Lin Zhexia was choked by this man’s brazenness that she couldn’t speak.

But she couldn’t refute it.

Because she did in fact scam him before PE class.

Lin Zhexia, “I just forgot to bring money with me today.
If anything, I’ll just return it to you when we get back.”

She said, closing the page on her phone.

“And who wants to look at you,” She continued, “Your looks are only average.”

The moment her voice fell.

The bus had just arrived at the next stop, and it jolted violently when it braked.

At the same time, Chi Yao, who had been standing by her side looking down at her, suddenly bent down.
He shortened the distance between them, and brought his face right in front of her.

He pulled up the corner of his lips, looked at her closely, and said with a sneer, “I’m, only just average?”

Lin Zhexia kept her head up, carefully looked at him again, and then said frankly, “It’s no use even if you get close.
No matter how I look, I still feel that you’re very ordinary.”

Chi Yao pulled the corner of his lips, “So who was the person who sent me a message during the break and praised me for being a handsome guy?”

Lin Zhexia, “You also said it yourself that I was being crazy.”

Chi Yao only stooped down to get close to her for a bit, he quickly straightened up again, looking like he was too lazy to argue with her, “Ask for a leave tomorrow, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Lin Zhexia, “Go to the hospital for what?”

Chi Yao said coldly, “Since you have no use for your eyes, donate them to those who need them.”

Lin Zhexia looked at him and couldn’t help shaking her head.
She sighed from the bottom of her heart, “You’re already so ordinary looking, now you’re also narrow-minded on top of that.”

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After returning back home, Lin He had already made dinner and was waiting for her.

Lin Zhexia showed Lin He the test paper she wrote today, and Lin He expressed her satisfaction with the score, “As I said, stupid birds need to start flying earlier, there is truth to this saying.”

Lin Zhexia buried herself in the food and was too lazy to correct that she isn’t a stupid bird.

Lin He put down the test paper and said, “Although you did well on this test, you can’t be too proud of yourself, your upcoming studies are very important… Oh right, it’s thanks to Chi Yao that you did well on the test this time.”

Lin Zhexia could not help but retort, “In my opinion, it’s mainly because I’m quite smart.”

Lin He, “You, smart? Count it yourself, how many questions on here haven’t been taught to you by Chi Yao.”

Lin Zhexia, “…”

“But, you know,” Lin Zhexia said again, “There’s a saying that says, one can’t make bricks without straw1.”

Lin He, “I don’t wanna bother talking to you.
After you finish eating, you should bring Chi Yao a fruit basket.”

So Lin Zhexia could only agree.

That night, before she got to see Chi Yao, she ran into He Yang on her way to deliver the fruit basket.

He Yang had a video game cassette in his hand, he asked, “Going to Yao-ge’s house? Let’s go together?”

Lin Zhexia originally didn’t really want to go, she just got caught as an errand runner.
So she placed the fruit basket in He Yang’s hand and said, “You go ahead, help me bring this to him.”

He Yang took the fruit basket and asked, “You’re not coming?”

“Alright, then I’m going.”

After He Yang said that, he had only walked a few steps when he was stopped by Lin Zhexia again.

“Wait a minute.”

Lin Zhexia called out to him and said, “I have something to ask you.”

The sky was getting dark and mosquitoes were coming out.

The two squatted on the edge of the lawn, chatting while smacking mosquitoes.

He Yang was puzzled, “Xia-ge, hurry up and ask, I’ve already gotten several bumps on my legs.”

Lin Zhexia remembered those replies from the forum.
She didn’t know why she stopped him by a curious coincidence, she organized her words and asked, “You used to go to the same school as Chi Yao.
Before, at school, was he… I mean, were there many people with blind eyes that think he’s very hot?”

He Yang’s expression got slightly complicated.

Although he did not know why Lin Zhexia suddenly caught him and asked him this, he still answered truthfully, “If it’s according to your standard, there may not be many people with normal eyesight in our previous school.”

He Yang said, “But why do you ask?”

Lin Zhexia also wanted to ask if there was an origin story to the sentence “will be rejected miserably”.

But after thinking about it, she felt that it was strange to ask this question, so she stopped there, “Nothing, it’s just that I suddenly realize there are many blind people in this world.”


He Yang opened the door of Chi Yao’s home.

He had just entered when he bumped into Chi Yao coming out of the bathroom.

Chi Yao was originally adjusting the shirt on his body.
The collar of the shirt was too big, looking quite improper.

After seeing it was He Yang, he was too lazy to even adjust it anymore.

“What are you carrying,” Chi Yao said, “Don’t put it in my place.”

He Yang, “Fruit basket, Lin Zhexia gave it to me just now, she said to bring it to you.”

Lin Zhexia wouldn’t give him a fruit basket for nothing.

It’s obvious that Lin He made her bring it over, so Chi Yao didn’t say more.

However, it was He Yang who started questioning, “How come she won’t come herself? Did you two quarrel again?”

Chi Yao raised her eyelids slightly, “She said I quarreled with her?”

He Yang, “She didn’t, but she did say something strange.”

Chi Yao motioned for him to keep talking.

He Yang, “She asked me if there were many blind people in our previous school.
I told her there were quite a lot.”

Chi Yao, “…”

Although it sounded like she had problems with her brain.

But it does indeed seem like a question she would ask.

Chi Yao sat on the sofa with a head of wet hair, his collar exposed all the way to his collarbones.
He picked up the remote control and turned on the TV.
He swept a glance sideways at the game cassette in He Yang’s hand, asked, “Playing?”

He Yang was almost dazzled by the “masculine sexiness” in front of him.

It might be due to Lin Zhexia’s strange question earlier that aroused some sort of nerves, but he suddenly thought of some scenes back when he went to school with this young master.

It’s true that Chi Yao was very famous in their previous school.

However, that kind of fame wasn’t so much like a fanfare, but more like some unspoken understanding.

A distant, hard to approach, and unreachable person that everyone unspeakably understood.

Chi Yao got good grades, but he didn’t really try in classes.

Sometimes he would secretly play games in class and would get called out by the teacher to stand in the halls.

Between the light and dark, the youth leaned against the wall, height tall and legs long, dressed in a school uniform.

——It attracted many secret glances.

After a while, He Yang returned to his senses and said, “Playing.”

“But can you get dressed first?”

He Yang said again, “Although I’m also a man and I’m very straight, but are you not afraid that I might not be able to control myself?”

Chi Yao dragged his collar up and cussed at him, “Dumbass.”

A moment later, the two sat on the sofa, each with a game controller.

He Yang said as he controlled his game character with his hands, “But you have finished your homework? Is No.
2 High so chill that you have no homework?”

Chi Yao, “Just some class preparation homework, there’s no need to do it.”

“You already know everything?”

“Thanks to someone,” Chi Yao said carelessly with his fingers on the handle, “In order to teach her, I already learned it during the vacation.”

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