[Hidden Mission: Find the real reason why Lin Pingzhi covets Tang Ruoyu.


Mission Reward: 1,000 Mall Coins.


Mission Penalty: None.


Time remaining: 29 days and 23 hours]



After seeing the content of the mission, Ye Tian fell into contemplation.


According to his memory, Lin Pingzhi was a minor villain that appeared after the protagonist moved from Yun City to Jiangbei.


At that time, the protagonist was invincible in the city, so he easily wiped out the Lin family.


Apart from that, he also knew a secret: Lin Pingzhi wasn't a man.
Right, he had become an enunch because of his unique cultivation technique.


Due to the lack of description of the Lin family in the novel, Ye Tian couldn't think of the reason right away.


Fortunately, the hidden mission had a time limit of a month.


Ye Tian had plenty of time to investigate when he returned, so there was no need to rush.


Then, he glanced at Bai Fang who was too nervous to speak.
Anyway, he directly ignored this woman who sold her daughter for benefits.


“Good performance today.” He praised Tang Ruoyu.


Upon hearing Ye Tian's words, Tang Ruoyu lowered her head shyly.


Nevertheless, it seemed that she was concerned that Ye Tian might misunderstand, so she quickly explained, “I didn't know about this.
…If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have agreed to attend.”


“Mhm.” Ye Tian nodded his head.


Well, Tang Ruoyu didn't have to say this to him.


As a matter of fact, Ye Tian had heard Tang Ruoyu's words that she would be his woman to the very end.


“Patriarch Bai, Miss Tang is the future young mistress of our Lin family, and someone is embracing her publicly.
Are you still planning to keep watching?”


Lin Teng also knew Ye Tian's identity.


Despite finding the scene of Ye Tian and Tang Ruoyu getting close difficult to comprehend, he represented the Lin family for the marriage proposal.


Thus, seeing Tang Ruoyu embrace Ye Tian in front of so many people, wasn't this a slap in the face to the Lin family?


It was true that others were afraid of Ye Tian.
After all, the Ye family had a strong influence on Ye City.


Nevertheless, today he represented the Jiangbei Lin Family, so naturally, he couldn’t damage the Lin Family’s prestige.




Bai Yuan's face turned pale.


In the morning, he was filled with joy that someone from the Lin family would come to wish him a happy birthday.


Even though Bai Yuan didn't know the purpose of the Lin family's visit, he looked forward to befriending such a powerful family.


Additionally, because of their in-law relationship with the Tang family, they were now likely to be destroyed by the Ye family.


Therefore, he had decided early on that whatever Lin Teng's intentions for coming here were, as long as he could befriend them, he was willing to do anything to please them.


As Lin Teng had made clear his intentions, Bai Yuan was already overjoyed in his heart.


At this moment, he understood that Bai Fang had brought Tang Ruoyu back to the Bai family in order to break ties with the Tang family.
This was so that Tang Ruoyu could return to the Bai family and marry into the Lin family as Bai Ruoyu!


As for offending Ye Tian?


Well, just like Lin Teng said, Jiangbei was closer to Yun City than Yan City!


Besides, if Tang Ruoyu was engaged with the Lin family, then even if there were conflicts, they would be between the Ye family and the Lin family.
Meanwhile, the Bai family could make a huge fortune in the background!


With this in mind, Bai Yuan couldn't help but be delighted.


However, the situation had changed!


Tang Ruoyu refused the Lin family's marriage proposal, and Ye Tian personally arrived on the scene.


In fact, Bai Yuan and the others were puzzled to see Ye Tian and Tang Ruoyu, who had broken up the other day, were now so intimate.
They couldn't stand looking at them anymore!


Furthermore, Ye Tian and Tang Ruoyu were intimate right in front of a Lin family member.
This couldn't be ignored.


Moreover, as the Lin family member stood next to him, he had to make a choice quickly.


After thinking about it again and again.
Bai Yuan made his choice.


“Ruoyu, did you hear what Mr.
Lin said? Come over here immediately.
I can't believe a lady representing our family can act so casually.”


Although Ye Tian was strong, yesterday's incident had brought shame to the Ye family; even if Ye Tian did not mind, who knew what Master Ye would do?


And even if everything remained the same, they would still be relatives of the Tang family, but they would offend the Lin family as a result.


Instead, it would be better to choose the Lin family directly!


Lin Teng was right; Yun City was closer to Jiangbei than Yan City.


“What Mr.
Lin? I'm Ye Tian's woman.
I have no reason to listen to you!” Tang Ruoyu yelled angrily.


Tang Ruoyu thought she had already seen the true faces of these people today.


However, it seemed that she was mistaken.


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