”You bastard, you think that because they call you the Scarred Demon now I am afraid of you? ”

A man asked Arkan while both of them were sitting down in the mans office. Only a small table was separating the two. They were in a hideout that had two floors.

Behind Arkan, Alax was standing while they talked together with three of the mans guards that were there for his protection.

From a young age ever since Alax and Arkan met and were inseparable, whenever there was a fight or a confrontation, Arkan would always confront the leader of the group with no fear in his heart and Alax would take care of the rest.

”Sunny, I do not care if you are scared of me or not. All I care about is that you now work for Danny. And man… You know that I can have that. I do not even mix with you guys business and the guy is still gunning for me. ”

Arkan said nonchalantly.

”Look at this **ing kid. Boy, I am 37 years old. I am not going to be told by a 15-year-old who I can join and not join. ”

The old man, Sunny, said as his face started to turn red.

”Infect, there is a price on your head, Alax too. Since you two were so generous and brought them to me, why don you be nice boys and let me cut them off you. ”

Sunny said, calming down as he remembered the trap he had wanted to set if Arkan ever came to visit him, but never expected him and Alax to pay him a visit the very day he started working for Danny, making the old man not lay out his trap like he wanted to. There was no time to even call Danny to let him know that Arkan was there as he had just badged in.

What he counted on was that the two were dumb enough to come to his hideout knowing how many men he had there.

”See old man. That is exactly why I am here. I can have too many parties after me at the same time you see. ”

Arkan said. His hands were in his leather jacket this whole time and he had not let them out. The old man smiled, sure of what was coming and the fact that he would be the one to collect the enormous amount of money put on the kids heads, forgetting why they called Arken the Scarred Demon in the first place.

”Ohh, am I hearing this boy correctly? So you came into my territory to cut down the number of men that will be gunning for your head… Hahahaha. This kid is hilarious. Do you know how many of us are here? ”

The old man laughed, making even the guards in the room laugh too.

Arkan just smiled and Alax knew it was time to go to work.

Arkans left hand shot out from the jackets pocket and grabbed the old mans tie, slamming him down on the table so hard that the small table almost broke. Before Sunny could scream from the pain, a knife was plunged into his head just like how Arkan had killed the very first man he had killed in his life.

It was not only his signature move, letting Danny know who had killed his men, but it was one of the most effective ways of killing people that he had found working for him. As a result, he always went for the head or neck every time.

At that very moment, Alax had moved too. Not letting the guards molt over the stupidity of allowing Arkan to even talk to their boss at such a close distance to him, he cut the neck of the one who was closest to him, sending blood flying everywhere.

By the time the other two reacted, it was too late. They were holding katanas as guns were even more illegal than drugs in the city and if you were seen with a gun, no matter who you were, the military police would deal with you in full force.

It was a measure to try and limit the killings that had been going on for a long, long time in the city. As such, guns were never allowed by any gang.

Only one had managed to draw his katana and it was the one further away from Alax. The other one had gotten a knife into his right ear that went all the way into his brain, killing him right then.

The last guard who had his attention on Alax while looking at his fellow friends die right in front of him could not have anticipated a knife going into the side of his neck out of the blue.

He held the spot where he had been stabbed and looked at Arkan. He had thrown the knife, something many do not expect from a fight between knives and katana. Another went into his right eye socket making him fall down, dead.

Alax had also thrown his when the mans attention was on Arkan.

They had done nothing but practice and fight in the streets ever since they met as there was nothing to do and throwing knives was now childs play to them.

They took the twos katana and whipped some of the blood on them.

”4 down and 18 left. ”

Alax said while sighing.

”Well, when we are done there will be 22 fewer bastards gunning for our heads. ”

Arkan said, commenting like it was just another day to him.

They went room by room killing all the guards that were in the building quickly and quietly while also killing those they found in the hallway. The benefits of using a sword than a gun showing itself.

It was clear that whatever trap Sunny wanted to lay out for the two was not evident because they had come out of the blue to pay a visit to the old man thus none of the guards had received any instruction. Well, no one would expect two kids to go on a rampage at a gangsters hideout just like that.

As they picked the pockets of the guards that they had killed because they could not get into the safe since they killed Sunny who had the code, Arkan finally stopped and looked at his hands.

Since when did killing come to be so natural to me?

He asked himself as his hands started to shake, his mind coming to terms with what they had just done. That was until Alax tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a look, a look of understanding.

They both nodded at each other and quickly finished pickpocketing the dead bodies and got the hell out of there.

That was almost three years ago and the two were now deadlier than that day. The fact that they looked older than their age and their bodies built for fighting helped.

”RUN! ”

Arkan said to the two girls who were being harassed by Danny a moment ago and were now covered in blood. They were shaking all over as they could not comprehend the deaths that they had just witnessed.

Miller, Lilly! I said run now if you want to live.

Arkan yelled at them again, remembering their names from when the two were arguing earlier and this time the two snapped out of their stupor and did just that.

When Alax and Arkan started their assault there were 12 guards guarding Danny and his son, Fred. Now there were only three. In less than 20n seconds, it was like two godly samurai had gone through the 9 as heads and other body parts lay on the ground.

Danny had not known what was going on at first until a head flew and landed right in front of him, scaring him half to death and making him fall.

When the two had gone on the assault, they had taken their trusted knives out and like assassins had assassinated the first two who were far from the others. All the guards carried a katana and Arkan and Alax did not waste time taking the weapons from the two as they dropped to the ground.

At the time the others were still enjoying the show that their boss was putting on for them and did not see it coming.

Knowing that with so many to fight at one go the element of surprise was what they had on their side, like they had been waiting all their life for this day, they went through the others like soldiers on a mission, only stopping once the other three had taken out their weapons and like professionals ready to defend their boss.

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