Amidst the lively bustling street, a furious roar abruptly resounded.

The horse was startled, lifting its front hooves and neighing, while pedestrians turned their heads to look.
They saw a handsome young man in exquisite clothing.
His face seething with anger.
He drew a silver short dagger from his waist, infused it with spiritual energy, and hurled it forward.


A few frightened cries echoed through the crowd.
The short dagger, carried by a gust of wind, bypassed seven or eight pedestrians in its path and pierced towards a slender figure at the end—a man dressed in black.

The man in black showed a look of fear and pushed away the white-clad youth beside him.
He turned and ran, lacking any dignity as he wailed, “Mercy, hero!!”

The man in black appeared to be in his early twenties, with delicate features resembling a privileged noble son.
Despite his current expression of fear and unease, he still looked handsome.

He darted through the crowd, desperately evading the short dagger.
However, the dagger seemed to have eyes, continuously chasing after him wherever he went.

Xie Shuci was on the verge of tears!

He had just met the blind youth last night and was already taken aback.
Now, before he even had a chance to eat a warm meal, he encountered his old enemy! His grand ambitions had not even begun, yet he was about to meet his end under the blade.

“Help!! I admit my mistakes!!”

Xie Shuci’s cries of despair echoed through the long street.
Many onlookers recognized him and quickly retreated to the sides of the road, eagerly enjoying the spectacle.

“Hero! Hero Li! I was wrong, ahhhh!”

Compared to his own life, what was dignity?

If the situation allowed, Young Master Xie would definitely bow and cling to Young Master Li’s legs, begging for forgiveness.
After all, it was indeed the trouble caused by the original owner’s foolishness, and he had taken on that person’s identity.
He had to bear the consequences.

Seated on his horse, Young Master Li crossed his arms and watched as Xie Shuci cried and pleaded in a sorry state.
The angry expression on his face finally eased.

“I said before, every time I see you from now on, I will strike you!” Young Master Li said fiercely.

Xie Shuci had a deadly object chasing after him from behind, so he didn’t dare to pause for a moment.
That short dagger seemed to be toying with him, leisurely following behind him.
It clearly didn’t want to take his life but simply wanted to torment him.

Damn it! That surnamed Li! He can kill but not humiliate!

Xie Shuci was infuriated, but he kept begging for mercy.

In a daze, he glanced toward the side of the road.
He had pushed the blind youth away in a moment of urgency, and now the blind youth was leaning against the stone wall by the roadside, with a faint smile on his lips, completely unaware of Xie Shuci’s current predicament, just like the other onlookers enjoying the show.

Xie Shuci’s heart tightened.
Logic told him that the blind youth couldn’t see or hear, so he had no idea what was happening.
However, seeing the calm and relaxed expression of the blind youth standing by the roadside, just like the other spectators, he couldn’t help but curse in his heart, “Heartless little brat!”

“Big brother, I truly admit my mistakes! I was confused and didn’t know my place.
It’s because I… I was blind that I dared to lay a hand on you…”

Young Master Li was initially feeling triumphant, but upon hearing these words, his mood instantly soured.
“What do you mean, Xie Shuci? Are you saying I’m not as good as those other bitches you usually flirt with?”

Xie Shuci quickly shook his head.
“No, no, no! You are much more attractive than them!”

Who knew that Young Master Li would be even more displeased, gritting his teeth as he said, “You dare compare me to those bitches? Xie Shuci, although I promised the Sect Master not to take your life, you’re asking for death yourself!”

“Damn it! Li, are you out of your mind? What excuse do you have for wanting to kill me? I haven’t done anything to you, have I? Besides, we’re both men.
No one loses out from sleeping with another man.
And I’m not ugly either.
Maybe you’re the one benefiting!” Xie Shuci’s mind heated up, and he began to curse loudly.

As a passionate young man, he had never experienced such frustration before.

“You’re seeking death!”

Young Master Li’s face darkened visibly, his eyes filled with killing intent.
With a wave of his arm, he released spiritual energy from his fingertips, and the short dagger, gathering strength in the air, shot toward Xie Shuci like an arrow.

“Oh God—help!”

Xie Shuci turned around and realized that the dagger had suddenly accelerated.
He was frightened out of his wits, and his hot blood turned icy.
He begged loudly, “Hero Li, I was wrong! I was blind! I, I was like a toad trying to eat swan meat! I overestimated myself!”

Although he was begging for mercy, Young Master Li had no intention of letting him go.
The short dagger showed no signs of slowing down.

Xie Shuci hadn’t eaten a grain of rice in the past two days, and combined with the recent ordeal, he was already exhausted.
Beads of sweat fell from his forehead, his vision blurred, and inwardly, Young Master Xie wailed.
He hadn’t made his fortune yet, he hadn’t accomplished anything significant, and now he was going to die like this? He couldn’t accept it!

Just as Xie Shuci’s escape became sluggish, the short dagger was aimed straight at his back.

At the critical moment, a small pebble flew from an unknown corner and collided with the blade of the short dagger with a “clang.” Due to the close distance, the small stone was shattered by the forceful wind, and the short dagger emitted a brief hum.
The blade trembled lightly, and just before it was about to pierce Xie Shuci’s body, it abruptly changed direction.

The short dagger deviated from its course, passing through Xie Shuci’s armpit and forcefully embedding itself in the nearby stone wall.
The wall cracked, creating a huge crevice.
It was easy to imagine that if that strike had hit Xie Shuci’s body, it would have torn through his chest and instantly killed him.

“Who is it?” Young Master Li’s expression turned serious.
He glanced towards the direction where the small stone came from, only to see a fifteen or sixteen-year-old white-clad youth.
The youth had exceptionally attractive features, but he had several wounds on his body, and his eyes were lifeless—he appeared to be blind.

Young Master Li didn’t doubt him.
After a brief look, he shifted his gaze away.

Xie Shuci was dumbfounded by this turn of events.
He stared at the crack in the stone wall, which seemed like it would collapse in the next moment.
His face alternated between pale and green.
That Li was truly ruthless! If that strike had landed on Xie Shuci, he would have lost his life immediately.

“Whoever it is, come out!” Young Master Li was still searching for the person who had attacked in secret.

At that moment, a Daoist in a cyan robe approached on horseback.
He glanced casually at Xie Shuci and said to Young Master Li, “Young Master, don’t bother with these insignificant people.
We have important matters to attend to.”

Insignificant people? Xie Shuci ground his teeth and turned to glare at Young Master Li.

Young Master Li, seeing that Xie Shuci dared to glare at him, became even angrier.
He lifted his arm, about to dismount his horse, but the middle-aged man held his shoulder, shaking his head slightly and whispering, “It’s not the right time.”

When Xie Shuci was expelled from his sect, they had promised the Xie family’s patriarch that they wouldn’t pursue the matter further.
Naturally, they couldn’t go back on their word in front of so many people.

Reluctantly, Young Master Li gritted his teeth, gave Xie Shuci one last glare, and left with the middle-aged man.

Once Young Master Li left, the onlookers who had been enjoying the spectacle stared teasingly at Xie Shuci.
Their eyes were filled with gloating.
Did Xie Shuci, who dared not challenge Young Master Li, fear these ordinary people? Xie Shuci glared back at them one by one and said, “What are you looking at?”

At least he had managed to save his life.
Xie Shuci decided not to leave the inn for the next few days, so as to avoid encountering that little devil again.

Rubbing his aching shoulder, Xie Shuci returned to the side of the blind boy.
The blind boy maintained his previous posture, leaning against the wall with his head slightly lowered, his gaze fixed on the ground, remaining quiet.

“Hey,” Xie Shuci kicked his foot.
His mood was still gloomy, so his actions weren’t gentle, and he had little patience.

The blind boy hesitated and raised his head, seemingly unsure if the person in front of him was Xie Shuci.
He cautiously reached out his right hand to feel for Xie Shuci.

Since Xie Shuci was standing a distance away, the blind boy naturally didn’t touch him.
Now, he became a little anxious.
He furrowed his brows, looking somewhat helpless.
Xie Shuci couldn’t stand his pitiful expression, so he grabbed his hand without much kindness.

The blind boy held onto his hand, seemingly recognizing that it was Xie Shuci.
He silently breathed a sigh of relief.
In Xie Shuci’s palm, he wrote, “Where did you go?”

Xie Shuci couldn’t be bothered to gesture with him.
He pressed the back of his hand against his lips and spoke rudely, “I was blown away by a gust of evil wind on the roadside.”

The blind boy was momentarily taken aback but soon burst into laughter.
He moved his lips and silently said, “I thought you had left.”

Xie Shuci couldn’t describe the mixed feelings in his heart.
The blind boy could only perceive his surroundings through touch, with no sound or visuals.
If he couldn’t regain his senses, even if Xie Shuci died in front of him one day, he would remain unaware.

“No, I didn’t,” Xie Shuci shook his head.

Young Master Li’s appearance had disrupted his plans.
Xie Shuci wasn’t in the mood to find a restaurant to eat, so he led the blind boy back to the inn, intending to eat something there.

After finding a table in the inn, Xie Shuci asked the blind boy if there were any specific dietary restrictions.
The blind boy shook his head, so Xie Shuci ordered a few signature dishes from the waiter.

After placing the order, the waiter didn’t rush to leave.
He chatted casually with Xie Shuci for a few moments.

“Young Master Xie, the town was quite lively today.
Even people two streets away could hear your voice.”

The waiter just had to bring it up.
Xie Shuci glanced at him with a dark expression, while the waiter grinned and didn’t take it to heart.
He glanced at the quiet blind boy and lowered his voice, saying, “Young Master Xie, where did you find this young master? He’s so delicate and good-looking.
What great fortune! He can’t be compared to Young Master Li.”

Xie Shuci rolled his eyes at him.
“Don’t talk nonsense.
The blind boy is still young.
Am I such a beast?”

The waiter innocently blinked his eyes.
“Young? Isn’t the butcher surnamed Liu at the end of the street the same? You still kept going there for a marriage proposal every few days, didn’t you? Even though the butcher has chased you away with a knife several times, you still didn’t give up! Besides, he’s not that young anymore.
At his age, it’s normal to get married and have children.”

Xie Shuci frowned, knowing full well that the blind boy couldn’t hear.
He still glanced at the blind boy somewhat guiltily.

The blind boy lowered his head and played with his teacup, his expression calm without any extra reaction.

“Get lost, He’s just…..” Xie Shuci waved his hand, trying to dismiss the waiter.

The blind boy, for some reason, suddenly grasped Xie Shuci’s wrist as it moved, his palm moving upward and gently pressing against Xie Shuci’s warm palm, holding it lightly.

The waiter raised an eyebrow, his lips moved slightly, and he silently mouthed a word.

Xie Shuci, “…”

At that moment, he suddenly wished he couldn’t understand lip reading.

The word the waiter had said was clearly “Beast”

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