her blood flowing freely again, she tried to stand up.
The roof was just at the same height as her.



Mu Qing went out of the wooden door and stood on the branches to look around.
On all four sides there was only the dense forest, whose end could not be seen.
The ground was covered with ferns taller than her and other bushes she didn’t know.
The sunlight was emitting some rays from the cracks on the top of the tall and dense trees, thus the light was not very bright.



The air was abnormally fresh and moist, along with a faint fishy smell, that was the smell of animal carcasses and plants decaying inside the soil.



Mu Qing quickly took a decision.



She had no way to communicate with that savage man, and even if she could communicate with him, it was very unlikely that he would send her back to the civilized world.



She guessed that she was probably in the hinterland of that wild forest, and if that was so, with her compass and her luck, if she was lucky enough not to be eaten by fierce beasts or poisonous snakes along the way, and kept going south, she should eventually be able to get out of the dense forest and go back to the edge of the forest where she was before the accident.



Rather than sitting here as a prisoner of the savage man, she would rather take her chance, even if there was a risk of losing her life.



Even if she stayed here, she couldn’t even be assured that the savage man wouldn’t end up killing her.



She bent down to get back inside the wooden house.



Fortunately, the man only took the telescope with him.
The rest of the things were still there, especially the compass, which was now of vital importance to her.



She gathered everything into her bag and stuffed the few fruits inside as well.
When she got out of the wooden house and looked down, she noticed that the wooden house in the branch fork was actually higher than she had originally thought, it was about five or six meters high, and although the ground wasn’t hard, she didn’t want to risk injury by jumping down.



She tied the rope to a thick like a thigh branch, grasped the rope, and stepping on the coarse bark, on the hollows of the trunk, she slowly made her way down.



Mu Qing, according to the direction indicated by the compass, started heading south.

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