Alternate Perception

Chapter 4: Tanaka Yumi

y came out of no where the second I woke up so what is going on?

”All of you stay back! ”

A familiar girl goes running through the mob of humanoid pig monsters, bobbing and weaving with smoke coming out of her mouth, nose and ears. Everytime a monster hit her she simply turned to smoke and reformed later.

Interesting, I wonder for how long she can keep up this endeavor. It must be exhausting considering she most likely has less stats points than me, someone who cheated by using the boss.

I wonder whether her awakening relies on stamina or mana. Its unfortunate that I can see individual peoples status windows, just the bosses.

Regardless this is a good opportunity, I have a literal smokescreen to cloud my movements.

I run through the crowd and quickly arrive at the corner of the clearing thanks to my 20 agility stat.

Surprisingly, this little girl has been able to kill some pig monsters, not with some type of weapon like me but by turning her hands into smoke and putting them up to their faces, successfully suffocating them go death.

”Hah, hah, hah. ”

Her tired breaths continue to deepen as she stands before another monster who puts two large holes in her stomach with its fast swings.

I hold my stick high above my head and aim it straight at the monsters face. Its figure slowly moves the axe down towards the girls neck as I throw my stick full force at the monsters skull.

The stick flies through the air and slams into the side of its head with a loud cracking sound as it breaks past through its skin, skull, brain and back through its skull on the other side.

Unfortunately the stick finally breaks into two once impact is made.

[One hyloch has been killed. 10 exp has been awarded.]

The girl turns around in surprise. Once she sees me a strange conflicting look of vigilance and gratitude spreads over her.

”Uh, thank you for helping me sir? ”

”Oh you shouldn thank me kid, you obviously didn need help. ”

I graze my finger over the heavy axe, its fairly big, maybe around 5 feet. It has only has a blade on one side but two spikes are attached to the other side making it somewhat more versatile.

[Battle Axe (Common)]

[This weapon has an attack bonus of +5.]

I look back to the girl and see shes a bit nervous, despite her ability to turn into smoke she has a bit of blood dripping down from her ripped sleeve and her nose is slightly bleeding.

She probably has to consciously activate her awakening unlike mine where its permanently activated.

”Would you like some help fighting, or should we go separately? ”

”Ah! ”

She seems a bit embarrassed by her impolite behavior as a small blush appears on her face.

”Im sorry, please help me. Id very much appreciate your assistance. ”

The cold leather feeling of the handle spreads to my hands as I pull the axe off the ground and grip it with my left hand while I extend my right hand to her for a handshake.

”I apologize if I scared you with that attack, my name is Kohaku. ”

She returns the gesture with a slightly more confident but still frightened face.

”My name is Yumi, Tanaka Yumi. ”

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