looking all over Celina’s body.
I nodded my head.

Although Celina did not possess magical power, she was the child who was most cherished by outside wizards, so she was treated with honor and hospitability by anyone but her family.

“I’m fine.
But I want to talk to Mikael.”

That’s exactly it.
You did very well!]

I just did what I wanted, but I heard a sudden compliment.

“I understand.
I’ll prepare things right away.”

Ian began to move busily.
I stared blankly at what the butler was doing for a while, then carefully turned my eyes to the protagonist.

Mikael immediately showed a bright smile.
It seemed that he had been looking at me since before.

I smiled at him as if I had been possessed by something.
The corners of my mouth were out of control and rose on their own, like an idiot.
Ah, the protagonist’s face is the best.

In fact, at the time of writing, my feelings for the protagonist often crossed between love and hatred.
I wondered how I could go back and forth between extremes to that extent.

The feelings of both extremes were perfectly proportional.
I suffered as much as I cared about him.

But now it felt like the negative emotions had definitely disappeared.
I didn’t know if it was because the inner waves had passed, or because we were facing each other like this.

[Wouldn’t it be better to ask Ian to leave?]

I glanced sideways at the chat window that was fading in the air.
I was already hoping for it.

“When you finish, please leave us for a while.”

“I understand.”

Ian replied.
As I was doing this, I felt like I was in a virtual reality that was impossible to distinguish from reality.
I couldn’t believe I was experiencing the essence of future technology like this.

If this kind of perfect virtual reality comes out, assuming that consciousness is really me and not a body that is a shell, will it be possible to easily conclude which side is the real reality?

“Young Lady.”

Ian’s neat voice pulled me out of my philosophical thoughts.


“It’s all set.
I will take my leave now.”

At some point, an assortment of shiny snacks occupied the table by the window, which had been empty until just now.
The rising scent of tea was fragrant.

“Thank you.
We’ll enjoy it.”

“Sorry? What are you saying suddenly? You don’t have to thank me.”

He tilted his head as if in doubt.
I replied awkwardly.

“Ah… I see.

Please feel free to call me if you need anything.”

Ian gave a polite bow and left.
I scratched my head once, as if I was still confused.

Did I just make a mistake? Wow.
I didn’t know why, but I felt chills down my spine for a moment.

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