“Celina, what do you think? Why did they call us?”

Mikael asked me the following question.
Celina was a wise character, so it was inevitable.
I pretended to think about it.

“… Well.
Judging from the timing, I think they’re going to suggest marriage.”

“What? What marriage? Between whom?”

Elizabeth frowned.

“Brother Evan and Ingrit.”

“That’s right.
That’s what I’m thinking, too.”

Elijah said.
In terms of personality, he was close to a hermit and a scholar.
He had no greed for power.

The title of Count he obtained recently was also forcibly given by the emperor, to keep an eye on him.
It also was to satisfy his own research needs that he made his children.
Though Celina was an unexpected mistake.

In any case, it was natural for the emperor to keep an eye on him.
Seeing that he doesn’t even show his face properly, built a magnificent castle in the middle of a cold and large lake in the remote north, and stays there quietly without a trace, he’s wondering whether he has a secret plan for a rebellion.

“Then, whenever it is, the temple will react as well.
Either support it or oppose it.”

Evan said carefully.

They will surely support it.”

Elijah, who didn’t even touch the food and was only sipping the wine, suddenly looked at me.

However, his vivid golden eyes returned to their original place in an instant, as if he had never looked at me in the first place.
It was so natural that I wondered if it was my mistake.

“The emperor is still a sly and sharp man.
He’s always aiming at our necks.
If the person in question can’t bite, he’ll have his children do it.”

Elijah said harshly but resolutely.

“Mikael, you met those people at the banquet.
What do you think?”


Mikael tapped his chin as if recalling that time.

“I’m not sure what to think yet.
However, I hope I will reach the same opinion as Master.
There must be a good reason for thinking that way.”

He replied.
I clapped my hands inwardly when I heard his answer.
Congratulations on earning a favorable impression.

Although Elijah kept Mikael by his side according to the setting, he didn’t fully trust and rely on him.
However, you could say that once he opened his heart, his trust would go on forever.
He wasn’t the most difficult hidden target character for nothing.

Now that the choice had passed, I wasn’t curious about anything.
I took my eyes off the sculptural master and disciple who were whispering to each other.

Outside the window, a blizzard that did not match the current season swirled.
The whistling sound that hit your ears through the window was uproarious.
This castle did not distinguish between seasons.

Everything in this vicinity was determined at the hand of Elijah.
Even if it was like this right now, the scorching heat and the rainy season could start later in the night.

“Hey, hey.
Why don’t we drink tea in our sister’s garden? Now that Mikael is a member of our family, I don’t think it would be bad for him to take a look around.”

Elizabeth said around the end of the meal.
As if she was provoking me.

I, who was meaninglessly chewing a tomato, glanced at her, not knowing what to do.
Ha! I heard her scoffing straight away as if she was pissed off.

Are you all right?”

Elijah asked, conventionally.

[Please tell them absolutely not.]

Come whenever you want.
It doesn’t matter.”

I ignored the chat window and nodded.


The series of exclamation marks at the end of the text were pretty obvious.
I was convinced again.
That the existence that floated the text in my dream was the ‘real Celina’.

[Really! That’s too much! I care a lot about that garden!]

The chat window now openly referred to itself as ‘me’.
Celina, who was too weak to go outside often, hid and cared for her own private space, the garden; but I wasn’t like that.

If they want to go, then go.

[Are you really going to be like this? I’m sad.]

For reference, ‘Celina’s Aerial Garden’ is the place Mikael often visited to activate quests or check the status of his targets.
It’s stunningly beautiful.

If you have finished eating, you can get up.”

Elijah, who didn’t touch any food except wine until the end, rose slowly from his seat.
With him taking the lead, everyone left the dining room in a line.

Elizabeth, who was friendly to everyone but Celina, began to chatter beside Hendrik.
Elijah had Mikael by his side.

I walked slowly at the very end, like an awkward loner.
While walking, Yuri tried to have a staring contest with me.

Then, the moment I uttered a curse inwardly for the fifth time for him to fall down while looking back like that,


The boy really fell to the ground.

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