Inside the wooden house, it was very dark, at the moment, Mu Qing could only see the man silhouette.


He seemed a little curious about her, kneeling in front of her, he kept staring at her for a long time.


Mu Qing held her breath, not moving a muscle.


He finally stopped looking and used a rope to tie her hands and feet up, before laying down on the outside part of the wooden house.


A snoring sound was heard very quickly.


Mu Qing finally breathed a long sigh of relief, while her back was soaked in cold sweat.


Chapter 5




Mu Qing did not sleep for the entire night.
She spent the first half of the night pretending to sleep with squinted eyes, and she spent the second half of the night with open eyes looking at the roof where a few inches of moonlight were faintly leaking in.



She thought almost all night, wondering why, after being struck by lightning, would she fall into such a situation, and then where exactly was this place? Could it be that there were still wild people living in the hinterland of the wild forest, and that the one lying beside her with his arms and legs spread out was the very same kind of wild man that you would hear about in the legends? As for why she woke up in a trap, really, only Heaven knew.



She finally accepted this explanation.
Although even she felt that this explanation was really far-fetched.



When it was almost dawn, she finally fell asleep.
When she woke up, it was already bright outside.



She was still lying in the pile of straw, with bound hands and bound feet.
The man was sitting next to her, looking through her backpack.



Although Mu Qing’s limbs were somewhat numb and she couldn’t wait to stretch her body, but she didn’t move a muscle, and only slightly opened her eyes to secretly take a peek.



The zipper of her backpack was closed with a buckle to protect it.
Mu Qing saw the man pull it, trying to rip it, but it did not work, he then tried to break it open with his hands, and kept fiddling with it back and forth.
Just when she thought he would use brute force to destroy the buckle, there was a clattering sound, and he managed to loosen the buckle.
He squeezed the zipper and opened the backpack in one swift motion, before scattering all the contents inside all over the floor.



The man looked very curious.
The first thing he picked up was the whistle she was blowing before.
Imitating her, he placed it into his mouth and blew on it with vigor.
He seemed to find it very fun, as he kept blowing a dozen times, before stopping.
He then picked up the compass and the flashlight, he turned them around to look at the items for a while, before throwing them aside.
He turned her phone and her wallet a few times around and then did not touch it any longer.
He only took the Swiss knife and fumbled with it for a long while before he finally managed to stick out one blade, it was actually the main blade of the knife.



He scraped the blade of the main blade against his palm once, looking quite excited, and very soon he used the same method to stick out the rest, the tweezers, scissors, de-scaling knife, saw blade, one by one, he fiddled with it for a long time, before carefully pushing them back in.



He seemed to have noticed the peeping eyes behind him, for he suddenly turned back to look at Mu Qing.
Mu Qing, startled, hurriedly closed her eyes.
When she opened her eyes again, she saw that the man was already manipulating the telescope, turning the item over and over in his hands.
Finally, he placed his eyes in front of the two holes, as if trying to look inside.
But he was looking in the reverse orientation, after a “eek” of surprise and a little while of pondering, he then took the telescope from the other side and looked from the other orientation.
This time, he was obviously startled, and the telescope fell from his hands, down to the ground.



The telescope was made of aluminum, it was lightweight and solid and such a fall naturally would not affect it.
Mu Qing saw him pick it up again very swiftly and bending his waist to go out the door of the wooden house.
He was probably going to stand outside on the branches to look outside.



She heard a loud shout coming from him outside.
That shout sounded extremely shocked, but also extremely excited.
When he came back again, the telescope was already hanging on his chest, his expression appeared to be very satisfied.



When Mu Qing saw that his eyes were looking in her direction, she hastily closed her eyes again.
Suddenly, she felt pain on her butt, the man had reached out his hand and was clapping on her butt, so she opened her eyes and sat up.

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