sun, the whole court was covered in full sunlight, including the people on the court.

Chi Yao got the ball again at this moment.
He dribbled the ball from his left hand to his right, and was marked by two people.

When the youth on the court finished his feints and jumped, the wind blew from under the hem of his shirt and lifted the hem a little, making it seem like he was flying in the air—


The ball fell sharply from the center of the basket.

Lin Zhexia stared at the ball, and the sentence Chen Lin said last time suddenly floated in her mind, “He’s very famous.”

Near the end of class, the second half ended.

After Chi Yao got off the court, he was probably coming to her for water since he started heading in her direction once again.

However, on the way, he was stopped by someone.

Lin Zhexia noticed that the girls who stopped him were the two who stood beside her just now, and one of them also had water in her hand.
She seemed to muster up the courage, her ears turned red, and quietly said something to Chi Yao.

She wasn’t able to hear clearly what the girl said in specific.

But she heard Chi Yao’s response clearly.

The youth used a tone full of laxity.

Polite, but with a clear sense of distance.

He said, “Thanks, but I’m allergic to the water given by strangers.”

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