Arkan – Intuition Vs System Vs A.I

Intuition Vs System Vs A.I

”GUARDIAN OF MISFORTUNE? Me their tormentor? ”

Arkan asked. Things were just happening too fast for him. Now, some Guardian who seemed to have a bone to pick with the others wanted him to torment them?

Not to mention that these were like gods and him just a human. Infect, he was looking at one looking at him right then.

”Many of us are born from living things, from their nature and everything that revolves around them while others come to be because of the universe itself. We come to be because there are laws that need to be put in place and guard against them so the dark era does not come back. ”

Oizys said.

”We live for a long, long time… immortal in a way. ”

He said as he looked at himself mockingly. Arkan asked the one question he wanted to ask.

”If you are immortal, then what happened to you? It seems like you are bleeding, and getting worse by the second. ”

He asked.

”This… Well, lets just call it misfortune coming to finally collect. ”

Oizys said mockingly.

”We are immortal, because we cannot die, but can be killed by other guardians by stealing their divinity. ”

Arkan was confused by this.

”You said you cannot die, but yet can be killed? ”

He asked.

”Yes, because misfortune will always exist, that means I will always exist. Unfortunately collecting that divinity takes time and collecting the amount needed to form a body or shell, let alone influence the rules takes time and too much divinity to do so. ”

Oizys said as his condition got worse.

”So that blood? I feel my soul calling for it. Is it… ”

Arkan said, making Oizys smile.

”Yes, this blood…. it is whats left of my divinity that this body, this shell cannot handle containing anymore. You are connected to it because you have a spark of my divinity in your soul, but if you take any, your soul will be destroyed just like any other human with such a weak soul would. ”

Oizys said. Arkan looked at the blood that seemed like it had lost its luster. After looking at it, he just stood up from his sit, took his chair, walked away as far as he could from Oizys and his blood then sat down again.

Oizys could not help but laugh. It was like he knew his personality.

”So, some other Guardian tried to steal your divinity and succeeded? ”

Arkan asked out of curiosity and safe from the blood that could erase his soul.

”Not a Guardian, but Guardians. All of the ones that have what they call their children, Chosen or shall I say, those chosen through reincarnation by them and carry their spark of divinity as they journey through Eldian and get stronger. ”

Eldian? Is it the planet where they reincarnate?

Arkan asked himself but there was something more important he had just heard from Oizys.

”Wait, so it took multiple Guardians just to steal your divinity and you are still here? How strong are you? ”

Arkan asked and making Oizys smile as they were coming to the heart of why he had summoned Arkan there and they were running out of time.

”Misfortune, it is such an enigma, is it not? Just like chaos, fate, destiny, love or creation, we walk the grey line between many divinities, having three or more of the type of divinity that makes this universe making us, our nature. ”

Oizys said. Arkan was beginning to understand but Oizys continued.

”Misery, anxiety, grief, depression, death, and many more are some of the sprinkles that make my divinity as I take a portion of each as that is what makes misfortune. Not only that…. ”

Oizys smiled.

”I also take from what makes fortune but a small potion as there cannot be misfortune without fortune, just like there cannot be love without hate, chaos without peace, creation without destruction, and so on. ”

Oizys said.

”Damn! ”

Arkan could not help but exclaim. He smiled as he realized how powerful this person, this Guardian was and the fact that he wanted something from him. He also could see why a Guadian of chaos, destruction or verse visa would be so powerful.

”So its jealousy that did you in? ”

Arkan asked.

”How unfortunate, is it not? ”

Oizys asked. Confirming that that was indeed what did him in.

”You see the others, such as Misery, anxiety, grief, depression, and so many that make my divinity have Guardians for such. But, they are too weak to pose a challenge to me. That was until luck was on their side. ”

Oizys said.

”There were 13 of them and 5 of them were powerful enough to hold their own for some time against me with one being troublesome. ”

Oizys said as his body started to dry up. There was even less blood in him at that point.

”Ohhh…. ”

Arkan said, not sure what to take from what Oizys just said.

”Lust, disease, hate, mischief, luck, sinister just to name a few out of the 13, and the most troublesome of them all, DEATH. ”

Arkan unconsciously gulped when he heard the last name. Oizys did not allow him to cower over such a deadly name that loomed over every living thing nor did he let him ask why such a fore would want to fight and steal his divinity and so he continued.

”Ever wondered why Truck kun sends all those people to a different world but before they get there they meet a Guardian? ”

He asked and that question snapped him out of his stupor. It was a question he and Alax always debated about.

”Because all you gods get bored and putting us in such situations is fun to watch for you. ”

He said the point he would always rise when talking to Alax about this.

”Wrong… Well, that just comes with the package. You should ask yourself why meet with a Guardian if that was the point. Don you remember something important I said? ”

Oizys said as he pointed at Arkans belly button.

After a few moments, Arkans soul reacted and he realized something.

Not a Guardian, but Guardians. All of the ones that have what they call their children, Chosen or shall I say, those chosen through reincarnation by them and carry their spark of divinity as they journey through Eldian and get stronger.

Arkan remembered his words. Oizys nodded.

”That spark is our nature. As that person reincarnates, that spark of divinity will bring such travesties around that person that match the nature of the spark whose Guardian that park belongs to. As that person gets stronger, defeating the very nature that is in his very soul, we get more divinity and more control over its nature. ”

He continued.

”If that reincarnate has the spark of the Guardian of Chaos that persons life will be full of chaotic events that could take their life at any time, same as the spark of diseases in which that person will have to deal with diseases for the rest of their life and so on. ”

Arkan gulped again as he came to a realization.

”So someone with the spark of misfortune….. They will have to deal with misfortune for the rest of their lives. ”

Arkan said unconsciously, not wanting it to be true.

”Yes. ”

Oizys did not disappoint, but he had another surprise for him that calmed his heart.

”But, there is no misfortune without fortune, chaos without peace, a disease without a cure, and love without hate. So the saying goes WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU, MAKES YOU STRONGER. ”

There was a light at the end of the tunnel after all. That was until Oizys continued again.

”But, just like it is hard to find a cure for any infection like it is hard to find peace through the chaos, it will be as hard to find fortune through all the misfortune that will rain upon you. ”

This made Arkan look down at the floor and say nothing for some time. He looked up and saw Oizys smiling again.

It was amazing how a Guardian of misfortune would smile so much while even on the brink of death and how his smile was still as warm as the first time he saw the dying Guardian.

”That is why Truck kun chooses those suitable with our nature and sends them to us, with you being an exception as I used a considerable amount of what was left of my own divinity to bring you here without his help. ”

Oizys said.

”What do you mean? ”

Arkan asked.

”You have sailed the dark murky waters of misfortune for all your life and dealt with the creatures that dwell within those waters while you were only a child. Moreover, you thrived in it until someone holding an incredible power put you down. ”

Oizys said, making Arkan remember Danny and his gun.

”Now you can start afresh and conquer that deep dark sea as you will have the power to challenge anyone who brings a gun to a sword fight, let alone a bazooka. Lasers are everything after all, right? ”

Oizys knew him well.

Arkan smiled at the reference but still took it as the mention of lasers instantly improved his mood.

”That is the spirit. So, do you accept the offer? To reincarnate as my Chosen for the first time?

Oizys said as his skin started to dry like the desert itself.

Arkan had always wanted to reincarnate and no matter what Oizys wanted him to do, Arkan would never lose the opportunity to reincarnate into a magical world. That was if he could get the power to shoot lasers.

He nodded and hoped that he would receive some if not all the powers he had fantasized about.

”So, it is time to get you ready to kill all the reincarnated who are in Eldian. All 13 of them, well, except for one. ”

Oizys said and making Arkan stand up.

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