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After listening to Mu Zhixing’s retelling of the accidents Chu Yinlong experienced, Qi Peng smiled and patted Cheng Zhiyi’s shoulder.

“Xiao Yi, even if you want to learn from Brother Chu, you can’t learn everything from him.” He said.
“It’s enough to learn how to work hard.
Don’t learn his death-seeking behaviors.”

Cheng Zhiyi frowned: “Dad Qi, even if I want to learn, I don’t have the skills of Teacher Chu! It’s good enough if I can act in a literary film… In comparison, Xiao Dao is quite good at fighting, and may have a chance to cooperate with Teacher Chu in the future.
Ah, I’m envious!”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao recovered from his thoughts and smiled.
“I can’t act.
I’m afraid Teacher Chu will dislike me… You don’t have to be envious, maybe one day Teacher Chu wants to relax and make a literary film.”

“I won’t despise you, and I won’t make literary films for the time being.” Chu Yinlong squinted at Jiang Dao with a half-smile.
“I invited you, but you rejected me.
Why do you say I despise you?”

Jiang Dao: …

“Director, cut this part out.” Jiang Dao waved to the show director.

“Don’t cut it.
Let my fans see that someone dared reject me.” Chu Yinlong joked.

Cheng Zhiyi was really surprised.
“Teacher Chu invited you to join his group?”

Jiang Dao explained helplessly: “I haven’t even auditioned or thought about acting yet.
Even if I want to act, I should practice in online dramas first… …”

“It’s not the same.
Starting with movies means you’ll have a higher starting point, and progress quicker.” Cheng Zhiyi advised seriously.
“The way movies and TV dramas are shot are different.
Not to mention online dramas – it can’t be called practice when filming an online drama.
Those directors… Forget it, I shouldn’t speak ill of others.”


Qi Peng couldn’t help chuckling: “Your last sentence is no different from speaking ill of others.”

“Cut it out, cut it out!” Cheng Zhiyi waved at the director embarrassedly.

“However, Xiao Yi is right.” Mu Zhixing finally chimed in.
“The shooting methods of online dramas and movies are completely different.
Even if you adapt to the shooting rhythm of shooting TV dramas, when you want to go to the big screen in the future, you’ll have to readapt.”

Jiang Dao looked at Mu Zhixing glumly.

When did he say he was going to make a movie? He never said it!

Even if the audition result of the online drama is as Chu Yinlong predicted, it still depends on his company’s attitude – if the company knows Li Cheng’s habit yet asks him to join the group, only then will he consider cooperating with Chu Yinlong.

After chatting for a while, the director estimated they had shot enough material, and let everyone go do their own thing.


Qi Peng and Director Mu opened a chessboard and started to play chess.
An Zhe was pulled by Hai Tang to practice dancing.
Cheng Zhiyi put on a raincoat and went to play with Taotao, who had been hiding from people recently.
Chu Yinlong sat on the side chatting with someone on his phone.

Bored, Jiang Dao got up to stroll around the courtyard, and finally returned to the west wing alone.

The schedule that was originally packed with classes, homework, exercise, and cooking was suddenly free due to the rain.
He wasn’t sure what to do.

Jiang Dao lay on the bed.
Staring blankly at the screen of his phone, he opened Weibo to find the food blogger he watched earlier to see if the other party had any updates.
As a result, just after opening the app, he was hit in the face by a series of red marks.

After reading through the messages and replies, he finally remembered that today is Sunday, and the preview for next week’s broadcast of “Come on, Eat!” should have been released.
It’s no wonder several guests reposted it on Weibo.

So Jiang Dao also quickly clicked forward, and interacted with the other posts.

Looking at the Weibo interface, he suddenly remembered what Mu Zhixing said earlier.
Tapping on Chu Yinlong’s message, he clicked on Chu Yinlong’s homepage.

Looking through it, he found that Chu Yinlong wasn’t active on Weibo either.
The post before the one pushing “Come on, Eat!” was the group selfie photo they took about egg tarts, and the one before that was directly from a month ago, when he just won the title of Best Actor.

The rest were some very official movies and endorsements.
He flipped through it quickly, managing to scroll through two or three years in no time.

“What are you reading?” Chu Yinlong asked casually when he entered the door.


Jiang Dao’s mobile phone was not firmly held and smashed in the face.

He sat up dejectedly and rubbed his nose.
“Checking Weibo, I just found out that the previews of “Come on, Eat!” were posted.
Zhu Yao didn’t even remind me… Ah, why did I follow you… It’s over, it must have been when my phone hit my face!”

It was mentioned in the book that following in the entertainment industry is a little particular, and can’t be treated casually.
Because of this, he didn’t follow the food blogger, and has to search manually every time he wants to watch a video.

This time, he followed Chu Yinlong because of a mistake.
He doesn’t know if it’s too late to cancel it now.

“You followed me? Then I’ll follow you too.” Chu Yinlong said and took out his phone.

“Ah?” Jiang Dao paused.
“Mutual following? So careless?”

“Careless?” Chu Yinlong raised his eyebrows.
“We’ve already collaborated twice on variety shows, and have posted a group selfie, yet you still think reciprocity is careless?”

Ah… that’s true..

Jiang Dao nodded, put down the phone, and didn’t click cancel.

Chu Yinlong quickly finished the operation.
Flipping through Jiang Dao’s Weibo along the way, he smiled.
“I can’t see it, you like to post selfies… yo, you also use stickers, so cute?”

Of course, those selfies are the ones the original owner posted every three to five days, causing fans to scream.

Jiang Dao, who now occupies this body, is very speechless about this.
He doesn’t want to take selfies of this weak chicken body.

Chu Yinlong flipped through Jiang Dao’s Weibo again and couldn’t help chuckling a few times.

“Okay, stop looking.” Jiang Dao was helpless.
“Isn’t it because I was young and ignorant?”

Chu Yinlong: “You’re still very young now.”


Jiang Dao was silent for a moment, then pretended to seriously say: “Sometimes, a man grows up overnight…”

Chu Yinlong couldn’t help laughing.

At the same time, under his Weibo, which Jiang Dao paid no attention to, a new flurry of activity began in the comment area.

“Ah ah ah my Xiao Dao finally forwarded the trailer of Eat!!!”

“My family finally connected to the 3G network [doge]”

“Since the trailer came out yesterday, I’ve been waiting for Xiao Dao to forward it.
I thought he was holding back.
You held back your big move, but you didn’t even take a selfie! Xiao Dao, you’ve changed.
You’ve hidden your beauty and won’t allow mother to see it! [cry] [cry] [cry]”

”Jiang Dao is concerned about Father Long! Mutual friendship!”

“Jiang Yao really knows how to hug thighs.
As soon as Chu Yinlong won best actor, he joined [vomit]”


“The two of them have filmed a variety show together, isn’t it normal for them to interact with each other?”

“They’re not permanent players, they’re both guests.
How is it normal? If it’s normal, why doesn’t Jiang Yao interact with Tangtang? I haven’t seen him paying attention to Lu Yun and Yi Bailu [hehe]”

“I get it! This Tang Yao fan is sour seeing Xiao Dao and Father Long have a good relationship!”

“The vinegar is too obvious.
It’s obviously a mutual relationship.
Chu Yinlong also took the initiative, but in his mouth, it becomes Xiao Dao hugging his thighs.
I spit! [vomit]”

“Father Long’s fans sent a congratulatory message!”

“Sisters, don’t bother about the trolls, let’s celebrate together [tada]”

“Little Beauty and his God of War Father, is anyone drinking? I’ll ask again later.”

Taoyuan Courtyard, West Wing.

Chu Yinlong’s eyes fell on the “Little Beauty and his God of War Father”, and he raised his eyebrows subconsciously.

Children these days really dare to call anything CP.
Besides — does he look so old?

He is clearly well-maintained.
Although he is in his thirties, he doesn’t look any different from when he was in his early twenties.
Why is he named “Father Long”?

Although he knew this name has been around for a long time, seeing it today again, he suddenly felt that it was a little inappropriate.

Thinking like this, Chu Yinlong looked away from the phone towards Jiang Dao.

The big boy is lazily lying on the bed and watching videos.

The pale face was slightly illuminated by the screen of the mobile phone in the dimly lit room, highlighting those incomparably delicate facial features.
There was a hint of evil in the beauty, as if a crazy soul was sealed in this attractive skin – one that could break out at any time and hook people’s lives away.

As a natural thrill-seeker, Chu Yinlong likes excitement the most.

Seeing Jiang Dao like this makes him want to touch that crazy soul and see how deadly it is.

Finally, at ten o’clock in the morning, Hai Tang went inside to prepare lunch.

Jiang Dao followed her to the kitchen with great interest.
Chu Yinlong looked in his direction, eager to try, but was finally dragged away by Qi Peng and Mu Zhixing, and was not allowed to approach the kitchen.

They have plenty of ingredients for lunch so the meal was very rich.

The deliciousness of the fish soup and the aroma of braised pig’s trotters even attracted Taotao, who had been hiding from the nest and refused to come out.

Seeing Taotao trembling, yet licking its mouth, Qi Peng couldn’t help picking some meat from a pig trotter, rinsed it in clear water, and handed it to Jiang Dao.

“You take it and feed it,” Qi Peng said, “Let’s see if it hides from you.”

Jiang Dao took the meat, and stood up.
He barely took a step towards the door when he saw Taotao grabbing his tail and running away quickly.

Jiang Dao: …

Qi Peng was also helpless.
“Hey, what are you, Xiao Dao? Why is Taotao so afraid of you?”

An Zhe added: “The most fierce goose in the east of the village is afraid of him.”

Cheng Zhiyi’s words were even worse: “It is said that animals can see things that humans can’t see.
Xiao Dao, you don’t have dirty things or things behind your back that make animals afraid of you, right?”1dirty things like spirits, ghosts, or bad karma.

Jiang Dao raised his eyebrows.

Spirits? Something that humans can’t see?

That’s really hard to say.

After all, he himself is a ray of soul that traveled from the world outside the book.

But if this is the case, it’ll be a pity.
He originally wanted to raise a dog and a cat to accompany him for the rest of his life.
It’s too lonely to walk alone in this world that doesn’t belong to him.


It’s okay Jiang Dao, you won’t be lonely in life.

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1dirty things like spirits, ghosts, or bad karma.

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