The next morning.


Just as Ye Tian woke up, he heard Liu Yue's voice.


“Young master, Miss Tang arrived an hour ago but said she wouldn’t be here until afternoon.
She also prepared the agreement that you asked yesterday and put it on the table.”


After Ye Tian heard this, he came to the table.


Sure enough, he saw an agreement on it.


However, the content inside was very different from yesterday.


In comparison with yesterday's agreement for the termination of the engagement and some restrictions that Tang Ruoyu insisted on, today's agreement was much more straightforward.


In less than a minute, Ye Tian had finished reading the content and was extremely satisfied.


To summarize, Tang Ruoyu became a maid of the Ye family because of debt and would do anything Ye Tian ordered.


Interestingly, Tang Ruoyu set the contract for ten years. 


Additionally, she stated that she would accept any changes Ye Tian made to the agreement if he wasn't satisfied.


Ye Tian wouldn't continue to persist if Tang Ruoyu became obedient.


When recalling the novel's plot, he suddenly remembered a detail and guessed where Tang Ruoyu was going this morning.


It just so happened that he also intended to go there.
Perhaps he could meet her there.



The other side.


Mu Xiao woke up two hours later than usual. 


When she left her room, her mother was startled to see her daughter's eyes swollen and couldn't help but worried.
She thought her daughter had been bullied and cried all night.


In the end, Mu Xiao repeatedly assured her that she had just slept too late, that's why her eyes were red and swollen, and no one had bullied her.


After assuring her mother, she pulled out the business card she had read countless times last night.


There was disarray in her mind.


To be honest, she didn't think Ye Tian had taken a liking for her and deliberately played tricks on her.


Although she and Tang Ruoyu had been labeled campus belles by her classmates, everyone knew Ye Tian loved Tang Ruoyu deeply.


Even though she didn't pay much attention to these things initially, she gradually became aware of them as everyone around her talked about them frequently.


In addition, Ye Tian said he was helping her because she and Tang Ruoyu were familiar with each other.


In fact, she didn't doubt this point.
Because according to her friend's words, whenever Ye Tian knew that Tang Ruoyu's friends were in trouble, he would certainly help them.
However, he would later declare that Tang Ruoyu had asked him to help them.


She often heard her friends saying they would love to have a boyfriend like Ye Tian.


After all, every time Ye Tian came to their campus, he gave no less than 10,000 yuan to all Tang Ruoyu's friends.


Under such circumstances, it was reasonable for Ye Tian to help her.


In the eyes of ordinary people, the director of such an All Specialty Hospital may seem out of reach.
But in front of Ye Tian, it's different.


But the problem was if she used this business card, she would owe Ye Tian a favor, even if he didn't say anything, but she was a bit concerned.


This also had something to do with how she had been taught as a child; there were no rewards without hard work.


In the end, however, Mu Xiao still decided to dial the business card number.


If she owed someone a favor, she would do her best to pay it back later.


In any case, if Ye Tian were correct, her parents would be diagnosed early and could undergo treatment.


“Hello, how can I help you?”


A middle-aged man's voice rang out as soon as the line connected.


“Hello, Senior Ye Tian asked me to call you, saying you could help my parents get a full body checkup.
Could I ask you if that would be possible?” Mu Xiao asked.


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