Chapter 009 – Seth

Ruan Tang was actually quite a big-hearted person; for example, today was his wedding night, he married a terrifying bluebeard Duke, and lived in such a gloomy and creepy mansion.

        Any other Omega, no matter how calm they seemed on the surface, would have tossed and turned restlessly when left alone.

       But Ruan Tang’s calmness was from the inside out.

       After simply tidying up the bed, he took a shower, lifted up the covers to lie down and fell asleep soon.

       And also slept very well, and very sweetly.

       Moments before falling asleep, he even thought it was a very nice and satisfying wedding night.

       But what he didn’t know was that after he fell asleep, the door of his room was automatically pushed opened by his new husband, Duke Austin.
He slowly rolled his wheelchair to the side of his bed, and in the darkness of the night, he stared at the sleeping Ruan Tang for a long time and frowned slightly.

       It seemed completely unexpected for Ruan Tang to be sleeping so well and soundly

       Austin originally thought that Ruan Tang’s calmness and boldness were all faked, and that he would reveal his fear when he was alone, but he surprisingly saw that Ruan Tang had washed up and slept through the surveillance camera, and was sleeping so comfortably and deep.

       This was somewhat unacceptable to the fearsome Duke Austin.

        So, after his own late night tossing and turning to sleep, he chose to push open the door of his newly married partner’s room.

       Ruan Tang had a flawless face that made him look beautiful at first glance, skin that makes him want to peel it off and collect it, and a unique pheromone smell that makes him feel excited when he smells it…

       As soon as Austin saw this man, he felt very special, so special that he wanted to collect him.

       Looking closely at Ruan Tang’s face, Austin slightly knitted his brows watching Ruan Tang’s beautiful neck fall with each breath in the dark, and almost couldn’t help but cover Ruan Tang’s slender neck with his hands.

       The skin of a human was warm and soft and contained an endless amount of vitality…the skin of robots and other animals was a far cry of being a substitute.

       Omega…what a fragile and delicate creature.

       Austin knew that if he applied a little pressure and squeezed harder, Ruan Tang would die, then he could skin him and dig out his glands for himself.

       This Omega’s life could end whenever he wanted.

       But Ruan Tang knew nothing about it, still sleeping soundly; the respiratory tract under his neck rose and fell rhythmically in the palm of Austin’s hand, without the slightest awareness of the imminent danger…

       Feeling the pulse full of vitality under his hand, Austin scrutinized Ruan Tang’s face carefully.
Suddenly, he lost interest and withdrew his hand.

       No, not before figuring out how to peel off Ruan Tang’s skin intact, and preserving it exactly as it is now on him, take off his glands, and not let the scent spoil…he’d better not take it off yet.

       Afterall, it’s a rare and precious item…

       Until he’s worked out a preservation method, it would be better to leave it on this Omega.

       Anyhow, this Omega had also said he belongs to him now, didn’t he?


       Ruan Tang was ignorant of the danger he almost experienced, and slept soundly until dawn

       Ruan Tang stretched out and was thinking about what he should do today but suddenly noticed that there was an extra person in his room.
What made him aware of this in the dark room was because he felt a pair of eyes staring at him.

       All the hairs on Ruan Tang’s body instantly stood up and he cried out in shock, “Ah~”

       There was no day or night in Duke Austin’s residence because Duke Austin liked darkness, and the entire residence was regulated to eternal night through artificial intelligence.

        There was no way to tell the time.

       The dim light illuminated the whole room, Ruan Tang’s scream made the other person in the room a little confused.

       Ruan Tang used the light to see the appearance of the other person standing in the room.
His mind cleared up and he calmed down.

       The young man standing in the room was tall with a high and straight nose, deep eye sockets1, curly blond hair and blue eyes; a very handsome appearance.

       The fly in the ointment2 was that his angular face was disfigured by something unknown.

       A third of it was taken up by scarlet, hideous scars that were still oozing a clear liquid that resembled tissue mucus, as if to tell people that the injury was new.
It looked disgusting and horrific.

       Suppressing the young man’s handsome face,

       It’s just makes people feel terrified

       Ruan Tang didn’t smell any pheromones on the young man, so he guessed that the youth was probably a taller Beta.

       The young man seemed to have not expected Ruan Tang to scream in panic and the whole person was a little bewildered.

       The moment Ruan Tang saw the youth’s horrifying face, he instantly sobered up and remembered that he was no longer in the Ruan house.
This was Duke Austin’s residence.

       His new husband, the owner of the house, was shady and eccentric…

       Therefore, the rules of the residence were mostly likely different from other places; judging from this youth’s disfigured and mutilated appearance, it was likely he was a servant of this residence.

       “I’m sorry I scared you.
I’m not used to there being people in the room when I’m sleeping.” Ruan Tang looked at the startled youth in front of him and quickly softened his voice, asking, “May I ask, are you a footman of the Duke’s? Was it the butler who asked you to come and serve me?”

       Although Ruan Tang did not have a good life, he never felt unhappy because he knew there were countless people less fortunate than him in the world.

       Therefore, when he saw someone in a bad situation, he would always suppress his temper and be more gentle to the other person.

       Life is not easy, and he doesn’t want to make it more difficult for others because of him.

        The youth did not seem to be very smart, and when he heard Ruan Tang’s question, he was stunned, before lowering his voice and answering, “Yes, Madam.”

       “In the future, don’t come in when I’m sleeping.” Ruan Tang had always been good-natured.
In the face of a servant who had such a hard time making a living in the Duke’s house, he became more tolerant, “When I wake up and open the door myself, you can come in, got it?”

       “Yes, Madam.
I’ll remember.”  The youth’s voice was still quiet.

       As an aristocratic Omega, Ruan Tang used to have robots in his house, and even though he was not favored he was still served by someone.

       Seeing that the butler had arranged someone for him, he wouldn’t nitpick.

       He gave him trivial chores of pouring mouthwash, squeezing toothpaste, tidying up the bed, and getting a change of clothes.

       However, the young man was probably a newcomer; he was a bit clumsy and not very nimble in his work, and he did things that felt dull and awkward.
He was just a big fool.

       Ruan Tang couldn’t stand it, so he had to instruct him a little bit on what to do, but fortunately the big silly guy was a good learner even though he was clumsy.

       Ruan Tang explained to him a few times, and he understood.

       After washing up and getting dressed with the help of the youth, Ruan Tang asked the youth, “What is your name?”

       Despite the youth’s clumsiness, Ruan Tang didn’t really intend to replace him because the youth was too foolish and he’s fine with him, otherwise if he were to take care of that twisted Duke, he was afraid the big fool would suffer quite a bit…

       People are social animals, and even though Ruan Tang was used to being a loner but coming to such a strange place with no one to talk to, Ruan Tang felt it was impossible…Although Ruan Tang had already met the butler and Aaron yesterday, one of them was the Empress’s people, and the other person was on Duke Austin’s side…

       Ruan Tang felt that none of them could successfully establish a friendship with himself and become people whom he could gossip with.

       Rather, this awkward and clumsy servant in front of him which gave people the impression that he was a newcomer made Ruan Tang feel like he could develop into his conversation partner.

        He wasn’t interested in heart to heart, he just wanted to be able to talk and gossip.

        The young man whispered, “My name is Seth, Madam.”

       “Seth is it?” Ruan Tang looked at the young man named Seth and continued to ask, “Your face…was it like that before?”


TL Notes:

[1] Deep eye sockets – The high point of the brow bone is higher than the eyeball.
The brow bone itself will create a shadow effect on the eye socket, which is common in European and American people.

[2] The fly in the ointment – a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing

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