There was no way Tang Ruoyu could ignore Ye Tian's mockery, but for the sake of her family's future, she had to put aside her pride.


However, when Ye Tian saw Tang Ruoyu's resistance, he shook his head.


Seeing that there was no point in wasting time, he opened the door and said, “You have one minute.
Get to the point, or leave.”


If there were no system, he would have taken advantage of the opportunity to enjoy life and not wasted his time on Tang Ruyu.
Truthfully, he didn't want to be involved with any of the heroines.


But now, he was ready to snatch all the heroines to change his fate and raise his luck points.


The novel takes place in an urban setting, and the plot revolves around the protagonist and many heroines.
Hence, stealing the heroines was also the most effective way to alter the plotline!


Ye Tian didn't want to become the protagonist's stepping stone.


The system was superb.


Now that he had the system, he just had to seize all the heroines!


However, he won't behave the same as the licking dog predecessor to make the heroine fall for him.


Knowing the plot and possessing the system, why was Ye Tian still required to become a licking dog?


According to Ye Tian, if he truly wanted Tang Ruoyu to submit, he didn't even need the plot or the system.
He had many ways to get her to submit.






At this moment, Ye Tian noticed the change in Tang Ryoyu's complexion.


Tang Ruoyu's heart tightened, afraid of Ye Tian leaving the room.
She quickly said, “This time, it's all my own doing.
I was too reckless earlier.
I shouldn't have asked you to terminate our engagement or sign the contract with the video statement!”


“Everything is my fault.
I hope you can persuade your grandfather to calm down.
I will do anything if he is willing to let the Tang family and my parents leave!” Tang Ruoyu explained.


For the sake of her family's future, she was determined that as long as Ye Tian must refrain from touching her, she was willing to agree to any requirements, even if it meant resuming the engagement.


But she never expected Ye Tian's following answer to exceed her expectations, and she never thought that he would respond like this.


“Why should I help you?” Ye Tian coldly asked, “The engagement was proposed by your parents, right? It was also you who requested termination.
And now, you still want me to persuade the old man to calm him down.
Is the face of your Tang family valuable, but the Ye family's not?”


After saying that, Ye Tian glanced at Tang Ruoyu, who was deep in thought.


Then he called Liu Yue outside the door and asked her to explain to Tang Ruoyu how much benefit the Tang family had gained from the Ye family in the past and how big the Ye family's loss was this time.


It wasn't long before she realized that she couldn't make any demands or choices on her own!


The cold goddess?


The stunning campus belle?


If she didn't kneel today, her surname would be destroyed!


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