To be honest, she would have rejected Ye Tian outright if it were in the past.

Whether Ye Tian was asking her simply to cook, if this matter got out, she would be subjected to all kinds of troubles and rumours.
Even her parents would be dragged into it.

Nevertheless, she didn’t immediately refuse.

Because Ye Tian was right, her Mom and Dad’s surgery would cost at least 150,000 yuan.

Even if she looked for friends and relatives, she could only borrow another 20,000 yuan at most, which wasn’t enough for the surgery and treatment.

Not to mention the fact that Grandma has to take medication every month.

She couldn’t afford the surgery fees…

Apart from the deal Ye Tian proposed, she couldn’t think of any way to raise such a large amount of money now.

However, accepting the deal made her feel pressured.
It wasn’t that she suspected Ye Tian of plotting against her.

After all, if Ye Tian did have plans for her, there were plenty of means to take advantage of her.

In addition, Ye Tian stated that Tang Ruoyu was also at his home, making her believe he truly wanted to help her.

So her pressure had nothing to do with Ye Tian.

Instead, she believed that he was overpaying by offering 150,000 yuan for three months of cooking…

In fact, even her parents couldn’t even earn 150,000 yuan a year from their stall.

“Does classmate Mu Xiao feel I’m giving too much money, so you’re upset about it?” Ye Tian asked.

Obviously, this didn’t surprised him.

In the novel, there was a similar development where the protagonist wanted to give Mu Xiao money.
But she felt ashamed of receiving it and didn’t accept it.

But at that time, Mu Xiao’s parents weren’t yet sick, so she had the will to refuse.

Taking this first step was just the beginning of Ye Tian’s plans!

Mu Xiao hesitantly replied, “Senior is right; even though I have little money, you gave me too much ….
So, in case I couldn’t pay it back later…”

She wanted to accept Ye Tian’s offer very much, but… The teachings she had received since childhood didn’t agree with her heart!

Ye Tian wasn’t discouraged by her words.

Already aware of Mu Xiao’s personality, he had already planned what to do if she refused.

“Since you don’t want to get paid too much money for three months, then let’s change it to a year, I’ll have Ruoyu sort out a room for you, and you can stay at my place or return home, one day off a week, it’s decided then.
I will let someone prepare the contract.
By the way, you’re welcome to disagree with the terms, and I will not make things difficult for anyone.”

That’s right!

This was Ye Tian’s counterattack.

He knew that the first deal might tempt Mu Xiao, but in all likelihood, she wouldn’t agree to it.

His first deal was a buffer, and his second was a real deal.
This was so that Mu Xiao could accept it in her heart and at the same time give him enough time to develop his relationship with her deeper.

After all, three months was too short.
It was better to leave it for a year!

And it was just as he had planned.

Hearing the new terms of the deal, the look of hesitation on Mu Xiao’s face instantly became much less.
She quickly replied gratefully, “Then thank you, Senior Ye.
I’ll work hard!”

“Well then, go ahead and get started.
I need to talk to the director.
As for our contract, I’ll have my secretary send it to you later.
You’re studying law.
So, if anything is wrong, say so, and I’ll have her change it.” Ye Tian nodded his head in satisfaction.

After saying that, he walked towards the director’s office.

Mu Xiao’s matter was handled, and now it was Li Shan’s turn.

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