Alternate Perception

Chapter 3: Grinding Levels

Ive found a severe flaw with my awakening, and its one that I might never get used to.

I look down at my feet slowly hitting the ground and my arms moving slowing as I run. Every single movement is slowed down to an almost unbearable degree. It feels as if time has slowed down by half.

My body simply doesn move fast enough to match my perception of reality. Nothing does.

Even the leaves blowing in the wind are slowed down.

I actually can handle feeling so sluggish, its as if my body has a few hundred more pounds than before.

I need to increase my agility stat to match my level of perception otherwise I might actually go insane. I need to find another monster that I can kill soon.

”Ah, help me! ”

A middle aged woman jumps out of the bush from my right side, her left leg is almost completely torn off exposing her red flesh and white bones underneath.

”Please help me! ”

How did she manage to escape from a monster missing an entire leg?

A giant monster, maybe 15 feet tall pushes away the leaves and branches of the trees. Its a very ugly creature with dark green skin and large uneven teeth.

It has an extremely bulky build with muscles unattainable by humans. Along its arms and legs are protruding white bones that stick out of its thick skin.

The most interesting thing about the monster is the giant crown of bones attached to the top of its head.

”Raaaghhh! ”

The monster waves its fist down against the woman and she explodes into a bloody mess of flesh and organs on impact.

What the actual **!

[Warning. The boss has spawned. You must defeat it in order to move onto the next area of the tutorial.]

[Name: Org]

[Age: 30]

[Class: Berserker (Rare)]

[Berserker (Rare)]

[This class makes your strength increase exponentially for a short period of time in exchange for a decrease in intelligence.]

[Title: Goblin General]

[Goblin General]

[This title makes you have a certain level of control over all woodland creatures besides elves.]

[Level 15: 0/600]

[Awakening: Fury Boost]

[Fury Boost (Common)]

[This awakening makes your strength stat double whenever your emotions go out of control.]


[Strength: 40]

[Agility: 5]

[Stamina: 30]

[Endurance: 30]

[Intelligence: 10]

[Mana: 10 (10/10)]

A strong chill runs down my spine as the towering Goliath raises its giant fist above my body. Its eyes glow a deep red and I can feel a sense of oppression that makes my feet stay rooted to the ground.

Is this the power of a boss?


Org lets out a booming war cry which is promptly followed by the surroundings cries of dozens of other monsters.

The next second intense sounds of violent ripping, stabbing and crushing come from every corner of the forest. Loud screams of people echo throughout the forest as countless die from the new onslaught of attacks.

Org focuses his attention back onto me as his falling fist descends to meet my skull.

Why am I so scared? This bastard can even hit me. No, that isn me trying to convince myself. Hes actually too slow to hit me.

His fist barely looks like its moving in my perspective, there is no way he could hit me.

I finally move from my frozen position after a moment of fear and quickly side step away from the giant ogre like creature.


The ground where I stood shatters into a small crater several feet deep. Orgs fist is planted firmly in the ground as he slowly turns his head to look at me.

E fAsT. hUmAn. ”

A terrifyingly rough voice comes out of him followed by a low chuckle that sounds similar to a growl.

”BuT iM sTrOnGeR tHaN yOu. ”

To prove his point Org pulls back his hand and grabs one of the trees next to him by the truck.

In one swift pull he rips the tree out of the ground, roots and all, and takes it in his hands like some type of makeshift bat.

”RuN aS fAsT aS yOu CaN hUmAn. OrG iS cOmInG. ”

There is no way I can kill this thing, I need to run. There is absolutely no hope of surviving if I don immediately get away from here. Dammit, how am I so unlucky that the boss spawned next to me.

My legs take off, faster than I ever thought possible as I run straight back in the direction I came.

Maybe the boss spawned because people tried escaping, After all, the place we were at was a clearing in the forest, big enough to occupy a few hundred people.

Is there a chance that less powerful monsters will spawn if I stay in the middle rather than head out on my own?

I wish I had more time to think, too many people are dying and more and more monsters keep coming out of nowhere. Eventually Ill be getting attacked by multiple monsters at once and I won be able to do anything.

How can I quickly kill monsters to raise my level? I don have any weapons and killing them with just this stick is too inefficient.

”CoMe HeRe HuMaN. ”

I look back for a few seconds and see that the golly green giant is still chasing me, but I am putting a good enough distance between us.

Wait a second! If I use the large attack range of Org to my advantage I can definitely snag a few kills on monsters accidentally hit by him.

The only problem is that Ill need to be close enough to bait him into attacking, then again I could use other people to do that for me…

Am I really ready to stoop to something so low? I know the voice said I needed to break myself both physically and mentally but using others like that with no regards for their lives is so morally incorrect I feel disgusted with myself for even thinking of it.

First Ill try my own method, if I think its too difficult or that Im about to die I will resort to the other option.

With that thought I slow down a bit once I enter the clearing and a few monsters come into vision.

Alright Org, be a dumbass and kill off your own allies for my benefit.

”Come get me Org! ”

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