“Young master…”


As soon as Liu Yue saw this, she subconsciously called out to Ye Tian.


What was this situation?


Could she have been dreaming?


Young Master had spent the entire year trying to please Tang Ruoyu.


On the surface, they appeared to be engaged. 


However, she knew the young master had never even touched Tang Ruoyu's hand.


But now, in less than half a day, the young master hadn’t only forced Tang Ruoyu to kneel and apologize.
She also promised that she would stay and be his maid.


Furthermore, Ye Tian appeared calm after seeing Tang Ruoyu kneel.


As a matter of fact, it was Liu Yue's voice that surprised Ye Tian.


The thought crossed his mind that Liu Yue might worry he would leave her out in the cold if Tang Ruoyu came over.


So, he immediately said, “Don't worry, you're special to me.
No matter what happens, nothing can change that.
In this life, I'll never abandon you.”


Ye Tian promised directly to Liu Yue and expressed his sincere feelings!


Hearing the words, Liu Yue was taken aback.


Back when she became Ye Tian's secret guard, Ye Tian became the light of her life and her master.
Therefore, she had never imagined that he would say such things to her.


“Thank you, Young Master.
Liu Yue will always be yours!” Liu Yue said happily.


However, it wasn't long before she returned to her senses; her eyes were moist, and her body began to tremble slightly.
An inexplicable feeling swelled in her heart like never before.


After all, she was a secret guard loyal to the young master and even put her life on the line to save him in the novel.


Unlike those emotionless, brainwashed dead people, she had feelings.


Thus, Liu Yue, like any other woman, was moved by such words.
In addition to her special feelings for Ye Tian, this meant a great deal to her.


Meanwhile, Tang Ruoyu didn't feel jealous or resentful when she heard Liu Yue's conversation with Ye Tian.


On the contrary, there was a hint of envy.


…If she didn't break off the engagement, the words would have been directed to her just now, right?


Tang Ruoyu's loyalty toward the host has increased.
Congratulations to the host for gaining 500 luck points]


Ye Tian was just about to say something to Liu Yue, the system prompt suddenly appeared, reminding him that Tang Ruoyu was still kneeling on the floor.


After hearing the system prompt, he suddenly wanted to laugh.


Despite being a licking dog for an entire year, Tang Ruoyu never put the predecessor in her eyes.


He had, however, made her kneel at the second meeting.
Aside from that, her loyalty also increased.


To be honest, the 500 luck points were worthwhile.
Together with 500 luck points, he had now accumulated 1000 luck points.


It would take him two or three days to obtain 10,000 luck points to complete the novice mission at this pace.


“Get up! I've been told I'm soft-hearted, and you're still kneeling.
Aren't you making this difficult for me? I don't want others to think I'm bullying you.
In the future, don't be like this!”


After saying that, Ye Tian ignored the two people's reaction and walked outside the room.


He was already in a terrible mood today and hadn't eaten anything.
It was almost nine o'clock now, and he was starving.


Besides, now that he possesses the system, the protagonist was obviously no longer a threat to him.


As Ye Tian left the room, Liu Yue naturally followed.


Tang Ruoyu, who was still kneeling, stood up to follow him.


But as soon as she stepped out of the room, she was shocked.


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